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The John Deere LA130 was produced in 2007 and came equipped with a Hydrostatic drive transmission, 48″ Mower Deck and 21hp Briggs Engine.
The John Deere LT133 was produced from 1998 to 2001. It came equipped with either a gear drive transmission, 38″ Mower Deck and 13hp Kohler Engine.
Locate ID Numbers on Riding Mowers

A lawn tractor usually has the ID tag under the front right wheel. Otherwise, the ID tag can be found by the back left wheel.

The serial number of a John Deere tractor can, however, be used to determine its year. The 10-character year symbol is included in the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) used by John Deere to identify vehicles. The year of manufacture of your tractor is stated in the VIN`s tenth character.
10W-30 Motor Oil.
D130 – 42-in. Mower Deck.
To determine the year of manufacture for a tractor with a six digit number use the following formula. Take the first and the fourth digit, and subtract three to get the year. For example, the serial number of 395602 would be: 36-3 = 1933.
John Deere mowers are among the highest quality lawnmowers on the market. With proper maintenance and repair, a John Deere riding mower will provide approximately 2,000 hours or about fifteen years of service. A John Deere Self Propelled will offer approximately 1000 hours or about ten years of service. What is this?
John Deere Engines are identified by the engine Serial Number Plate. The plate will list the Serial Number, Number of Cylinders, Engine Displacement in Liters or in Cubic Inches, the fuel option, Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged or Turbo Aftercooled (Intercooled).
John Deere recommends you check your oil level before each use and to change your oil once a season. That`s about every 50 hours of lawn tractor use.
Replace after every 500 hours or annually. The extended 500 hour interval is only allowed if using Plus-50™ II oil, JD OEM Oil Filter and diesel fuel with sulfur content less than 15mg/kg (15 ppm). Change Oil and Filter after every 250 hours, if conditions are not met.
You can expect to get anywhere from six to ten years out of your riding mower, or longer with proper care and maintenance. Like most machines, riding lawn mower life varies depending on a number of factors including terrain, maintenance and upkeep, number of hours used, and more.
The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture. The remainder of the serial is a sequential production number, seven digits in length before December 2007 (DM), and eight digits in length after.
A few years later, Deere released its first true row-crop design in 1934 with the Model “A” and its smaller counterpart the “B,” in 1935. These tractors placed the company on a solid foundation within the industry.
Serial number information. John Deere Waterloo Works recently changed from a 13-digit large tractor serial number to a 17-digit serial number.
Figuring out the tire dimensions on your specific lawn mower is a great first step. There are two common sizing systems and your model is likely one or the other. With the two number sizing system: The first number is the tire width in inches. The second number is the rim diameter in inches.
New 302-445 Toothed Blade for John Deere L120 and L130; Requires 3 for 48 in. Deck GX20250.
Digging Depth: 6.03 m (19 ft. 9 in.) Operating Weight: 13 407 kg (29,531 lb.)
As a general rule of thumb, you should change your oil after 50 hours of use or at least once a year. Regular oil changes keep your lawn mower in top condition, ensuring it runs smoothly and lasts for years to come. With proper maintenance, you can keep your lawn looking great without any hassles.
Can you use 5W-30 instead of 10W-30? Absolutely yes for car engines, 5W-30 is usually synthetic and superior to 10W-30. Both have the same viscosity at the operating temperature of an average car engine. 5W has lower viscosity when cool and is considered better for the car engine during engine start.
Based on that usage, a lower-quality line of residential mowers is expected to last 450-500 hours, while a John Deere residential lawn mower will last around 1,000-1,500 hours.
54” Zero Turn Mower

One of the most common mower sizes, you`ll find that 54” mowers come in all of the leading zero turn mower brands. In this lawn mower deck size, these are strong options for homeowners looking to upgrade their backyard mowing — or for landscapers adding another model to their fleet.

The John Deere X300 series lawn tractors have Kawasaki engines, the premium engine over what`s available in the E series. These tractors also have upgraded steering components, improved tread pattern, as well as higher durability front and rear tires. This is really the premium in lawn tractors.
Greeneville, Tennessee, United States: Lawn and garden tractors.

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My john deere z425 start fine but does not move
ANSWER : Check drive pulleys and belts.

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I have arx75 rining mower when i put it in gear it does not move when i raise the rearend up in the air the tire spin what could be wrong with it
ANSWER : Http://

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Mowerdeck will not engage… – John Deere 195HP Hydrostatic 42" Cut Riding Mower
ANSWER : I own a similiar John Deere model (L130, 23HP with a 48″ deck). I would check the electric clutch (called a PTO). To do this check the wires to this clutch and look for something disconnected. These wires (to this PTO clutch) should have twelve volts with the key on and the blades engaged.

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Where is the voltage regulator/rectifier located on a D130 mower?
ANSWER : Its under flywheel

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<!– from fixya rte –>How to injstalla48 inch belt – John Deere Riding Lawn Mower. EZtrak Z425 54 in. 22 HP V-Twin Zero-
ANSWER : This link to replacing the drive belt on your mower should help.

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What type of oil doe it use – John Deere Gx75 Rx75 Srx75 Sx75 130 9hp Starter
ANSWER : 10W-30 Turf Gard

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ANSWER : Your owner’s manual will tell you. If you have one come back and we will find you one.

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What size – Length belt fits L110 – John Deere L100 Series
ANSWER : Model # GX20072 is for a 42 inch deck . It fits a variety of John deere mowers

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