How do I get the solenoid separated from the starter unit. I have all wires and screws loose but the plastic shaft feels like it is “locked in” some how to the starter unit and I am afraid to put too much downward force on it to get it out and then not sure how to get the new one lined up properly after I get the old one out?? Any suggestions, anyone?
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The way that its held together you need to take the starter apart to get the drive fork off

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If you think that you have a bad starter solenoid, you first need to decide if you`re comfortable performing the replacement yourself. Performing a replacement like this on your own is possible, but it will require some technical know-how and take a chunk of time.
A failed solenoid may be debilitating for your machinery or manufacturing process but, thankfully, it`s a part that you can often easily repair or replace once you`ve identified the root of the problem.
Locating the Starter Solenoid

For modern vehicles, the starter solenoid is attached to the starter motor itself. You`ll often find it mounted under the vehicle at the bell housing – where the engine and transmission are joined.

Overview of a Solenoid

Solenoids (also typically called starter solenoids or starter relays) operate by receiving both large electrical currents from your vehicle`s battery and smaller electrical currents from the ignition system when the car key is turned.

Rusting, power failure, irregular pressure, missing equipment, an incorrect amount of voltage or current, dirt stuck in the system and corrosion are some of the possible reasons why a solenoid valve may not properly close or open.
When a solenoid is first energized, its coil receives a pulse of high inrush current that decreases as the plunger closes. If the plunger does not close, the high inrush current continues, which can cause the coil to overheat and burn out. This is the most common cause of solenoid failure and spotting it is easy.
Look for the large terminal posts on the solenoid where the thick red wires connect to the solenoid. Touch the metal shaft of a screwdriver to both of the large terminals at the same time. If the engine turns over and starts, the solenoid is bad and should be replaced.
Abnormally high or abnormally low ambient temperatures to which a solenoid is exposed for an extended time may cause a solenoid to burn out. High Temperature. Coil insulation may be damaged and one layer of wire may short to the next layer. A heat shield or baffle will give some protection against radiated heat.
For newer cars, the solenoid often is integrated with the starter motor and can`t be replaced separately.

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ANSWER : More then likely has faulty coil on one cylinder

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ANSWER : Break it in half, then get with it.

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ANSWER : This link to replacing the drive belt on your mower should help.

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Our john deere 400 is eating the belts for the front pto drive
ANSWER : Flat idler to left of belts is most likely seizing up during use.

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Weak fire out of coil wire – John Deere Pto Clutch For Stx38 And Stx46 Lawn Mowers
ANSWER : This can be due to a dirty flywheel, an improper gap between the flywheel and coil, or a coil that is failing, first check for rust or dirty build up on the flywheel, then check for proper gap, and if neither of those are the issue, replace the coil

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