8.50 Torque Rating Rear Tine Tiller

Our Craftsman Reversing Rear tine Tiller won’t run in reverse auger mode.
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There may be either of the two problem with your device.

1) May be Belt is loose, With the engine Off check the belt is tighten enough when you turn your device into auger mode, I think belt need some adjustment.


2) Shear pin is broken, you need to replace it with new one.

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Tiller: Why won`t my tillers wheels or tines turn? A broken drive belt, bad transmission or problem with the clutch cable can prevent a tiller`s wheels and tines from turning. Check the drive belt and replace it if it`s worn or broken.
One of the most common problems, especially because rototillers often sit unused for months, is stale fuel or a clogged carburetor. If you know you have fresh fuel, you can check for carburetor blockage by spraying a small amount of carb cleaner into the intake and attempting to start the engine.
If the wheels on your tiller move but the tines don`t spin, you may need to replace tine shaft clevis pins or replace the transmission. The tiller`s transmission drives the wheels and the tine shaft, so you`ll likely need to replace the transmission when the wheels spin but the tine shaft doesn`t move.
Powered by a 208cc OHV engine and heavy-duty chain drive transmission, this tiller tackles any job with power and ease. Its four forward rotating 12-In. steel tines are designed to boost the cultivating process providing reliability and premium performance.
Consider this: A typical 5-ft rotary tiller with four tines can be run by a 25-hp tractor and the same 5-ft rotary tiller with six tines would need a 31-hp tractor to operate the tiller at peak performance. A 40-hp requirement jumps to nearly 50 hp with six tines.
A PTO-powered rotary tiller uses a set of curved tines attached to a rotating shaft that is powered by your tractor`s PTO to dig into your garden soil, churning it into a fine, essentially clod-free seedbed. You can adjust the working depth of your tiller by adjusting the skid shoes.
After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.
Tiller: Why does my tiller turn the soil poorly? Worn or damaged tines, broken tine shaft clevis pins, a worn drive belt, a faulty transmission, a problem with the clutch cable, improper depth-stake setting or bad soil conditions can cause a tiller to do a poor job turning the soil.
After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.
On front-tined tillers, the gardener pushes down on the handles, which raises the spinning tines, to get the tiller from one place to another. When it`s in the right place, the front end is lowered and the tines dig in, pulling the machine forward.

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Rear tiller won’t go into gear.belt needs replacing
ANSWER : Find your model number from the list on this link and click to get your manual


I own a 2 cycle mini tiller craftsman and I need a manual for it. I want to tune up tiller it’s blowing smoke.
ANSWER : Manuals for many Craftsman tools are available here: http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/owner_manuals . Lots of tillers are listed just by searching for Craftsman tiller. If you can find the model number (usually on a plaque on the housing of the tiller), you can narrow down the list greatly. I hope this helps. Cindy Wells

Will only run on full choke
ANSWER : You have a plugged jet inside the carb take it apart and clean them all

Will only start and run in choked position, when throttle applied chokes out. If started with out choke and throttle position in low speed will start and run for 10 sec then like it runs out of gas.
ANSWER : I have your solution guaranteed, I fixed mine yesturday remove H L screw plastic caps and on high 11 threads exposed and on the low side 8 threads exposed. removing the plastic caps allows u further adjusting these wear out or move soo just take them things off and you will be rolling

Starts but does not stay running – Craftsman Gas Mini – Tiller/Edger
ANSWER : Sounds like you will need to clean your carburetor.
Sometimes you can get by with priming it a few times, and letting it run a few times like that and it will flush the gunk out of the jets,but most of the time you will need to rebuild the carburetor.If the mower is over a couple years old, then I also recommend that youbuy and install a new carburetor repair kit, because the diaphragm willget hard and that will cause it to be hard to crank.When you clean your carburetor and remove the jet screws, count the number of turns it takes to seat the jets from their original position.That way when you go to put the jets back in, you know how many turnsthey were in/out.Please rate me, ThanksGood Luck, I hope this helped

MDT Tiller starts and runs but tines won’t turn
ANSWER : -Won out drive or driven gears.

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I have a Craftsman 5HP tiller that starts but will not go into gear. The wheels will roll one revolution and then lock-up. What are some possible causes of these symptoms?
ANSWER : That is gears

Tiller wont stay running..
ANSWER : Clean out the small fuel inlet ports behind the diaphragm. Sounds like they are clogged up. Use the end of a paperclip to gently make sure the passages are open. Hope this helps. Good luck.