30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

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Light-duty trimmers, up to 3 A, 24 V or 20 cc, are great for small jobs, like grass tufts and thin weeds. Heavy-duty trimmers, over 56 V or 35 cc, are great for deep grass, stalky weeds and even brush and saplings.
As a result, curved shaft trimmers are generally less durable and less suitable for long hours of use than straight shaft trimmers, though braided cables provide some reinforcement. Also, all cable drives on curved string trimmers turn clockwise.
Curved shaft string trimmers are easy to use in tight and hard-to-reach spaces with obstacles like trees and flower beds. Their low weight makes them comfortable to carry and perfect for homeowners who don`t need to run their trimmers every day. Curved trimmers are also available at a lower price point.
Although 4-stroke string trimmers have a reputation for lower emissions, better fuel efficiency, and high torque output, 2-stroke trimmers have their own advantages: Lighter weight. Easier maintenance. Easier storage.
For light work, such as trimming grass, 0.065″-0.085″ should be sufficient. For thicker grass and weeds, a line in the 0.085″-0.110″ range will get the job done, and for thicker underbrush, anything thicker than 0.110″ will work.
Here`s a tip for using curved shaft trimmers:

Edging your garden beds makes them look cleaner and more professional. Position the trimmer at 90 degrees to the area you`re edging. Move the end of your trimmer slowly from left to right along the edge of your garden bed.

Is this possible? No, curved shaft trimmers are not designed to use any type of metal brush blade. If you are experiencing a problem with your product, find a solution by using our support assistant.
Curved shaft string trimmers are easy to use in tight spaces and yards with plenty of fixtures. Their low weight not only makes them more comfortable to carry but also places them at a lower price point.
A clipper is intended for bulk hair cutting on larger areas, but does not cut extremely close to the skin. On the other hand, a trimmer is designed for edging, outlining, dry shaving and light shaping on smaller areas such as the back of the neck, around the ears, around sideburns etc.
In general, the larger your landscape, the more powerful your trimmer should be to efficiently maintain it. Lawns up to 1/2 Acre: Cordless trimmers ranging from 20 to 40 volts work well. If there`s a power outlet within 100 feet of the lawn`s perimeter, consider a corded string trimmer.
You need to leave about six inches of string hanging from the spool when you are done adding your new string. You should use a heavy-duty pair of scissors to snip the string.

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How to adjust H screw/ L screw to re-set – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Try turning the H/L screw all the way in, then turn it 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 turns out. After you do that, it should be reset and ready to go. Good luck! Hope this helps!

Do you mix gas and oil in this trimmer – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Yes. Verifythe ratio, either 40:1 or 50:1

Can not get spool head apart to change line, tried pump pliers, pipe wrench, won’t unscrew!!
ANSWER : If you are sure that it screws on it may be a reverse threaded unit..

My Ryobi SS30 does not start – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Check to make sure the plug has good fire if not change the plug

My trimmer is leaking fuel help – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Change your primer bulb and/or fuel lines.

Ryobi No Fire at spark plug – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Have you checked just the plug wire for spark. If you’re not getting any here, then you may have a bad magnet-or. So if the spark is happening only at the wire and not through the plug. Change the plug. Also check the cut off switch. It could cause the no spark, to keep it from starting.

Gas to oil mixture for a RY 26540 – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : 50:1 don’t use outboard motor mix

Ryobi weedeater runs good but when shut down fuel drips out carb. ??
ANSWER : You will probably have to remove the carburetor so you can evenly tighten the screws on the ends. If it still leaks, then you will need to get a rebuild kit for it.