Got spark and fuel
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If fuel is making its way to the cylinder and the plug is wet then check the following
1) For clogged spark arrestor if fitted with one.
2) Compression – Needs to be at least 100 psi to ignite the fuel mix
3) Flywheel shear key – A sheared key will have the ignition timing too far off to start.

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If your STIHL chainsaw is going to have a problem, it`s likely to be with a worn carburetor, bad spark plugs, loose fuel hoses, or clogged fuel lines. You should also inspect the fuel intake system and ensure that there are no compression issues.
The carburetor might be clogged and needs to be cleaned.

A chainsaw`s carburetor mixes air and fuel to start the internal combustion engine. If fuel has been left in the engine for too long, it can become sticky and clog the carburetor, preventing it from starting. If the clog is minor, clean out the carburetor.

One tell-tale sign that a chainsaw has flooded is the smell of fresh petrol near the muffler. To ascertain whether this is indeed the problem, simply disassemble the part, pull the starter cord as if you were switching on the engine, then dry it, reassemble it and try switching it on again.
BPM7A NGK Spark Plug Fits Stihl MS200T, MS210, MS230, MS240, MS250, MS260, MS270, MS280, MS290, MS341, MS361, MS390, MS441, MS460 Chainsaws.
Bad Spark Plugs

If the engine holds compression well, and the fuel system is working correctly, but it still won`t start, that tells us that your car`s spark plugs may not be working. The spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the engine`s cylinders.

Trying to start your car without much gas in the tank? This may be the problem! Many cars simply won`t start at all if there is a very low fuel level in the tank, even if there`s enough fuel to drive for a few miles. In general, it`s a bad idea to drive around with an extremely low fuel level in your tank.

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Makita chainsaw starts and revs then dies – Stihl Chain Saws, 017, 019, 021, 023 & 025
ANSWER : Check the fuel filter in the tank is clean it could be blocked

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I have a Pouan Pro. I can start it but then when I give it gas it seems to have no power. It doesn’t die, just gets no power. Occasionally it revs.
ANSWER : It may well be running too rich because the air filter is blocked, remove the filter and just try the revs again free running, if ok, clean/replace the filter.

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While trying to start the saw the compression is so great that it is near imposible to pull the start rope ….ie won’t spin fast enough to start … new plug ,,,, new gas … start ,,,tired arm ,??????
ANSWER : Is there a compression release button?

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My rcs5335s engine starts but wont keep running, its starts ok but fizzels out after a few seconds
ANSWER : May have to do carb adjustment

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McCullough chainsaw won't start – McCulloch Quality Mcc1435a 14" Gas 35cc 2 Cycle Chainsaw Full Warranty
ANSWER : If it’s a old saw..The seal goes out on the crank next to the clutch,it’s called a grease seal, it loses the suction needed to pull fuel in to the engine, can be a tricky one to replace, but will spark a old saw back to life. You may want to replace both crankshaft seals ..First try a few drops of gas down the carb, if it pops off you know it’s a fuel issue

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Dont wont to start to much fuel in cilinder
ANSWER : Never pull the starter more than 3-4 times under full choke. Pull 3-4 times on choke, push in to half choke and pull, should start.

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Can I run an 18in bar on a 16in chain saw
ANSWER : You should be able to without issue.
The Stalling issue started after lengthening the bar/chain?

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Ms170 stihl chainsaw wont start or if it does start it wont take the throttle
ANSWER : Try new gas, and adjust the carb.

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