Agri – Fab Snow Blower – 42″

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Check the belt or chain that go to the axle, it may have come off.

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The traction control cable might be broken or misadjusted. Check the traction control cable to determine if it moves freely. If the control cable does not move freely, try squirting a small amount of oil into the end of the cable to lubricate it. If lubricating the traction control cable is not effective, replace it.
Inspect the drive clutch cable and adjust if it`s loose. Check the drive belt for excessive wear and replace it if necessary. Reinstall the drive belt if it slipped off a pulley. A worn friction disc won`t propel the snowblower so check the friction disc and replace it if it`s worn.
A snowblower that won`t move or moves very slowly may have a worn or broken friction disk. Friction disks can wear down over time and will stop engaging properly. Inspect the disk and if it has any signs of damage then it may need to be replaced.
If there`s a difference in track tension between the left and right snow blower tracks, your unit could pull to one side when driving.

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Snow blower threw oil everywhere and will not move. Engine starts but does not move forward.
ANSWER : The gearbox for the drive has sheared a tooth off the gear to make it leak and not propel the wheels. it has cut into the seal making it leak

Snow blower turns on but wheels will not move forwards or backwards when in gear
ANSWER : Check the belt or chain that go to the axle, it may have come off.

How do you put it in neutral
ANSWER : Does it have steering control triggers to turn it left or right…if so hold both at the same time with engine off and see if you can push it..Let me know if that works. Or let me know what kind of controls you have

Electric Maztang mt 968 auger wont run – Yard Machines 28" Two-Stage Snowthrower
ANSWER : The motor runs but the auger does not , if so the bolt snapped in half from hitting something that you should have not hit , this is a normal thing so as to not blow up the engine , it is a safety feature in all snow blowers , just get the right bolt or make one grind it down to where it will break easy but will work the auger , they sell them on ebay for a couple bucks but I make mine

I have a 22″ craftsman snow blower walk behind. i managed to pick up a piece of wood while snow blowing. it sheered two bolts which i replaced. there is still a clunking in every revolution that i can
ANSWER : Look at auger inside behind the pick up screw i bet it got bent from wood piece and is hitting side of housing

plus my son showed me a neet trick to use a timing light attached to plug wire and 12volt battery you turn the advance adj on light point light at suspected bearing or scuff point and you can see it plain as day (engine running of course ) use extreeme caution when doing this !!!!

Poulan Pro snow thrower PR8P27ES Brand new and unable to pull recoil handle or turn over with electric start. is anyone aware of a safty mechenism.
ANSWER : No known safety- did you assemble anything? if not- return it. if you did asssemble anything- slowly go back thru in reverse and see if you have a bolt in wrong

Snow blower gets bogged down in snow.
ANSWER : It sounds like your engine is running lean, see if you can adjust the high throttle mixture on the carburetor (if possible at all). If there is no adjustment possible, it may be the carb is clogged and needs some service. Try cleaning it or find a new replacement carb for it.

Track snowblower won't go into high gears – Agri-Fab Agri – Fab Snow Blower – 42"
ANSWER : Snowblower moves in 1&2 but won’t move in 3&4