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You remove the three hex drive bolts on the bottom. This will allow the bottom plate to drop off. Then clean out the glue in the little groove in the middle of what looks like a thick washer. There is a tiny circlip on the shaft which you remove very carefully. The thick washer, a spring washer and flat washer are then removed along with two metal concave parts. Note carefully the order in which the parts are around the shaft. You have to carefully pry off the plastic part right below the bearings. That part is pressed onto the shaft which is ribbed to hold it in place. Once you get the bearings back in place you press the plastic bottom back on. I had to use a vice grip to hold the shaft and needle nose pliers placed against the plastic like you holding the shaft then tapped the pliers to push the plastic onto the shaft holding the shaft up with the vice grips. Put the rest of the parts back together and put the circlip back in place. Be careful when placing the circlip. Mine wasn’t all the way on and popped off. Now I can’t find it. Once you get the circlip back on use some shoe goo or similar material to lock the circlip into the groove on the thick washer. Let it dry and reinstall the the bottom with the hex drive bolts.

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Rotary Laser Level Accuracy

Accuracy of a rotary laser level ranges from +/- 1/16th to +/- 1/8th of an inch per 100 to 50 feet. Although this accuracy is greater than a spirit level (or a bubble level), a spirit level cannot give you the distance a laser level can.

How often should my laser level be calibrated? Spot-on recommends that all lasers and optical levels being used regularly should be checked for calibration every six months and no major work should be started without checking your unit.
As a general rule of thumb if you want to use a line laser level outside in full sun you will need to have an electronic receiver. But there are exceptions to this generalisations. Below is a video showing the use of three types of line laser outdoors, some using receivers and one laser that you can use visibly.
As a general rule of thumb if you want to use a line laser level outside in full sun you will need to have an electronic receiver. But there are exceptions to this generalisations. Below is a video showing the use of three types of line laser outdoors, some using receivers and one laser that you can use visibly.
Self-Leveling and Automatic-Leveling Lasers

A self-leveling laser automatically finds and maintains a level within a specified range. Some lasers have a bubble vial and you perform rough leveling and then the laser itself will take over and do the fine leveling.

Exposure to high level lasers may cause depigmentation, severe burns and possible damage to underlying organs.
Indoors lasers predominantly rely on the user visibly seeing the lase line or dot. Outdoors you cannot reliably see any laser level over any great range due to output limitations. So as a rule of thumb a laser level to be reliably used outdoors needs to have an electronic receiver to “see” the laser for you.
Laser distance measures can be used outside. However, because they use reflected light to calculate distance, some outdoor conditions can interfere with accuracy. Rain, for example, can make it impossible to take an accurate measurement while a bright, sunny day will reduce the amount of distance you can measure.
Beam Color

Laser levels come with either red or green laser lights. If your priority is gaining as much visibility as possible, a green laser is the way to go, as they “are more visible from a further distance and easier to use when working outdoors” than red lasers, says McCoy.

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How do you remove the ignition coil? I can remove the bolt quite easily, but how do you remove the post which secures the other end of the coil?
ANSWER : Would of been very helpful if you would of mentioned the engine you are working on… model/serial numbers would of been even better !!!

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How do you change the passcode on a keyless garage door opener?
ANSWER : There are buttons on the rear of the main unit to do this.

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Craftsman half hp garage door cliks then buzzes lights come on but nothing happens . I have a older model that doesent have light sensors and I can turn gears and motor by hand to lift door so nothing seems to be broken mechanical wise. thanks for any help
ANSWER : The main gear in the main control box plastic gear is stripped. Remove door opener main box and inspect. It can usually be ordered or rebuilt.

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I need a new engine for my lawn mower (MTD)
The model “no” is 124802,,
type =0610-01
code =94062259
Where can I buy one from ? ,,I live WA PERTH
ANSWER : Call 1-800-873-6722 and give them the model and type number. I can tell you, this is going to be a lot more expensive than just buying a new mower.

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Steelcraft garage door opener opened but will not close. Motor hums but door does not move.
ANSWER : Ensure proper installation. Ensure gears in main control head box are not worn out, The main drive flat gear is plastic in a lot of these openers. Replace main gear unit are rebuild it.

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ANSWER : Take or call the saw shop and give them your serial # they should be able to tell you the model or take your saw down to the saw shop that sells your brand of saw and ask them. Good luck .

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When the door opens it slams into the unit I did adjust it almost all the way out and it still slams
ANSWER : Are you sure you are adjusting the limit controls and not the force controls.. depending on the age of the opener the limits controls are on the side and the force controls are on the back and they are blue. If you are adjusting the limits and nothing is changing you then either have a bad limit rack or circuit board. I just changed out a rack a little bit ago.

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Drive belt 42″ craftsman tractor model #917.270810
ANSWER : You need to post the 917.xxxxxx model number for some one to help you. There are about 10 different belts that fit different 42″ Craftsman mowers.
You could also go to www3, and put in the same 917.xxxxxx model number and look up the part number. You do not want to buy a belt just by the size alone but must use one that is made for the machine application. The cheaper ones that you pick up in the local hardware store etc. like a 3Lxxx or 4Lxxx are made for low horsepower electric motors and will not last on your lawnmower.

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