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I have four options when my chain saw blade gets dull. 1) replace it with a new one. 2) take it to a repair shop and pay half the price of a new blade. 3) Use my hand sharpening file kit from Lowe’s, or 4) Use my electric chain saw blade sharpener form Harbor Freight. I recently purchased one for about $30 on sale. In one setting I earned the price of the sharpener by sharpening my old blades that were just hanging on a peg waiting to take to the repair shop. Really, the sharpener takes a small amount of skill, but the few minutes it takes to learn can save a lot of time and moo-lah.

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Sharpening your chainsaw chain is definitely worth it as a sharp chainsaw chain is easier to work with. It takes less effort to cut through wood and your chain will make cleaner cuts with sharp blades. A chainsaw chain can be sharpened multiple times without much of a cost.
For professional-quality chain sharpening that doesn`t leave your arm limp with exhaustion, you can use a heavy-duty chain grinder. A chainsaw grinder features a clamp that holds the chain in place while a grinding wheel is lowered down to smooth the teeth to a razor-sharp finish.
On average, a chainsaw blade will retain its sharpness for about 3 hours of actively cutting through wood.
Contact With The Ground

With a single contact with the ground while running, a chainsaw can become very dull. This is because the ground contains sand and dust which is abrasive and contains a lot of tiny rocks. To avoid such occurrences, avoid cutting wood placed on the ground.

There are two main methods you can use for sharpening chainsaw chain by hand with using a round chainsaw file or an electric chainsaw grinder. A third method, square filing, is only meant for square chain used to cut large trees. Refer to your grinder manual for set-up use and instructions.
You can sharpen the chain right on the saw and right by the wood you`re cutting. Do it often, and you`ll get years of sharp cutting life from your chain. Here, we`ll show you how to use chain saw sharpeners.
The chain may not have the proper amount of tension. If the adjustment screw is too loose, the chain may not make good contact with the wood. If the chain is too tight, the chain may not rotate at the proper speed, causing the chain not to cut properly. To adjust the chain, tighten or loosen the adjustment screw.
1 dozen of 3/16in (4.8mm) by 8 inch round files for . 325 pitch chain. The superior file for sharpening saw chains is the Swiss-made double-cut file from Oregon.
325″ chain pitch and 1.3 mm drive link thickness is suitable for felling, delimbing, sawing firewood, and maintaining young stands. Its narrower saw kerf enables the . 325″ Pro to achieve up to 20 % better cutting performance in comparison with the previous . 325″ saw chains in this drive link thickness.
Don`t Cut Into Dirt

But when you cut close to the ground, you`re just begging for a quick dip into dirt, rocks and crud. All it takes is a second in the dirt to dull the cutters. In addition to dulling the cutters, dirt also wears out the chain links faster, causing the chain to stretch.

If your chainsaw still starts and then stops working, check the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or damaged. Another reason that your chainsaw starts and then stops working could be that the spark arrestor is dirty or clogged. If this is the case, clean it with a wire brush.
To answer the question for those who are short on time, the easy answer is a resounding yes. Yes, you can use a chainsaw to cut wet wood.
If you`re looking for a great tool to keep your chains sharp, look no further than the Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener. It`s easy to use and features durable construction that makes sharpening your chains easier.
Most serrated blades are sharp on only one side. With that side facing up and the blade facing away from you, rest the chainsaw file in one of the gullets. Hold the file a little bit off of the surface of the knife, at a 12- to 17-degree angle. Then gently push the file through the gullet.
Today, chainsaws are commonly used by both pro arborists and DIYers to cut down and cut up trees. But even the largest, most powerful chainsaw won`t cut with a dull saw chain. The good news is that unlike most other power-cutting tools, you can sharpen a chainsaw to like-new condition in just a few minutes.
Remember that, unlike abrasives, files are cutting tools. The file will cut away unwanted metal and leave a sharp edge sufficient to cut down trees and branches. Files only cut on the push stroke. Don`t apply any pressure on the return, or pull, stroke.
Chainsaws require special maintenance when you`re working in cold weather. If the temperature where you live drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you`ll need to change some things about how you use and maintain your saw.
A properly-tensioned chainsaw chain should still be just a little loose on the chainsaw guide bar, but the chain needs to be tight enough that you can`t pull the drive links out of the bar nose.
There are three main reasons for a chain to come off: Incorrect bar and/or chain for the saw; check to be sure that you are using the proper chain pitch, gauge and number of drive links to match the guide bar. Chain not properly tensioned; It is normal for a new chain to stretch and require frequent adjustment.
Information we found online suggests that Stihl Pro Chainsaws have a run time of about 2,000 hours. That means the saw would last you for a minimum of 5.5 years before dying. Keep in mind this time is rated for professional chainsaws and not for regular homeowner saws.
The ideal chainsaw size for a homeowner of course depends on what that homeowner will be using the chainsaw for. Most homeowners would benefit from a chainsaw between 14″ and 20″, depending on the most common types of projects they have on their property.
Description. This is (1) loop of Archer brand high quality professional full chisel saw chain, this 32″ chain is 3/8 pitch, . 050 gauge and has 105 drive links.
325 is a smaller top cutter and tie strap it is easier to turn for a saw . The 3/8 is a bigger top cutter and tie strap . Mainly in a 20 ” chain has more cutters in .
The strength of 40 chain depends on the type of chain being used. For example, 40 chain of grade 43 steel has a working load limit of 7800 pounds, but 40 chain of grade 43 high test steel can hold up to 10,000 pounds. In general, the stronger the chain and thicker the links, the stronger it will be.

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How to sharpen – Husqvarna Chain Saw 20" Bar
ANSWER : Husqvarna do a very simple roller guide for sharpening there chains, it comes with a roller gauge two round files and a flat file for the depth gauges, check out the local dealer or the web, it is a very simple tool to use with great results.

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File size sharpening – Echo CS400 18" Chain Saw
ANSWER : File Size: 5/32″

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What angle should the chain be sharpened – Makita UC3530A 14" Electric Chain Saw
ANSWER : The angle is not all that critical. Just make sure you use the right diameter file and follow the old tooth angle when you file them. Remember to alternate the side, every other tooth. Do ever other tooth all of one side first and then turn the saw around and do every other tooth on that side.

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What is the size of the sharpening file for \\\\\\\pm425\av-18
ANSWER : I use a 5/16 rat tail file

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Saw cuts crooked – Poulan Super 250a Chainsaw Plate
ANSWER : The chain has been hand filed and one side was sharpened more than the other causing the cutters on one side to be larger than the other and causing it to pull the saw that direction

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Cuts at an angle – Poulan Wild Thing 2375 18" Gas Chain Saw 2.5 Cuin
ANSWER : It cuts at an angle because the chain needs sharpening. If you want to do it yourself, you will need a 5/32 inch chainsaw file and here is a website that shows how to sharpen it…

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Chain saw cuting in circle after I had it sharpend
ANSWER : Sounds like only half of the teeth got sharpened. Determine which ones got sharpened and sharpen the other half.

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Troubleshooting chainsaw hit some dirt now wont cut and smokes at chain little oil to bar and chain
ANSWER : You need to clean the chainsaw areas where the dirt has gone with a water hose. You may have clogged up the oil thing that puts oil on the chain. Hope this helps! And yes, dirt will make a chain dull. You might have to replace the chain or have it sharpened.

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