Arnold Mtd Snow Thrower Blower Light Easy Mount

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Howdie what year is it ?they should set them selfes but only do you have to set them if it is nut adjust then goto the dealer for the spec,s

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Product Overview. The CRAFTSMAN® SB2650 is powered by a 243cc 4-cycle OHV engine.
The exhaust valve lash clearance should be . 005-inch to . 007-inch. Note the measurement on the leaf that fits the exhaust valve lash clearance.
Use a ring spanner to loosen the locknut and turn the screw clockwise to decrease the gap, and the opposite way to increase it. When the clearance is correct, hold the screw with a screwdriver while you tighten the locknut, then re-check the clearance. There may be a self-locking adjusting screw with no locknut.

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Model 358 craftsman blower, where is the fuel filter
ANSWER : Follow the fuel line from the tank to the carb. If it has one, its in that tubing line. There will prolly be a particle filter screen inside the tank to keep crud from getting to the carb. Other than that – there’s really not much to the fuel system on these.

Trying to find how old my 917.271024 craftsman tractor is so I can the right snow blower attachment.
ANSWER : Based on the print date of the Manual from this mower was manufactured in 1999.

Snow blower threw oil everywhere and will not move. Engine starts but does not move forward.
ANSWER : The gearbox for the drive has sheared a tooth off the gear to make it leak and not propel the wheels. it has cut into the seal making it leak

When I went to start my craftsman model 247.88704 snow thrower, the pull handle rope came out. Can you tell me the best easy to put it back together?
ANSWER : On your pull rope housing youll find 3 to 4 bolts remove the housing inside youll find the place were the rope was tied in [ if it just came untied ] just rember to spin counter clock wise for your tinshion befor replaceing the rope then put back together

Fuel lines split hoe to rerplace – Craftsman 4 Cycle Blower/Vac
ANSWER : Hi Rick…Hope this is what your looking forBud

Craftsman snow blower #536.886261,wire connection coming off coil 4 inches long,what does it attache to?
ANSWER : Sears Parts Online has a pdf of this unit. Have you checked there yet?

MTD snow blower model#31AH5WTG799 blades stoped turning
ANSWER : Look for a broken shear pin. It is usually a bolt that goes through the blade shaft and will break with an overload.

Hi, I have a Craftsman 8hp snow-blower and on auger spins freely and doesn’t move with the other. How do I fix it? Thanks, Paul
ANSWER : You need to replace the shear pin on the free side