Replace starter rope on PPB350 Poulan weedeater can’t understand how to remove the clutch houseingthank you but I’m fixed income so this service is above me but you all do a great job keep it up thanks

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Remove the old lawnmower pull cord from the handle, feed through the new cord and tie a simple knot. Make sure the knot is nice and tight. Pull it back through the handle to help tighten the knot.
Electric start (also known as key start or push button start) is a lawnmower feature found on petrol lawnmowers, which allows you to start the engine at the push of a button or the turn of a key instead of pulling a recoil starter rope.

A durable and long-lasting engine starter cord made from industrial quality Dacron Polyester. Designed as a high-end replacement for your lawnmower, snowblower, generator, and any other household appliances or power tools that require a reliable pull rope.

For most common applications, use a cord numbered 5 (5/32-inches), 5½ (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches). Generally, we use cord size 5½ for snow blower and lawn mower starters.
For most common applications, use a cord numbered 5 (5/32-inches), 5½ (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches). Generally, we use cord size 5½ for snow blower and lawn mower starters.
For most common applications, use a cord numbered 5 (5/32-inches), 5½ (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches). Generally, we use cord size 5½ for snow blower and lawn mower starters.
The pull cord mechanism on a lawn mower isn`t complicated, and the reason your cord isn`t catching is that one of the components of the flywheel starter assembly has failed under the stress of regular use. Typically it`s either worn or broken pawls, or a damaged pulley system.
For most common applications, use a cord numbered 5 (5/32-inches), 5½ (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches). Generally, we use cord size 5½ for snow blower and lawn mower starters. Cord sizes come in numbered increments of ½.
#4 (1/8″ Diameter) and #4-1/2 (9/64″ Diameter) rope is used on most chain saws and larger 2-cycle engines. #4-1/2 (9/64″ Diameter), #5 (5/32″ Diameter) and #5-1/2 (11/64″ Diameter) rope is used on most 4-cycle push mower small engines.
Unbreakable and Reliable: diamondcord is the world`s strongest and most durable pull start cord, designed using patented technology that is five times stronger than steel. Say goodbye to broken cords and eliminate downtime and inconvenience.
Nylon Rope

For superior strength and remarkable stretching capabilities, nylon is the rope of choice. Stronger than both manila and polypropylene, nylon commonly finds itself pulling the heaviest loads and bearing the most weight.

String trimmer line comes in a variety of shapes: round, twisted, square, star shaped, and serrated. Rounded line is the most common type available, but it because it lacks a cutting edge, it rips the grass rather than cutting it. Twisted line is a bit better, as the shape has a little more of a cutting edge to it.
What is the Difference? Lawn edgers are designed to cut edges and create boundary lines, whereas a string trimmer is designed to maintain those boundary lines. They make a great team! Both can help your lawn to look sharper.
For most common applications, use a cord numbered 5 (5/32-inches), 5½ (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches). Generally, we use cord size 5½ for snow blower and lawn mower starters.

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I start twice (when I pull starter rope) then the rope won’t go back
can I know what happen
ANSWER : Your starter/recoil unit has malfunctioned. Disassembly/inspection down to the point where you can get the recoil off will be required. Remove the engine cover screws. The recoil unit may be part of the cover or may be under it. You will easily be able to access it. Replacement parts for your mower are readily available.

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My edger tipped over briefly, now the starter cord is hard to pull and it won’t start.
ANSWER : Try removing the spark
plug and squirting some carb cleaner or starting fluid in the
cylinder. Pull the starter cord several times for the piston to drive
out the oil. Clean the plug and replace it. Try to start as normal.
If you have starting fluid squirt a shot in the air cleaner to help
make it easier to start the first time.

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I have a 20″ bar chain saw (51 Air Injection)
ANSWER : The part no. of the spring is 501763101 it comes in a plastic keeper so is very easy to fit, check the web for sellers.

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I have a BRIGGS AND STRATTON QUANTUM XTS 60 push mower and have broken the starting cord. Can you advise how to replace. It would appear that the recoil section of the starter is pop rivetted onto the main section. Do you have to drill the rivets out and replace them after the cord is replaced or is there another way.
ANSWER : NO! Do not drill out the rivets. You need to remove the entire blower cover with 4 bolts (2 up front, 2 in back)I’m going to link you to my two favorite “How-To” videos. Depending on your machine, one of these will show you enough to do it yourself. Once you do one, You’ll be a pro. Just make sure you use enough rope and do not wind the spring too tight or you’ll break it;Video 1: 2: of Luck to you.James

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Replace pull rope? I got the plastic body housing loose but can”t get it off to replace pull rope which broke because the shaft head and clutch won’t come off. Any ideas how to get to the area needed to replace the pull / starter rope ?? thanks !! ( For the craftsman 25 c.c linr trimmer) 🙁
ANSWER : There should be a retaining C Clip that will need to be removed from the shaft look closely!

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How do you replace the starter cord on a poulan chain saw
ANSWER : R² Starter Rope by

If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa and Good Luck. HTH

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Chainsaw starter rope won’t pull
ANSWER : Pull your spark plug to ensure it isn’t a compression issue or even piston/rod damage. If it still doesn’t move, pull off your starter assembly and try to rotate the fly wheel by hand. If it turns, then your issue is in your recoil spring kit. You can replace the unit, or try to disassemble and reassemble.

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Need to replace 9n tractor starter when you turn ignition key the starter just keeps going around.
ANSWER : I suggest that you pull the starter and make sure the bendix unit isn’t stuck on the shaft which may be rusted or dirty and corroded first. If the starter spins then the starter itself is probably okay. Hope this helps you

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