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Belt slipping, or the blade brakes are not coming off?

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If the PTO clutch is not getting power, if the clutch solenoid is defective, or if the clutch is worn out, the lawn mower blades will not engage. The PTO clutch is not repairable—if the clutch is defective, you must replace it.
If your John Deere won`t crank and all you hear are clicking sounds when you turn the key, you likely have a bad battery or a bad connection somewhere between the battery and the starter. Double check that the alternator and battery connections are clean and tight.
Check the Battery

The battery is the next stop when investigating a slow cranking mower. A weak battery cannot sustain enough charge to spin the starter mower and turn the mower`s crankshaft. Mower batteries last around four years, so one that is older may be ready for replacement.

The Spark Plugs

The engine`s spark plugs get worn down and damaged over time due to use. A faulty spark plug can cause hard starts, low fuel consumption, and reduced performance. Spark plugs can be one of the first things you check when your tractor performance is off.

If your battery doesn`t have enough power, it can keep your tractor from starting. Check if it needs to be recharged or replaced. You can tell if the battery needs to be recharged below 12.6 volts. If it`s above 12.6 volts, but the tractor still won`t start, it might be time for a new battery.
Powershift PTO engagement problems could be from blocked hoses or fittings, bad connections or ground or the solenoid. Mechanical PTO engagement problems could originate from low air pressure, improper cable installation or back lash too tight.

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John deere 240 brand new electric clutch. went I throw the swtich it clicks but doesn’t engage….
ANSWER : Adjust the clearance between the plates,9/16 wrench and turn the three nuts on the clutch one at a time about 1/4 turn each,retry the clutch,repeat until it works normally.

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When you replace the pto clutch (717-04080), does it have a tight fit with a bracket or does it have a little play.
ANSWER : There shouldn’t be any play in it. This should fit snug unless you have rubber bushings on the bracket mount to help compensate the torque of the belt engaging.

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My Johndeere 2510 pto will engage. But you have to apply pressure to keep the pto turning is there a pto clutch adjuster and how do you adust it.
ANSWER : Its actually the clutch not disengaging enough for pto to engage or the teath are worn down on pto shaft

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The tines on a honda f220 always spin and don’t change speed when clutch is engaged but speed up when throttle is increased. Adjusted cable with no luck.
ANSWER : I believe that unit utilizes a centrifical clutch. try decreasing the idle speed and see if the tines stop. They should then engage as throttle is increased.

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Took my 1715 in to have the drive belt replaced, and when I got it back and went to mow, the electric PTO engaged, but the blades turned slowly, and bogged down in tall grass.

After engaging and disengaging the clutch and raising and lowering the deck in an attempt to get a feel for the problem, I noticed and smelled belt smoke, so I turned her off and looked underneath and saw a lot of slack in the deck belt. The deck belt was not correctly behind the idler pulley. At this point the PTO switch would not disengage, preventing the mower from even starting, but she would at least crank.

I took it back and showed the mechanic, who lowered the deck, put the belt around the pulley correctly, adjusted the three clutch bolts, then I attempted to start and she wouldn’t even turn over. He claims the clutch bearings may be frozen, all I know is it was fine before I took it to him.

It was very discouraging because when I took it to him, the clutch was fine, only thing wrong was the drive belt.


1. It seems as if the mechanic forgot to run the deck belt around the idler pulley – would the resulting slack in the deck belt damage the clutch in any way? If so, how? Is there reason to believe that the minor adjustment he made would cause the mower to not crank?

Any comments or help you could give would be much appreciated, it seems very strange.


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Cub cadet lt 1050 electric pto want engage??????????
ANSWER : Make shure pig tail is hooked right

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I replaced an electric PTO Clutch, easy swap. Now the blades won’t engage or it won’t start at the switch. I can start it at the solenoid. Can anyone help? Thanks
ANSWER : Have you checked your ground wire? it’s simple switch power one side ground the other ck both side, also you might hv a bad switch if the wires ck out good luck

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When I engage the PTO, the blades don’t egage.
ANSWER : The first thing we need to to do is verify that there is adequate /(power 12 vdc) going to the electric clutch, you can do this by unplugging the clutch and check both wires 1 should have 12 volts and the other wire shoud read infinity to ground if this checks out replace the clutch, if you dont have 12vdc to the wire replace the relay

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