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Integrated pest management is a balanced, tactical approach in managing diseases, insects, weeds, and other pests utilizing a wide range of pest control strategies or tactics. It involves acting to anticipate pest outbreaks and to prevent potential damage to crops in the greenhouse.
Integrated disease management

IPM is an ecosystem- based strategy that focuses on long term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, and modification of cultural practices and use of resistant varieties.

Greenhouse diseases require 3 ingredients – a pathogen, a host, and the right environment. This is a simple formula, which can have devastating results for growers. Common and deadly greenhouse diseases such as botrytis (gray mold), powdery mildew, and downy mildew are known to ruin crops, as well profitability.
Reduces the potential for air and ground water contamination. Protects the non-target species through reduced impact of plant disease management activities. Reduces the need for pesticides and fungicides by using several management methods. Reduces or eliminates issues related to pesticide residue.
There are many things you can do to minimize the risk of diseases in the greenhouse, which includes: Sanitizing tools, shelves, stands, pots, and mediums between usage. Monitoring humidity and temperature to discourage disease-friendly zones. Providing proper ventilation and increasing air circulation.

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Tomato leaves turning yellow and shriveling Why
ANSWER : Too much water

Planted salad greens 2 weeks ago, new leaves very pale, with dark spots, some have brown edges
ANSWER : Not enough sun and too much water does this

My plants leaves are curling up – Zilla Guzmania Bromeliad Plant
ANSWER : Look up what kind of plant you have and the care it needs, may be u might have the plant in direct light, over watering.? or under waterin?/ too cold? or too warm?

My cherry tomatoes are up.. do I need to thin them to one plant per pod?
ANSWER : If they are the indeterminant sort, one plant is just the thing. If they are determinant, then you may have room for additional plants ,as they will not keep adding to their mass. Happy gardening:)
Farmerbear at

When can I plant grass after using Roundup?
ANSWER : You can plant or replant as soon as the weeds you sprayed are dead. Roundup is deactivated upon contact with the soil, it only affects the plant material sprayed.

How long after the weeds are sprayed can I plant vegetables.
ANSWER : Hi,You can plant immediately…Roundup is taken in through the leaves… if the plants are not up yet the roundup will not affect them.heatman101

Danger of roundup applications around tree and bush plantings
ANSWER : Hi , I would be very carefull around good plants. Roundup will kill almost any plant, including aquatic plants, so you want to be sure to avoid spray drift onto other plants or into water.

What happens if I have just sprayed all the weeds with round up and its going to rain? Will it hurt my other plants
ANSWER : Depends on how much rain… if its not much rain you may need to water them off