Won’t crank. Removed spark plug, then would. Is this likely fixable? Cost effective?
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So basically it sounds like the wrong plug. When you try pulling the rope, the piston is coming up and hitting the bottom of the spark plug… Make sure it’s the right plug.. what’s the model, I can find what the plug number should be.

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An echocardiogram usually takes 40 to 60 minutes.
Sometimes, a simple restart is all you need to get your Alexa device back online. Just unplug your device or the power adapter from the outlet, wait about 10 seconds, then plug it back in and connect to Wi-Fi. If it works, your problem is solved.
In the Alexa app, delete and re-add the smart device you`re having trouble with. If this doesn`t work, do a hard reset of both your Dot and the device. Then, reconnect and relaunch. In cases where your Echo Dot won`t perform specific smart skills, try deleting the skill and then re-adding.
Causes of Common Alexa and Echo Problems

Power or internet outage. Improper grouping of devices. Local Wi-Fi issues. Voice-recognition glitches.

Thankfully, they rarely die but there are a variety of reasons why your Amazon Echo might stop working. For example, if your device fails to connect to the internet or experiences a drop-off, then it might not respond to your voice, leaving you confused.
Monitoring Existing Heart Conditions:

You may require regular echocardiograms every 6 to 12 months or more frequently if the situation warrants closer monitoring.

The smart home integration potential, meanwhile, is identical – anything you can do on an older Echo Dot will still work on the newer spherical model, and the reverse is true too.
You can clean your Echo smart speakers, like the Echo Dot (fourth-gen), and smart displays, like the Echo Show 5 (second-gen), by dampening a soft cloth with water and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Wring out the rag before cleaning (it should not be dripping), then carefully wipe down the device completely.
Overloading a socket can cause it to overheat and may result in a fire. Your Amazon Echo Dot may get warm during normal use. To reduce the effect of the warming, place your Amazon Echo Dot on a heat resistant surface. Your Amazon Echo Dot remote requires batteries for use.
Press and hold the Mute and Volume Down buttons for about 15 seconds until the Amazon logo appears.
Its possible for anything to fail, and eventually those speakers will fail. However, as long as your aren`t playing them so loud that they are distorting/clipping, you probably wont wear them out within the lifetime of the device.
If your Echo speaker is showing a red ring light then it`s likely your microphone has been turned off. You can simply turn the microphone back on using the top of the device or factory reset the speaker to get back to the original factory settings.
Echoes may be heard more than once due to successive or multiple reflections. The sensation of any sound remains in our ear for about 0.1 s, which means that to hear a clear echo, the reflected sound must be at least 0.1 seconds after the original sound.
The sensation of sound persists in our ear for about 0.1 seconds. To hear a distinct echo, the time interval between the original and reflected sound must be greater than or equal to 0.1 seconds.
How Long Does It Take To Get The Results Of An Echocardiogram? A cardiologist will read the results of your echocardiogram within 24 hours of the test. You should expect to get your results from your provider within three days.

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I have a sx-135 bandit. it was working fine then it stopped? i try to pull on rope to start but it froze. i used two cycle generic oil mixed with regular-un. gas does it need oil? or is the engine broken. just remember that i pull and pull and the little teeth inside the casing lock up.

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After 6 0r 8 times of use the cord would not retract

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How to replace pulling rope in lawn mover – Toro Lawn Mower With Toro Power Tools
ANSWER : Go to they have video on how to do what you need. Check it
out awesome website! The cord
you can buy at any local home center. or repair shop.

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A crack in there any way to repair it without having to replace it with a new one
ANSWER : Depends on where it is. If it is near where the inlet is. Like where the air filter mounts, then you might try some JB weld or something similar. If it’s anywhere where the fuel goes, then don’t fight it replace the carb.

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How to repair clutch HS45 Stihl – RTO Weed Eater Hedge Trimmer 20cc, Reconditioned
ANSWER : I’m not familiar with your machine, BUT… most of those centrifugal clutches ARE NOT repairable, and must be replaced when failed.

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Broken pullcord the pull cord on my cub cadet push mowersnaped and broken and we put it back in and know it wont wind back in
ANSWER : Yeah I got the same problem. My pull cord broke in the first season. On my own once the plastic cover is removed, 4 phillips screws, the cord housing is secured by 3 10mm nuts. Remove them and lift out the housing. On my own unit the spring had also slipped out of the mount on the shaft securing the assembly (another 10mm socket nut will loosen that) and I had to resecure that first, then wind it up before making the knot.. I used a Briggs and Stratton cord from another (truly dead) mower and have had no problems since then.

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My mower blades disengage when operating.
ANSWER : Not sure of your question, but if you mean, they start when you flip the switch and then disengage but the switch stays up.. you need to check two things. (1) The out put of your alternator, read the battery with a volt meter before you start it, then start up the engine and read the voltage again should be a higher reading with the engine running. 12.4 vdc with the engine off – 13.7 vdc with it running. (just an example). Next will be your seat switch.There is a switch under the seat if you are not sitting in the seat the blades should turn off. so the switch could be out of its socket, or broken.

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Bent blade spool
ANSWER : You may need a puller

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