Bilt 25HP VTwin Hydrostatic 50″ Zero Turn Radius Mower

Ive had 2 replace 2 spindles in the past 3 mths but i need to no if they have grease fittings and if so where ?

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Greasing Properly

Most mowers have a grease fitting located on the spindles that will make this job easier. Once you have your supplies, simply attach the grease gun to the fitting and pump in the grease for a few short pumps. Wipe away any excess grease, otherwise it may be flung across the grass next time you mow.

The spindles on a riding or commercial walk-behind mower are attached to the cutting deck and work with the pulleys to turn the blades below the deck so grass can be cut. The rotating parts of the spindle must be greased periodically to maintain smooth operation, and prevent overheating and potential damage.
The spindles and caster wheels are generally the most often greased. The spindles and castor wheels should be done around once a month because of the moving interior parts. Commercial mowers that put hundreds of hours on their Ferris mower would be looking at greasing the mower everyday depending on usage.
Many OEM electric motor companies recommend polyurea greases for motor bearings, also, some OEM tractor manufacturers have started to recommend polyurea greases. P100 also makes an excellent grease for all the bearings found on lawnmowers and brushhogs.
Spindle bearings must be properly lubricated to maintain a film of lubricant between the rolling elements and the bearing raceways.
One of the most commonly used lubricants for spindle bearings is hydraulic oil, which people use in a wide range of applications. Hydraulic oil is widely available in most hardware stores and is relatively cheap.
A good spindle should last at least 10 to 15 years under normal operating conditions. You can prevent most spindle failures by following a few simple maintenance procedures, like measuring the force of your spindle twice per year to prevent vibrations and running out due to a drop in force.
Greasing is important as it enables parts to resist abrasion, provides corrosion protection, and adds waterproofing resistance as well. Every fitting should be greased each time you change the oil. Again, the owner`s manual should assist you in locating all of the mower`s fittings.
You should lubricate the bearings one to two times each mowing season to protect them from wear and keep them spinning smoothly.

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TROY BUILT RIDING MOWER MODEL13AX60KH011 – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : OK question

Hello, My 31 cc troy built blower won’t start. It’s got spark. When I pulled the brand new plug it appeared to be completly dry. I sprayed ether in the cylinder and put the plug back in and it started for a brief moment. Not sure what’s going on. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
ANSWER : If the either burned, then you have a fuel problem. Make sure the fuel filter (in the tank) and the lines are all clear. If so, then you my need to rebiud the carburator.

My troy built starts but will not speed up enough to use even after it warms up. It is 2 years old but only has 3-4 hours of use on it . Can you help me?
ANSWER : Is it 2 cycle or 4 cycle? Meaning, does it take plain gas, or mixed gas?Clean the plug, clean the carb with either choke cleaner (4 cycle) or wd-40 (2 cycle) by spraying it into the choke hole after you take off the air filter.You may also want to spray some of the choke cleaner or wd-40 into the gas tank with the gas to help clean out the whole fuel system.Only use choke cleaner for 4-cycle regular gas units. For mixed gas, use wd-40 in place of choke cleaner.Try to start it and then go back and forth from half choke to full choke until it starts picking up.

Troy built 4 cycle trimmer wont turn attachments -fixed?
ANSWER : You have a broken shafrt in rod

Troy built mower has gas and spark with new plug will not start ,it does not even cough or sound like it is going to start,ran perfect when last ran.
ANSWER : Take off the air filter cover and shoot a little gas into the carb.
if it sputters you probably need to have the carb cleaned.

Clean troy built 6.75 carborator picture
ANSWER : Try looking on ‘you tube ‘may find it being done

How do you repair a leaking gas line? it leaks between the gas line and the tank
ANSWER : Possibly, but it might start coffin and spluttering if you fit one.

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