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Had to rebuild my honda GC160 5hp engine which I did because the part on the rod that splatters the oil broke off and the area around the bolts split apart. So I replaced the rod and the rings and honed the cylinder. I did not replace the piston nor did I not lap the valves. I only got it to start once and then it never started again. So I took it apart to lap the valves and found out that the piston had scored the cylinder again and the first to rings are stuck in place but the large ring expanded out like it should. Why did this happen? I made sure to oil everything really good. I even soak

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Kings Sprayers has manufactured our P5 and P15 sprayer models for the past 40 years using the Honda GC160 Series engine. Honda has informed us they are discontinuing the model.
On/off switch: GX has a direct on/off switch allowing fuel to be drained from carburetor. The GC`s on/off is designed into the throttle control (can`t drain the fuel from the carb but you have a simpler operation with one step removed). OHC/OHV: All GX engines seen on power washers are pushrod overhead valve (OHV).
2,700 PSI – 2.3 GPM Honda GC160 Pressure Washer is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 8.
Honda GC160 160cc Horizontal Engine, 3/4″ x 2-7/16″ Crankshaft (Q Type)
Due to the chip shortage, Honda had to cut vehicle production in 2021. However, all of its North American manufacturing plants were back to normal production by April 2021. Most of Honda`s truck and SUV models saw recent sales records even with these production setbacks.
Honda CEO touts EVs, but combustion engines could last until 2040.
It Can Harm The Unit

A pressure washer requires water to cool and lubricate the pump, which is the part responsible for pushing water from the supply hose to the nozzle. Without water to cool and lubricate it, the pump will work harder than it should, causing it to wear down quickly.

Honda GC Engines provide an ideal source of reliable, lightweight power for a variety of consumer products including pressure washers, pumps, compressors and portable generators.
What`s the Difference between the GC160 and GC190? Both engines are identical aside from the GC190`s longer stroke and higher weight.
Gas Engine Motor for HondaGX160, 160CC 4-Stroke 6.5HP Go Kart Garden Tiller Cultivator Air Cooling Single Cylinder OHV Gasoline Petrol Engine Motor Replacement (6.5HP 160CC, Red)
Honda GC160 5 hp Residential Horizontal Engine.
2,000 to 3,000 PSI

The most common range for commercial pressure washers. Good for cleaning concrete surfaces with light to moderate oil stains, most automotive cleaning, pools, many industrial applications.

Honda GC160 5 hp Residential Horizontal Engine.
Power Output: 4.8 HP – 5.5 HP @ 3600 RPM.

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My Honda 2600 psi power washer will not pull to start. It was running great then I allowed the neighbor to borrow it. He ran the washer till it was out of gas and proceeded to refuel and at this point it would no longer start. The pull cord is out about 4-6 inches out and I am concerned about taking the casing off myself.

Fearing that it may throw more off on the unit. If i take the casing off are there any spring loaded parts that will dismount?

What should I do? Spark Plug? Turn wrenches?

Please let me know

ANSWER : You should be fine to take the recoil off, there shouldn’t be anything that shoots out at you. You might want to check the oil level on the engine, many of the Honda engines won’t start unless there is enough oil in them. If your oil level is fine, check to make sure that your motor is getting spark.

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Honda 5hp engine wont run
ANSWER : Check oil level. it has a low level shut off switch ?? May be it

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What type of oil is needed for a Honda GC160 Power Washer? Honda 2500 PSI x 2.3 GPM.
ANSWER : The type of oil recommended for that engine is SAE 10W-30 and the capacity is 0.61 quarts. This and more can be referenced at the website at the end of this solution. I was able to find the owners manual of your particular engine. http://www.northerntool.com/downloads/manuals/60594.pdf?cm_re=Product%20Page-_-Manual-_-Side

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Runs fine gc160 wont give me any pressure. i took the pump apart and cleaned it then put it all back together the pressure was intermediate but now nothing at all
ANSWER : If you give us a bit more information we may be able to assist!is it a pressure washer you are trying to get running.the number you give is the model number of the honda engine. 5.5 hp honda domestic use.what does the pump look like. etc

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Low pressure Will not keep pressure
ANSWER : Faulty pump. check each valve for obstruction or fault

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Honda gc 190 starts then floods and stops. Wont start again till plug is taken out and dried then repeats same thing
ANSWER : Float level or a sticking needle valve, check float level as if it is adjusted incorrectly it can cause the main jet to allow fuel to flood through, the needle valve can do the same.

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<!– from fixya rte –>Electrical diagram for Honda GX390 – Honda Gx390 Motor Inside Cover
ANSWER : Check out the manual here http://cdn.powerequipment.honda.com/engines/pdf/manuals/37Z5F602.pdf

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My 13.0 honda gx390 motor has no spark and will not start
ANSWER : Try disconnecting the black wire which runs across under the fuel tank you should have spark.

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