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I”ve got a Ryobi leaf blower i push the primer bulb to get ready to crank it and then i choke it and it cranks and start running and then i turn the choke off and it runs for about ten seconds and then goes dead i can push the bulb again and it will crank and run again for ten seconds and then dies again do u have any idea whats wrong
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Yes,,,,its a dirty carb jet or a blocked carb jet strip the carb and blow out all the running jets,dont go poking wire into any of the jets to clean them this could bistroy the jet/s

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Your leaf blower`s primer bulb can be at the heart of solving the problem of a leaf blower engine that is difficult to start. The primer bulb is designed to purge the carburetor of air, which can help your engine to start. However, if the primer bulb is cracked or damaged, it will not be able to perform this function.
Gas models that start will a pull rope include a primer bulb to deliver a gas and air mixture to the carburetor to start the engine. Primer bulbs that have cracks or tears in them need replacing to start a gas leaf blower.
Q: What is the outside diameter of the bulb? all primer bulbs are not the same size! quit telling everybody it will fit just because it fit yours…

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My blower seems to not want to go to ful throttle
ANSWER : This happened on my older Ryobi as well. Turns out it was the fuel lines. The ethnol in the gas made the lines swell up inside.

Ryobi gas blower 200mph 2 cycle what is the ration gas to oil
ANSWER : I mix mine 50:1

What is the gas/oil mixture ration for a Ryobi gas leaf blower?
ANSWER : 40 to 1

Starts then dies – Ryobi 30cc 17" String Trimmer Zrry30530 Wcurve Shaft
ANSWER : Have a look at these 2 tips:

Won’t keep running except at 1/2 choke or a little above
ANSWER : Ahter you start it up turn choke too off position

BC 30 wont start after engine is hot
ANSWER : Check that you are using the correct values for the fuel mixture.One major symptom of an old, or incorrectly mixed fuel, is overheating.Also another possibility, is that the timing could be an issue.But if you find the engine revs up ok, don’t re-adjust the timing. There ya go ;)Good luck with that, & don’t forget to rate 😉

What type of oil goes in the Ryobi 08570 Blower? What is the oil gas mix ratio?
ANSWER : You need 2 stroke motor oil or chain saw oil.Mix it according to the lable to make up 50:1 oil/gas mix.

My Ryobi cordless 18v string trimmer just died. Does not work at all. Loved the tool and want to continue using it. Is it something I can fix or do I have to just replace it?
ANSWER : Replce it cost to much to fix