My stihl ms 192t will start and rev up than immediatly the rpms drop down to almost a stall while at wide open throttle. when the throttle is released it stalls out.if the primer ball is pressed it will rev up again and than back down to nothing.put in a carb kit cleaned all lines and filters what else could it be?
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Check the gaskets and heat insulator between the cylinder and carburetor base for any leaks or plugging of the impulse pumper air passage. Make sure that a gasket has not been placed in such a way that it blocks this passage. Also, if there is an anti-vibration coupling, it may have cracked the rubber causing an air leak. The engine appears to be running only on primed fuel, but not pumping anything new. Hope this helps!

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The carburetor might be clogged. A clogged carburetor is often caused by leaving fuel in the chainsaw for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the chainsaw engine to stall.
Check the Fuel Flow

The flow of fuel must also remain consistent during operation. If you`re dropping power under load and your air systems are clean, then somewhere gas is leaking from the system. You`ll want to start at the tank, checking the vent hole on the tank to make sure it`s not plugged.

Fuel: Make sure it is fresh and correctly mixed (see `Starting Issues`). Air filter: Make sure it is clean and unclogged. Fuel cap: Make sure it`s hand-tight. Please ensure when you are attempting to use the chainsaw that the chain brake is disengaged.
In the case that your chainsaw runs for a while, then dies, it may be possible to simply clean the air filter to correct this symptom. However, a damaged air filter should be replaced. Regular checks of the air filter for buildup should be part of your regular chainsaw maintenance routine.
If your chainsaw still starts and then stops working, check the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or damaged. Another reason that your chainsaw starts and then stops working could be that the spark arrestor is dirty or clogged. If this is the case, clean it with a wire brush.
If you do notice the rope slowly extending, then the chainsaw compression is most likely low and needs checking more precisely. The most common places for an air leak to occur are on the crankshafts seals. Damage to the piston or the piston rings may also be the cause of the problem.
The carburetor regulates the ratio of air and fuel that enters the engine. If extra air enters the mixture after the carburetor, the ratio will become lean, which will increase the engine RPMs. This air can enter through the gasket on the carburetor if the gasket it loose or damaged.
The carburetor might need to be replaced.

It could be damaged or old and no longer functioning. To test the carburetor, remove the air filter, pour a teaspoon of fuel into it, and pull the starter rope. If the engine starts momentarily and then dies, the carburetor is likely why the chainsaw won`t start.

One tell-tale sign that a chainsaw has flooded is the smell of fresh petrol near the muffler. To ascertain whether this is indeed the problem, simply disassemble the part, pull the starter cord as if you were switching on the engine, then dry it, reassemble it and try switching it on again.

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How to start stihl ms 180 c – Stihl 16" Chainsaw Bar Chain Saw 018 025 Ms 180 250
ANSWER : Pull choke full on pump petrol 5 to10 times it should try to start take throtle of full to next button and try again

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Saw will start but dies when rev – Stihl 16" Chainsaw Bar Chain Saw 018 025 Ms 180 250
ANSWER : Check the pick up fuel line in the gas tank. If there is a fuel filter at the end of the line,remove and clean or replace. Use a small fexible wire to hook line and pull out thru gas tank opening.

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The handle on my Accugreen 3000 is broken, do you have a phone number for customer service?
ANSWER : Contact Scotts online and they will Fedex the whole handle free. No kidding.

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Spring has gone on gate – Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader
ANSWER : Go to local hardware store and ask to see their spring assortment. Select one that looks like it will work and put it on.

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My Scotts 3000 spreader has a spring that closes the drop chute and it has broken. Is there a replacement spring available?
ANSWER : You can use almost any spring with the same or close tension. Lowes and Home-Depot carry an assortment of springs.

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Engine revs high then low then stops
ANSWER : Check the governor lever. it prob sticking or gone.

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Stihl MS 250 16″
ANSWER : Take the bar off and give it a good clean, get compressed air and blow it into the oil tank, making a seal around it first

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I have a stihl ms 180, and looking at the carb there is a port on the top of it. What connect to it.
ANSWER : It connects to the black plastic intake housing that the filter mounts to. the port should point away from the engine when installed. please feel free to vote

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