PW1550 1550 Psi Electric Pressure Washer

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The number one cause of low or no pressure when using a pressure washer is a blocked or worn nozzle. Blocked nozzles will prevent water from escaping, while a worn nozzle will allow too much water to pass through, causing the pressure to drop.
Each time the power cord is plugged in to an outlet, the Reset button on the GFCI module must be pressed down to connect to electricity. Check to see if the Reset button has been pressed. Next, confirm the small plastic window below the Reset button shows RED in the window.
Using an old, worn-out nozzle is a common cause of lost pressure, and also has one of the simplest fixes. All you need to do is replace the nozzle and make sure you`re using the proper size. Don`t go by the color of the nozzle, make sure you check the orifice size.
A Damaged Gasket

The Problem: Your pressure cooker isn`t building up enough pressure. The Cause: Pressure cookers contain a gasket, which can sustain damage for a variety of reasons or simply wear out over time. As a result, your appliance won`t be able to build up enough pressure.

How Do I Tell If My Unloader Valve is Bad? In most occurrences, the first symptom of an unloader valve going bad is no pressure from the wand when the trigger is pressed. This happens when the unloader valve gets stuck open and does not allow water to enter the hose and trigger.
If the pump is leaking, the cause may be minor and easy to repair. Check the seals, packings, and O-rings for wear. These can easily be replaced, saving you the cost of a new pump. However, major leaks such as the ones caused by cracked or damaged plungers, can lead to pump failures.
As is the case with any over-pressurized vessel, the vessel fails at the weakest point. Often this results in the lid of the pressure cooker exploding upward, spewing hot steam, liquid, and food contents in a bomb-like manner. The liquid can cause horrific second-and third-degree burns to anyone near the cooker.
Once it reaches pressure the float valve will pop up, the Instant Pot will beep once, and the cook time will begin to count down from 5 minutes. You might notice hissing sounds and some steam escaping from the steam release valve or float valve hole while the pressure builds – this is normal.
You Won`t Be Able To Clean Anything!

Obviously, you won`t be able to use your pressure washer without the water supply turned on.

Air Flow Restriction

If your coil is a “pancake” style, chances are the restriction of air flow is caused by build up. Soot can create a block, causing the unused fuel to burn hotter than it should be. If you are having this issue, clean off your coil.

A worn nozzle on the spray gun. A clogged water inlet filter (20). Worn O-rings on the bypass valve (19), or a bypass valve hanging up. High-pressure valve (43-46) fails to function properly.
A worn nozzle on the spray gun. A clogged water inlet filter (20). Worn O-rings on the bypass valve (19), or a bypass valve hanging up. High-pressure valve (43-46) fails to function properly.

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Does not have high pressure – Campbell Hausfeld PW1750 Electric Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Either the pump is bad or worn out or the pressure relief valve is stuck open and needs to be closed. No kinks in water line to unit?

Breaker keeps popping when I start unit – Campbell Hausfeld 1,350 Psi Electric Pressure Washer With Auto Detail Kit #PW1350
ANSWER : If the unit isn’t even starting up and running you have an internal motor problem, either you have wires that are crossed, switch that is bad or capacitor that is bad. Most of the time on a unit like this it is not worth going to and repairing, for the price that it cost for the parts you are better off just purchasing a new machine.

Reset switch won't work – Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Washer 1800 Psi
ANSWER : This is usuall caused by the high pressure cut out switch not returning properly. the high pressure cut out switch is a plastic assembly on the pressure head. open it up ,lubricate or file it to increase space. then test before re-assembling it, beware of possible exposed wires and chance of comming into contact with electricity. disconnect power while working in it!

I can’t get any water pressure out of the gun itself, it was working fine, then it just stopped. Any suggestions? Is there a way to take the gun apart and clean out any deposits that might have built up in the shaft?
ANSWER : Yes you can take the gun apart it usually unscrews from the middle.

1750 psi Electric Pressure Washer: My pressure washer is losing pressure and is pulsa…
ANSWER : If the pressure washer is pulsating then that is a sign of check valve failure. You may be able to clean of replace the check valves. Replacing the head is the wrong way to go. This is completely unnecessary. If you can tell me the model number of your pressure washer then I can assist you better in pointing you in the right direction.

I need to separate the pump from the 5.5hp gas engine
ANSWER : Usually held in place by 4 alen key or hex bolts. sometimes very difficult toslide appart.
be sure to meassure shaft size as they are usually different size on each motor size graduation.

Wont power up
ANSWER : Dear Sir,
That white part is probably the capacitor. Yes it could go wrong. But you said it does not complete circuit….this means it is good. To test a capacitor, use a volt meter (analogue better)…touch both ends…then change quickly the ends of the volt meter to touch again the ends of the capacitor…it should give a quick reading. The best way to remove any doubt regarding if a capacitor is good or not…is to replace with a new one.

Bad pressure switch
ANSWER : Do not use different springs