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Turn on the choke. push the prime ball 6-7x then start by pulling.
once it starts let it warm up 20 seconds and close the choke.

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Nothing leads to a garden dying quicker than not enough water. Plants need water to help them process nutrients in the soil and to grow and produce fruit. If your garden isn`t getting enough water, the plants will slowly begin to shut down.
One of the most common causes of plant death is water. More specifically: too much or too little water. You might be surprised to learn it`s sometimes hard to tell the difference.
To revive the plant, you can soak it in water and then adopt a predictable watering schedule that uses the same amount of water each time. Remove dead leaves: Improper care may cause most leaves on the plant to die, and it`s usually best to remove leaves that have become entirely brown.
If there is no green anywhere in the stems, roots can still be checked. Carefully dig the plant from the soil and look for roots that are light, supple, and have little to no scent. Dead roots will either be mushy and smelly or dry and brittle.
What does root rot look like? Remove your plant from its pot and examine its roots. If they look dark brown and mushy rather than firm and white or tan as they should be, your plant probably is suffering from root rot.
Signs of Overwatering

When a plant is first becoming overwatered, leaves turn yellow. If soil doesn`t have a chance to dry out before you water again, leaves start to wilt. When overwatering is the problem, wilted leaves are soft and limp. (If too little water is the issue, wilted leaves are dry and crispy.)

Stop Watering the Plant

But stopping your watering is always the first step. If you`re overwatering, you`ll likely notice that the soil is wet, so you want to make sure that soil is bone dry before you`re ready to break out the watering can again.

Coffee contains a lot of nitrogen, which not only kills off weeds and bacteria but can also help certain types of plants (a.k.a those that prefer more acidic soil) flourish. Plus, your daily cuppa also contains significant amounts of magnesium and potassium, both of which are key factors in plant growth and health.
In conclusion, be patient with your plant patient. It will take a while to nurse your houseplant back to health. While you may notice signs of recovery within a couple weeks, it`s perfectly normal for plants to take a month or more to begin putting out new growth.
Watering plants with milk can add some benefits in the form of calcium and trace amounts of nitrogen hailing from the protein content in the milk. While this is something that can`t replace fresh water, you can add this to your monthly care routine in small amounts.
Anything that inhibits roots from absorbing enough water — or supplying it to the plant fast enough — can lead to unsightly brown tips. This includes providing the plant with too much water, too little water or too much fertilizer.
Generally, the whiter the roots, the healthier the plant will be. As plants grow older the roots can turn darker in color but the same principle applies. Roots that appear brown, black, soft or rotted indicate an unhealthy plant. A rotting, foul odor may also be present.
There are many reasons for sudden plant death, including gopher damage, microscopic nematodes that attack plant roots, too much fertilizer and so on. In the vast majority of cases, the cause is as simple as too much or too little water.
The humidity may be too low or the soil may be too dry. Are the leaves wilting? Wilting can signal overwatering or underwatering. If possible, take the plant out of the pot and check the roots for signs of rot, slime or excessive dryness.
Brown tips or margins often indicate drought in spring or summer. Young growth is particularly susceptible. It may also indicate establishment failure. This is particularly common where dry weather follows spring planting, prior to new roots developing into the surrounding soil.

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I have a Pouan Pro. I can start it but then when I give it gas it seems to have no power. It doesn’t die, just gets no power. Occasionally it revs.
ANSWER : It may well be running too rich because the air filter is blocked, remove the filter and just try the revs again free running, if ok, clean/replace the filter.

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Starts, runs, and dies…starts, runs and dies…starts, runs, an
ANSWER : Sounds like a common fuel problem you need to remove carb & fuel tank and unless you can get a compressor they need a good blast out you may even take carb apart & check diaghram they have very small jets in fact most lawnmower shops have a sonic bath for this

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Starts then dies – Ryobi 30cc 17" String Trimmer Zrry30530 Wcurve Shaft
ANSWER : Have a look at these 2 tips:

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Starts and runs for about 10 seconds then dies
ANSWER : Check the fuel lines for holes or cracks if they are fine then a carb kit may be needed

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Starts runs a couple of minutes then dies – Echo Gas Blower 135 MPH390 CFM Blower PB250
sounds like you have a bad Ignition Coil (Module). This is how they act
when they start going bad. When they get warm, they quit. Some will
last up to 20 minutes before they shut down. You can sometimes find a
used one pretty cheap at a small engine shop.Jim

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Is it easy getting to the carb so I can spray it with a cleaner? it starts and dies out
ANSWER : If it starts and dies the Carb will need to be opened up and cleaned.
On many Toro models, the carb is fairly easy to get to.

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While running blower starts dying down in power going up and bown and cuts off
ANSWER : I wonder if it is starting to seize. Have you been using cheap ethanol gas. Or have you done research online for gas stations that sell real gas? If you don’t use real gas on a 2 stroke engine it will over heat and eventually burn the valve and cause distortion all over. It will eventually seize.

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Toro personal pace mower will not stay started?
ANSWER : If ir starts and runs for only a few seconds it’s a dirty carb/bad gas. Drain the fuel system and use FRESH gas; change out your fuel supply monthly to avoid “phase separation” issues. If it runs for several minutes and then dies it is possibly a sticking valve. Do a compression check cold and after it stalls to confirm. Hope this helps

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