No problems actually running the weed eater but the head won’t spin when I give it gas or it will spin very slowly. I am having the same problem with the tiller attachment for the weed eater as well. The rod that runs the length of the weed eater attachment turns the head when I try it manually. Any ideas?
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Sounds like the clutch has taken a long trip south. If the clutch pads are not wore out, try some wd40 on the pad hinges.

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If the drive shaft is broken, the string trimmer head won`t spin. The drive shaft is not repairable—if the drive shaft is broken, you must replace it. Need help finding your model number? If the threads on the drive shaft are stripped, the trimmer head will not stay on the shaft.
Worn clutch – Since the string trimmer clutch engages with one or more drive shafts attached to the trimmer head to rotate the head when the throttle trigger is depressed, a worn-out clutch may prevent the trimmer head from spinning. A new clutch assembly is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.
The air filter may be clogged. If the air filter is clogged, the engine will get too much fuel and not enough air. As a result, the engine may not start. If the air filter is clogged, replace it.
If your RYOBI Edger isn`t starting: For 18V or 36V Battery models: check the battery has charge by pressing the fuel gauge. For AC models: turn the power point switch off and check the cord is inserted correctly in the extension lead. Use a heavy-duty extension lead no longer than 25m for optimal performance.
The most common problem with a string trimmer is that the unit runs out of string. The string may also be twisted or loose on the spool. The cutting head may be dirty or the head outlet guide may be bent. An electric trimmer`s power cord, switch, or motor may fail.
Cable or Shaft

If the drive cable breaks or becomes detached, the saw blade will no longer spin. You can inspect the drive cable by removing the engine assembly from the shaft and checking to see if the cable is still in place. If the cable has slipped out of place, it will need to be reinstalled firmly.

When you go to operate the saw, and the saw does not operate, you might want to check out a few things: 1) Make sure the battery is fully charged. 2) Be sure that the battery is put into the saw correctly, and secured. 3) There might be debris on the battery, or inside the saw, where the battery connects.
If the drive shaft is broken or detached, the trimmer head will not spin. To inspect the drive shaft, remove the engine assembly from the shaft and look to see if the shaft is in its proper place. Re-install the shaft if it has slipped from its place. If the shaft is damaged or broken, it must be replaced.
If your trimmer won`t turn on, especially if it has not been used recently, you may simply have a drained battery. Plug your trimmer into your charger and see if anything happens. Ideally your trimmer will recognize it has been connected to a power source and charge its battery.

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I don’t remember how to start my weed eater;i’ve lost my manual
ANSWER : Hello,

Pump the gas bubble near the black box air filter.
Start pulling the string.
Keep pulling until it turns.


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The head will not spin on Troy Built weed eatter
ANSWER : Sounds like your flex cable has taken a trip south. Pull the shaft off the head and take a look at the flex cable. If flex cable is ok, they your clutch is defective.

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Petrol weed eater will not start. Alomost starts
ANSWER : Hi Mark, I own a shop, we will not work on ryobi, have you gotten 2 seasons out of it? If so thats probably as good as it gets. But you can check carb settings. In the USA they come with limiters on the adjustment screws, not too much you can do(break them off) back your adjustments counter clockwise 1half turn.

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My weed eater hedge trimmer runs for about 10 minutes and cuts off. It seems as though it is flooded, because it won’t start again until some time later. But it continues with the same pattern. I purchased a can of premixed gas/oil to make sure it was my mixture, to no avail. I have not replaced the spark plug yet, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Do you have any suggestions?
ANSWER : The plug can be the problem but also the air mix as well get the best plug you can

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31cc Ryobi weed eater engine will start, then stall shortly after
ANSWER : You need to adjust the carb ,look for small screws around carb turn out 1/4 to 1/2 turn good luck

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My Ryobi CS30 Weed Eater has a problem. It starts OK and the shaft starts turning, but after about 30 seconds of use, the shaft stops spinning, rendering the whole thing useless. I’ve taken the head off and run the thing to attempt to locate the problem. The shaft stops spinning without the head as well, so my guess is it’s the shft. Please help.
ANSWER : May also be the clutch, in the drive section up by the motor. You will have to take it apart to inspect it

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Weed eater will start but the head will not rotate. its like some thing is not connected.
ANSWER : Hello snap77b:

From your Description it Sounds like the Shaft May have Slipped Out of the Power Head and the Drive Cable is Not Engaged to the Drive, the Clutch is Worn Out, the Drive Cable is Worn and Requires Replacing, the Trimmer Head has Slipped and is Not Engaged to the Drive Cable or the Trimmer Head Gearbox is Bad and Requires Replacing.
>>Send me the Model Numbers Off the Unit, Please. With these I can Locate the Proper Manual and Better Assist you.
Please, Do Not Hesitate, If I Missed Something or you Hit a Snag or this Does Not Correct the Problem, I am Here if You Require More Assistance. Hope this Helps. Let me Know What Happens, Please. May the All Mighty Bless You and Yours. Be Safe and Be Happy. Thanks.
Good Luck
jbridger (John)

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Poulan ppb 335 diagram
ANSWER : Just remove the mount nuts and pull the cylinder off.

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