String Trimmer Cordless 12″ 18V

I am not an expert in gardening. Whenever i use the string edger for the grass cutting, the string is cut short faster than the grass. I tried different angle but it didnt’ work any better. Would you please instruct me the right way?
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First of all be carefull of what you hit with the trimmer string if you hit sidewalks and rocks or dirt it will cut it short also you might make sure the tensil strength is strong enough to withstand the abuse the trimmers being subjected to 🙂

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The most frequent cause of a line breakage is through contact with something in the garden. Usually this is the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, e.g. garden stones, paving edges, walls etc.
If the spool and line on your grass trimmer are fine but your trimmer still isn`t cutting properly, you`ll need to check if the blade on the trimmer`s guard is dull, broken or has come away.
The air filter or exhaust port may be blocked. The trimmer may need lubrication and cooling fins or air passages may be blocked. A cordless trimmer`s battery or charger may be faulty.
The most common possibility is you have push a bit hard. The other is possiblity is the moving blade is too forward. But usually most trimmers have a gap. Trying trimming using the blades at an angle which places the moving blade away from the skin.
If your trimmer engine idles, but stalls on throttle, check the following parts: the gasket, primer bulb, fuel filter, air filter, fuel vent, fuel line, and carburetor. The repair and symptom guide will help you better identify the part needed to be replaced and how.
The easiest way to identify that your Hedge Trimmer needs a sharpen is if the branches are not being cut cleanly. If your Hedge Trimmer leaves behind an uneven or frayed edge as it cuts, this indicates that you need to sharpen the blades.
What is the Difference? Lawn edgers are designed to cut edges and create boundary lines, whereas a string trimmer is designed to maintain those boundary lines. They make a great team! Both can help your lawn to look sharper.
You need to leave about six inches of string hanging from the spool when you are done adding your new string. You should use a heavy-duty pair of scissors to snip the string.
On average, a spool of trimmer line should last two to three months assuming an hour of use every week for most casual users. This can vary depending on the model of weed eater used, how strong the line is, and the type of grass and weeds you`re cutting with it.
On average, a spool of trimmer line should last two to three months assuming an hour of use every week for most casual users. This can vary depending on the model of weed eater used, how strong the line is, and the type of grass and weeds you`re cutting with it.
Thicker trimmer line (up to 3mm) is designed for longer grass and can be used for medium-powered trimmers or brushcutters. The thickest trimmer line (3mm+) is usually twisted, serrated or square-shaped and is designed for long grass and low undergrowth.
During winter storage, trimmer line can age, become brittle or dry. This may result in poor working performance in the first spring cut. Trimmer line that has lost moisture due to extended storage can be submerged in water overnight. This may help revitalize the line and improve its life and performance.

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Uneven grass cutting
ANSWER : I have seen dull blades, blades not installed right and an un-level deck cause that.Hope this helps.

42 inch mower cuts uneven, what is the problem?
ANSWER : Several things here could be the problem. Check to see if mower deck is level, measure distance on both side on a level surface. Check tire’s for low air. If you’ve replace the mandrel’s lately, some have a left & right side & if not put back together properly this will cause uneven cutting

Mt999 chainsaw. Brand new. Not cutting through wood although blade rotating. Just seems to be burning wood.
ANSWER : Shouldnt be using a chainsaw if you cant figure the chain is on wrong…….just saying…

The blades are cutting unevenly – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : I know this will sound a little crazy, but check the air pressure in you tires. My neighbor had the same problem. The tires looked okay until he sat on the mower. One of the rear tires was low which caused the mower to sit lower on one side. Next check the linkages on the deck to make sure they are hooked up and haven’t fell off.

Bad Clutch?? 455 rancher 20″ bar) I have owned it for two years and cut tons of fire wood with it. I recently replaced the oil pump. Yesterday I’m cutting oak like butter. Chain saw is cutting fine.. For no apparent reason it starts struggling to cut. I figure I hit something with the chain. I go to sharpen and notice that the clutch it’s red hot. I take it apart clean it up sharpen it up put it back together fire it up and start to cut. It starts to cut on angle and has no power?? runs fine revving it but will not cut?? What do you think?
ANSWER : Hi Before other checking change the spring of the clutch(2). best regards savumihai71

Mower deck is cutting uneven how do you level it out?
ANSWER : Raise the wheels on one side?

Deck is cutting uneven – Craftsman 42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : First check tire pressure if even check to see if deck hangars are still conected to deck if somay need to be adjusted only one side is adjustable.if changed blades make sure one is not up side down, also make sure blade spindles bearings are good

How do i replace the pull string on my weed eater
ANSWER : Check this manual (page 14-15)