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61.5 ccm (3.75 cu.
Where do I find my serial number? Most serial numbers are stamped in the motor housing or crankcase to the left or right of the muffler looking down from the top on a flat surface.
The Stihl chainsaw scale

Each model number contains three sections: MS, MSA, or MSE + numbers + letters. Let`s start with MS, a straightforward one to explain. MS stands for Motors├Ąge (chainsaw in German), and MSA means it is a battery chainsaw, while MSE indicates it is an electric chainsaw.

The Model 036 Engine is a single cylinder, two-stroke design. The engine has an idle speed of 2,500-RPM and a maximum engine (cut-off) speed of 13,500-RPM.
Stihl 036 PRO Chainsaw with 24″ bar/chain; running review.

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Parts diagram to
ANSWER : Http://

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Sthil 066 carb diagram
ANSWER : Don’t mess with the insides of a STIHL carb, just buy a new one. Why put new parts in an old carb?

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066 parts diagram
ANSWER : Just use the internet

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Starter coil on stihl 017 – Stihl 017 018 Ms170 Ms180 Chainsaw Starter Stbx759
ANSWER : If you are asking for the part number, it is 1130 400 1302 if you have two ground wires and one lead wire. If you only have one ground wire and one lead wire, the part number is 1130 400 1300.

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How to replace a oiler on a stihl chainsaw ? – Stihl Service Manual for 031AV Chainsaw with Parts List
ANSWER : Remove the worm, sealing ring and washer, loosen the pan head screws on the oil pump and replace. Check if the gasket is re-usable.

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Stihl ht 101 spare parts list pdf – Stihl HT101 Pole pruner
ANSWER : Stihl does not supply parts lists to the public. if you want one you will have to talk to a dealer in your area and see if they will be willing to allow you to look at one

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I need screws to replace the muffler – Stihl Model 038, Repl. 1119 790 170
ANSWER : If you replace screws make sure they have vibra-tite or other thread lock to keep from vibrating loose.

Here: Vibra TITE 213 VC 3 Threadmate Threadlocker 65 to 165 Degree 5mL Tube Red

Online chainsaw parts:
Stihl Chainsaw Parts Chainsaw Parts Discount Online Parts

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Stihl MS250C Chainsaw works great won’t turn off!
ANSWER : That wire should go to the kill switch. IT just grounds out the magento. See the on off switch, and put it back on there.

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