K2.900 M 1500 PSI Pressure Washer with Hose and Spray Wands

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1. Kärcher K2 Compact: Best Kärcher pressure washer on a budget. Kärcher`s smallest, cheapest pressure washer definitely earns its compact title. Less than 40cm high and 22cm wide, it weighs only just over 4kg unfilled, with accessories attached.
K2 Compact Electric Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.602-114.0 | Kärcher.
Compact, reliable and efficient: the Kärcher K 2 Power VPS is perfectly suited to clean small surfaces around the home. With Vario Power Jet Short 360° and pressure adjustment.
The Karcher K2 Universal Home pressure washer is the same specification as the K2 Compact with 110 bar pressure and a 1400-watt air-cooled motor. The extra feature on the K2 Universal Home is its new pressure regulation trigger gun, with symbols that show you the pressure setting for each surface you are cleaning.
Key parts of the Titan and noticeably better quality (and more useful) than the Kärcher and Nilfisk, including a transparent filter for the water supply which makes it easy to spot blockages and a build up of crud which will slow the flow.
Side-by-Side Comparison

The Keychron K2 (Version 2) is a 75% version of the Keychron K4. The K2 that we tested has full RGB backlighting, while the K4 has white backlighting, although you can get it with RGB backlighting as well. The K2 is smaller and lighter, so it`s a better choice for use with mobile devices.

The good : They do clean patios /brickwork etc. The K2 both early version and the new cheaper one will last probably only 50 hours max !
Pressure Washer`s are commonly connected to a running tap via a hose; however they can also draw water from sources such as a rain water tanks & garden bucket with the same performance. So this means you don`t have to miss out on using your Kärcher summer!
Our T300 Surface Cleaner for Kärcher K2-K5 electric pressure washers has a unique dial that allows you to adjust the spray pressure. You can adjust the pressure for more sensitive areas (like wood and composite decks) up to the hardest surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc), and everything between.
It Can Harm The Unit

Without water to cool and lubricate it, the pump will work harder than it should, causing it to wear down quickly. This can happen even with just a few seconds of running the pressure washer without the water being turned on. However, the pump is not the only part that takes damage.

Side-by-Side Comparison

The K3 has better ergonomics because its lower profile makes it comfortable to type on even without a wrist rest. It`s also available in a wider range of switch types, including optical ones. However, the K2 offers better typing quality and feels better-built.

Flow rate: 6 L/min (360 L/h)

Pressure is fundamental for pressure washers.

The K4 offers 130 bar of pressure at its most powerful while the K2 offers 110 bar, both of which are respectable offerings. The K4 is rated as having a maximum flow rate of 420 while the K2 has a flow rate of 360 at its peak.
The Karcher K2 has a maximum pressure of 110 bar, whereas the K3 has a maximum pressure of 120 bar. This means the K3 is around 9% more powerful in terms of pressure compared to the K2. The K2 has a maximum flow rate of 360 L/ hour whereas the K3 has a maximum flow rate of 380 L/ hour.
Overall, we think the Karcher Power Control is the best pressure washer because it`s powerful but also approachable and it performed solidly throughout testing.
The Karcher K2 has a maximum pressure of 110 bar, whereas the K3 has a maximum pressure of 120 bar. This means the K3 is around 9% more powerful in terms of pressure compared to the K2. The K2 has a maximum flow rate of 360 L/ hour whereas the K3 has a maximum flow rate of 380 L/ hour.
Overall: As an entry level pressure washer for use at home in patio cleaning and light cleaning tasks, the K2 is a competent performer. The included patio attachment makes short work of large patio areas quickly and effectively.

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Soap feed The soap feed hose on my Karcher 2650 does not suck up the soap into the washer. I pulled off the connector piece that the hose is connected to. I can blow through the hose. There is a little metal finger thing that you can tell pushes up into place when the water pressure is high. It seems like it is supposed to drop down and allow some soap through when the water is running. I found a loose(attached to nothing) gasket, looks like a little donut. It was just free floating in there. I’m thinking it may go over the finger mechanism. I just put it back on top of the finger, like a halo and put the screw in piece back in. Anyway, if you know, let me know how all that goes together.
ANSWER : I fixed mine works good too, watch my video step by step i put it on youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFXSLOBL0Mg

Manual Is there anywhere to purchase a manual for my Karchar
ANSWER : Go to karcher.com They have downloadable manuals in .pdf format.

User’s manual for a Karcher Model K 5.93 M pressure washer.
ANSWER : Here’s the User Manual..for Model K 5.93M


I have a pressure washer that sputer when i pull the trigger. The moter sounds fine but i have pressure then nothing and i have pressure. Thank you Stu
ANSWER : How do i unclog the end of my pressure sprayer it works on low pressure but when i put it on high pressure nothing comes no water comes out.

Where on earth does the detergent go? – Karcher PSI Electric Pressure Washer
ANSWER : The cover of the detergent tank is at the top of the machine just below the handle.The manual is available here:http://www.karcherresidential.com/support/downloads/pdfs/usermanuals/5963-0170.pdf……see page 8

The motor will only run when i pour gas into the carb
ANSWER : Clean the carburetor

Karcher 2400 Psi Pressure Washer No gain of pressure
ANSWER : Remove the hose from the machine. Check that water is flowing. and there is no corrosion reducing the opening. If that is OK then it is the internal seals and pressure vallve on the pressure unit Cost to have it fixed by Karcher is $200Thanks for using FIXYA

1750 psi Electric Pressure Washer: My pressure washer is losing pressure and is pulsa…
ANSWER : If the pressure washer is pulsating then that is a sign of check valve failure. You may be able to clean of replace the check valves. Replacing the head is the wrong way to go. This is completely unnecessary. If you can tell me the model number of your pressure washer then I can assist you better in pointing you in the right direction.