Bilt Tb20cs 2 Cycle 31cc Gas String Trimmer 17″ Cs

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Pull off the recoil housing and see if the motor turns fully with out it if ok pull the rope off the engine does it pull all the way out

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When your trimmer starts and runs on choke, it could be because the check valve in the gas cap is clogged. Start the trimmer and gently unscrew the gas cap halfway off. Turn the choke off and assess. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit.
You need to leave about six inches of string hanging from the spool when you are done adding your new string. You should use a heavy-duty pair of scissors to snip the string.
If your clipper blades are still pulling the hair, you will need to replace your blades or alternatively have them sharpened.
The new Troy-Bilt® 4-cycle string trimmer was engineered from the ground up to be easy to start and maintain. And, you still don`t have to mix oil and gas with our 4-stroke engine technology.
With fewer moving parts, 2-stroke string trimmers are dependable tools. They weigh little and vibrate less than 4-stroke trimmers, which reduces operator fatigue and makes for a better trimming experience. They also require less maintenance.
The most common reason for the cord refusing to rewind is a broken or worn out recoil spring. This tiny spring hooks onto the pulley and is stretched out when you pull the cord; when you let go the spring is meant to snap back to its original position.
The most common method is to push in, twist and pull off the spool. If your trimmer head differs, follow the manufacturer`s instructions to remove the old head. The head is attached to the trimmer with a retaining nut or bolt. Ratchet it free and pull it off (some nuts and bolts will be reverse-threaded).

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Troy built 27cc string trimmer Model TB21 EC. What is the gas oil mix ratio?
ANSWER : The TB21 is a 2 cycle trimmer, not a 4 cycle. Gas mixture ratio is 40:1Be careful not to over add oil and or run it on straight gas the sparkplug will foul with too much oil, and overheat and seize the piston in the cylinder onstraight gas.

Pull string comes out 1/2 to 3/4 of the way and stops…doesnt crank the engine. What needs to be done?
ANSWER : Pull off the recoil housing and see if the motor turns fully with out it if ok pull the rope off the engine does it pull all the way out

What causes a 2 stroke engine to have too much compression and therefore difficult to pull the recoil starter?
ANSWER : Nothing will do this…what is most likely the problem is either the recoil is going bad or you have the wrong spark plug installed.


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also have Mantis tiller for 2 years. From the very beginning I had
a problems. I was referred by Mantis to the repair store and was charged $90.00
for oil drainage. The second time I was waiting for handle replacement for ~ 1
month. This tiller can’t handle even little jobs and the warranty doesn’t worth
a dime. Maybe I will be more successful using it in my living room . I have an
equipment with Briggs and
Stratton engines and I never had a problem.

To me Mantis mean big advertisement and waste of money.

I have a firefighting pump with a honda engine it
ANSWER : Above the startercord there are 2 handles.
top one is grey is choke , bottom is black, is fuel tap.
first open fuel tap
put on choke, start, after 5 or 10 seconds put choke off.
if its not starting on choke, gets no fuel.
under fueltap is chamber with 10 mil bolt.
open and clean.
also drain or take off floaterchamber of carb.
this is the round cup under the carb.
good luck.

I have MTD Yard machine and don’t know if it is 2 or 4 cycle. Oil should be-SAE30. Can I use oil for 4-cycle which they soid me i Can. Tire.(M otomaster)
ANSWER : If your mower has seperate fill caps for the oil and the gasoline, then you have a 4 cycle or 4 stroke engine. In this case use SAE HD30 motor oil. If there is only 1 fill cap and it says oil & fuel mix, then you have a 2 cycle or 2 stroke engine.
Good luck

Pull Cord Will Only Pull Out 3-4 Inches Then Sticks
ANSWER : Take it apart as you did before. Look for whatever it is binding. Did you rewind the rope so there is a good amount of tension? If you didn’t, then do that . Good luck, Lee

Pull cord is difficult to pull after third pull becomes stuck but will turn if pull hard repeats every three to four pulls.
ANSWER : No response to clarification request.