158cc Push Lawn Mower #11a 034f200

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Make sure cable sheath is securely mounted at both ends and sheath is not moving, just the cable.

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Blade obstruction occurs when something is blocking or stopping the blade from moving and makes your pull cord hard to pull. This issue commonly occurs when there is small debris lodged between the blade and the mower deck or when you are starting your lawn mower in the yard.
The reasons why mower is not moving forward or reverse is that the battery is dead, or due to clogged fuel line. Additionally, malfunctioning transmission, or a broken drive belt, also a faulty spark plug, even when friction wheel isn`t in contact with the friction plate, or damaged Tires.
There are two very common causes for a lawn mower pull cord not catching. These include: Broken or Worn Pawls, or a. Damaged Pulley.
Unless your mower is already fitted with an electric starter, then the only way to start a gas lawnmower without the pull cord is to turn the crankshaft using a powerful electric drill and a suitably sized socket.
Firing too soon – When the timing is off, it means the plug is firing outside its narrow window of operation. It`s firing too soon and that causes the piston to reverse, causing the crank to turn counterclockwise and snap the pull cord from your hand as it does so, Ouch!
To make pulling the cord easier, shift the lawnmower height up to start the machine, then lower it back down to your desired grass height to begin cutting.

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My chainsaw starts when there is no bar and chain on it but when I put the bar chain and side casing back on tighten the chain and pull the starter cord it is hard to pull and then the chain goes loose again
ANSWER : Have you just replaced the chain?If so there is a possibility the chain and drive sprocket don’t match causing the engaging spurs to ride on the sprocket teeth

Pull cord is difficult to pull after third pull becomes stuck but will turn if pull hard repeats every three to four pulls.
ANSWER : No response to clarification request.

Hard to pull starter rope. It doesn’t pull smoothly. hard to pull.
ANSWER : Take the spark plug out–does it pull smoothly now? If not, the pull cord may be the wrong size or it is damaged and/or doesn’t rewind correctly. Does the machine have a compression release? If so, it may be plugged with carbon. With the spark plug out, pull the engine through several times briskly with the throttle open and the choke off to expel any excess fuel from the crankcase. Hope some of this helps!

I pulled the weed eater to start it and the pull cord stayed out and won’t return back it was working fine early about ten minutes before this happened need help with fixing can work on this myself if i can find out what’s going on “need help in St.Catharines”.
ANSWER : You need a new rewind spring most likely it comes as a part with the reel.

I have a toro self propelled 6 hp lawnmower battery and pull start it wont start with battery but will with pull cord
ANSWER : Try to start it using jumper cables to boost it from another battery. If it starts, your battery needs replacing.

Chain saw won’t start – pull starter pulley hard to pull?
ANSWER : If it worked fine the last time you used it, then pull the spark plug and try pulling the rope. See if it’s easier or if gas shoots out of the plug hole. I’ve seen this happen when the diaphram in the carb goes bad from sitting over winter. It loads up the cylider with fuel and makes it very difficult to pull the rope. If there is no fuel in the cyliner and it’s still hard to pull, make sure there is nothing binding the clutch/sprocket. I’ve had chucks of wook lodged in there that caused it to bind the crank output, which resulted in a hard pull on the rope as well.

Starter cord pulled out of the housing, it
ANSWER : If it’s new take it back should have a one year warrenty on it if yo can’t get it done for free get back to me so I can help you you may have a damaged windind head.

When i pull the starter cord it pulls back really hard
ANSWER : Pull off the spark plug and spray wd40 wait 15 min to 30 min and then pull without spark plug in then put the spark plug back in and then try it