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Hydrostatic snow blowers allow the operator to change the drive speed of their snow blower by simply moving a lever forward or backward – while the unit is still moving. This is very different from friction-drive models that require stopping before shifting to another speed.
Change The Oil

Check your manual for the details but it is generally recommended about once a year.

If the friction disc is worn or damaged, the snowblower moves slowly or erratically. Replace a worn out or broken snowblower friction disc with a manufacturer-approved snowblower part. This repair procedure works for Craftsman, MTD, Troybilt, Noma, Murray, Ariens, Husqvarna and Snapper snowblowers.

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Snowblower starts, but always almost stalls, then finally stalls,
ANSWER : Gas fliter or clean the bowl on the carb and drain oll of the gas

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The transmission on my ariens automatic 19 hp stopped working, what can i do to fix it?
ANSWER : Is it possible to add gear oil to the gearbox? Mine was leaking for a while and now has stopped….I worry its got NO oil!

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I have an ariens deluxe 28 cleaned out carb and starts great but when choke is turned off it wants to choke
what can be the problem?
ANSWER : Your float could be not adjusted properly or sticking on.

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How do i adjust the carburetor for the idle
ANSWER : Some have a small screw on the carb next to the throttle plate

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How to take the cover off the engine – Ariens Zoom 34" (Stamped Deck) Zero Turn Lawn Mower NonPowered Bagger
ANSWER : Start with upper covers and work your way down

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Toro 826oxe – when the snow shoot is pointed to the left-it slowly rotates to the right. Can the shoot be tighten?
ANSWER : You may have sheared the shear pin under the fly wheel

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Will not through snow more than 3 feet
ANSWER : Never knew any that would have to do it in stages when it’s too deep .

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I have a 1984 ariens snowblower with a Tecumseh and no spark
ANSWER : Electronic Ignition was introduced on many engines about that time frame. I would need to have model and type numbers from the engine to fully determine that question. However, have spark is still the issue. If the unit has a switch installed on the operator’s console, it should be disconnected at the engine so that any safety switches are not masking or causing a problem that is not engine related.

Let’s investigate a few basics first.

a) How have you determined that there is no spark?
b) Have you used a type of spark tester? c) What is the condition of the plug. Brown or dark brown is OK. Black or silver is NOT Ok.
*If you do not have a spark tester,
a) remove the plug, and with it connected to the wire, b) find a portion of metal around the cylinder that you can ground it on, and then pull the rope. c) If the plug is black, you may see spark, but you should replace the plug.*** PLEASE NOTE ; if there is excess fuel in the cylinder or on spark plug, it can catch fire, so be carefull to cover the hole with a heavy rag so that any fuel cannot be exposed to spark plug durning test !!!!

Get back with me on how this issue works out.thanks, rwvanlue

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