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All gas-powered lawn mowers and snowblowers, along with hand-held products like chainsaws, string trimmers, and leaf blowers, use a spark plug to ignite a mixture of fuel and air to start and run the equipment`s engine.
Because leaf blowers demand so much power from their 2-stroke engines, it`s recommended that users disconnect the spark plug, check it for corrosion, and make sure it meets the manufacturer`s specifications once a week while the blower is in regular use.
Use your 5/8″ socket attached to a socket wrench to unscrew the spark plug from the engine.
A properly functioning spark plug will help to ensure that the air/fuel mixture is burning completely. It helps to improve fuel economy because less fuel is wasted. By investing time and money into maintaining your spark plugs, you can save money at the pump!
Replace the spark plug with a new one at the start of fall or after every 25 hours of use, whichever comes first.
What size socket do I need to change out spark plugs? For the majority of plugs, you need a 5/8” or 16mm socket. Some Fords use 9/16″ plugs, some newer European and Asian vehicles use 14mm plugs, and there are a few applications that use 7/8″, 13/16″, ¾” or 18mm plugs.
The size of socket will vary with plug type and plug manufacturer. The most common sizes of spark plug nuts and the sockets used to remove/install them are 15/16″, 13/16″ and 5/8″. These tools are available individually or in sets at most automotive parts supply, hardware and other tool supply stores.
Although many motorists and technicians prefer to stick with the same brand when replacing spark plugs, there`s nothing on the label that limits a particular brand of plug to a particular vehicle make or model.
While you should buy spark plugs in matching sets for your vehicle, not all spark plugs are universal. Spark plugs come in different sizes with different gaps and are manufactured using a variety of metals. Finding the ones that you need can be difficult.
Failing spark plugs can cause the car engine to misfire and thus affect its performance. A single spark plug that fails to ignite the fuel-air mixture can cause a halt in the running of the engine. It can result in incomplete combustion and damage to the catalytic converter of the car.
Your spark plugs are what supply the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture, creating the explosion which makes your engine produce power. These small but simple plugs create an arc of electricity across two leads which are not touching, but close enough together that electricity can jump the gap between them.
The most common signs of bad spark plugs include start-up trouble, rough idling, sluggish acceleration, declining fuel economy, engine misfiring, and engine knocking.
The more worn or dirty spark plugs are, the greater the pull on the rewind and more effort is required to produce an adequate spark. If you haven`t turned on your engine recently, your mower won`t start and/or you have to tug repeatedly on the rewind to start the engine, a damaged spark plug may be the culprit.
The most common signs of bad spark plugs include start-up trouble, rough idling, sluggish acceleration, declining fuel economy, engine misfiring, and engine knocking.

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Spark plug gap – Homelite Mighty Lite Blowervac
ANSWER : Usually about .020

What is the spark plug gap on a homelite blower #08010

Need the spark plug gap for homelite yard broom II UT08514

No spark – Homelite 'Yard Broom' Leaf Blower
ANSWER : Try a new spark plug. If you have done that and still no spark, check the flywheel coil leg gap (.012) thousand, should do it. Also, disconnect the kill switch and run a spark test again. If the unit still doesn’t have any spark, then in all probability you need a new coil or as they call them today, a new module.

What is the fuel mix ratio?for home lite 26cs

My Homelite brushcutter wants to staret but stalls
ANSWER : Ckeck for cracks in the fuel line sometimes they will crack and **** air, also the carb could need to be cleaned

I just need a manual for the Homelite Mighty Lite Gas Powered Blower Vac.
ANSWER : Do you have your model number?

You should be able to find your manual on this site:

The manuals are listed by their model number rather than their marketing name. Look for the serial number plate which should also have the model number.

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My wipper snipper has no spark, Ihave bridged out the switch to make sure its not the switch, new spark plug ,correct gap .
ANSWER : The switch is a kill switch that grounds out the spark, at least that is how mine is. So assuming you have it correct, and new plug, that leaves the ignition coil. Only component left.