22″ Yard Machine Push Mower

I have a Yard Machines 4hp 22in push mower (model#11A-084B3521670902) and when i wen to start it the pull rope snapped. I have read a few threads on similar problems but none specific to this mower. I removed the plastic housing only to find metal housing, I removed this only to find more metal housing and I still cant get to the wheel the rope is on. I stopped at this point because it seems if I go any farther I am taking the whole mower apart and I am not sure if this is what needs to be done. if anyone has any input it would be gladly appreciated thanks.
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There should be 3 -3/8 or 7/16″ bolts on the side of mower (where the spark plug is, there should be one) the other two will be just opposit of the two. Remove bolts and housing should be free.You might to remove any cables to free up any slack.

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The problem may be in the recoil starter itself. A tangled coil of rope or a broken spring may be the problem. In many cases the recoil starter is easily replaced as a single assembly. DO NOT attempt do take the starter apart.
Firing too soon – When the timing is off, it means the plug is firing outside its narrow window of operation. It`s firing too soon and that causes the piston to reverse, causing the crank to turn counterclockwise and snap the pull cord from your hand as it does so, Ouch!
Recoil start

When the rope`s grip is pulled, the rope uncoils, tensions the spring, engages the clutch and turns the crankshaft, spinning it to crank or start the engine before the end of the pull stroke. The running of the engine then disengages the clutch.


A durable and long-lasting engine starter cord made from industrial quality Dacron Polyester. Designed as a high-end replacement for your lawnmower, snowblower, generator, and any other household appliances or power tools that require a reliable pull rope.

For most common applications, use a cord numbered 5 (5/32-inches), 5½ (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches). Generally, we use cord size 5½ for snow blower and lawn mower starters.
Unless your mower is already fitted with an electric starter, then the only way to start a gas lawnmower without the pull cord is to turn the crankshaft using a powerful electric drill and a suitably sized socket.
To make pulling the cord easier, shift the lawnmower height up to start the machine, then lower it back down to your desired grass height to begin cutting.

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22″ Yard Machine Push Mower: how long should i make my pull cord when i replace…
ANSWER : Long enough that when you pull it you don’t hit feel it come to the end of the rope. Short enough that it winds all the way up. When I replace these things I use a little more than an arms length. 3 foot or so. I wind the spring till it is tight then slide a screw driver through the top to hold the wheel so I can thread the cord and knot it. Then I let it wind itself up until it stops and then add handle and pull just enough tension on it to tie the knot in the handle and make sure it pulls the handle snug to the housing.

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My engine runs about 5 mins. and then just cuts off????
ANSWER : Dirty vent hole on carb rebuild it

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I have a yard machine 5.1 push mower. I can’t find my manual and it is low on oil. What type of oil does it take??
ANSWER : Most mowers take a 30 weight oil. that’s the 30 sae

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MTD Yard Machine CD000147 6HP 21 inch ..The problem is “Cannot pull the starter string for start. The string or engine stuck to pull the starter. We didn’t use it for the whole winter.
ANSWER : The operator presence bail must be in the run position to release the flywheel brake. If you can’t pull the rope with the bail in the run position, your rope is fouled. You will have to remove the shroud and take it to a repair shop.

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When i pull the rope it backlashes half way through the pull
ANSWER : Hi, You have most likely sheared the flywheel key which puts the timing out. Remove the flywheel and replace the key. Regards Phil.

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I hit a rock and bent the blade on a yard machine. Replaced the blade and tried to start the mower, but the start rope doesn’t come out all the way and recoils hard as I’m trying to pull it out.
ANSWER : I did the same exact thing over the weekend, try adjusting your new blade unscrew the main bolt to the blade about 1/2 turn that should get it spinning again, same exact thing happened to me. Good Luck

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Why is my spark plug black after five minutes of use
ANSWER : Too much gas
not enough air
check air cleaner

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My “blade bolt “un screws itself &falls off when I try starting it.
ANSWER : You can try a lock washer and nut

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