II Gear Driven Rotary Tiller 6ft Tiller Width, Model No. Tg…

Seals leaking where the tine shaft goes in sidegear box

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Recommended PTO HP: 35-50. Hitch Requirement: Cat. I. Depth of Cut: 6″ Max.
Gear-drive tillers put more torque to the ground, making them better for virgin soil, although chain-drive tillers will do an adequate job as well. Weight can also be a limiting factor depending on the size of your compact tractor — gear-drive tillers tend to weigh more than chain-drive models.
The 72 inch tiller specs require 35-50 HP.
Engine or motor size

A good sized engine for a gas powered tiller would be around 150cc`s or greater, a heavy 4-stroke engine will improve power and efficiency. For small gardens less than 1,500 square feet, a mini-tiller, sometimes called a cultivator with an electric or battery-powred motor should be sufficient.

How fast can I run the tiller? It depends on the conditions, but 2-3 mph is about the right speed. You may need to slow down if you start to notice material building in front of the machine.
Chain drive is suitable for transmitting power and motion over short to medium centre distance. Gear drive is preferred for short distance power and motion transmission. Chain drive cannot be used for non-parallel shafts. Certain gear drives (like bevel and worm) are meant for non-parallel shafts only.
The major benefits of shaft-drive are lower maintenance and running costs, and cleanliness. The disadvantages of chain drive bikes are that they need their chains adjusting regularly and they can be expensive to replace when they wear out.
It`s not a good idea to use a tiller immediately before planting. This is because tilling introduces many air pockets into the soil which can result in less than ideal seed germination.
This tiller requires 20-35 HP at 540 RPM from the PTO.
Front tine tillers are typically cheaper and can be used for weeding and blending soil. Mid-tine tillers are the easiest type to use because the engines and tines are directly in the middle of the tiller, easily distributing the weight and making them a great choice for gardeners with larger plots to till.
A tiller with six tines per flange can require up to 23% more horsepower than one with four. A 25-hp tractor can operate a normal 5-ft rotary tiller with four tines, but a 31-hp tractor is required for the same 5-ft rotary tiller with six tines. With six tines, a 40-hp need becomes around 50 hp.
Recommended PTO HP: 20-35. Hitch Requirement: Cat. I. Depth of Cut: 6″ Max.
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Tines wont turn
ANSWER : Without really knowing what is broken it will be tough to give a firm idea of the cost. However, you can head over to www.partstree.com. They have a great detailed parts break down and costs associated with it. Looked up your part numer and can find at this link: http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=mtd&mn=210-031-000+%281990%29

Water is leaking from the front seals,of a model 330m,cant find a parts diagram to describe info on seals so i can order.
ANSWER : See this link

Look to the bottom of the page and click on your model, let me know what parts you need, I usually have them in stock, [email protected]

All bar oil leaks from the bottom in a stream while engine is running
ANSWER : Take bar and chain off and clean oiler its not ably to close so to speak

2 cycle mantis tiller leaks gas thru the carb. – will not start?
ANSWER : If it leaks gas,it can **** air.you have to find out whats leaking and stop it.

My chainsaw leaks oil out of a small hole or drain just below the base of the bar. is there anyway to way to stop this
ANSWER : Are you sure you aren’t talking about the chain oiler system? There is to be a small amount of oil to lubricate the bar and chain.

Poulan 14″ gas leaks bar oil all over, plenty on bar/chain, using thin synthetic oil.
ANSWER : Use actual bar oil sold for that purpose. It’s thicker and won’t run out like water. Synthetic oil is very thin does not have the proper density.

Have a Sta-Rite cartridge filter that is leaking from somewhere underneath. Is there a gasket, ring or something that needs replacing? Can I use a bead of silicon to seal it? It is only about 5 years old…. noticed leak about 5 minutes after pool was opened up this season. Please reply. Thank you.
ANSWER : It is probably your o-ring that needs to be replaced. These are very commonly worn in these types of pool filters. It should be part number PLM100 or PLM150 and should be fairly easy and inexpensive to find and replace.

Tines won’t turn
ANSWER : Possible broken key where crankshaft meets gearbox.