Polaris Qt Quiet Spa Blower 220v 2 Hp

The blower on our pool spa has just been randomly turning on—because the water level isn’t always adjusted for the spa, it rapidly drains the pool. What could be causing this problem?
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The spa side switch probably has a short and will need to be replaced. If the rubber coated buttons are cracked then moisture has gotten inside and corroded the contacts.

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Spa Blower Overheating

If there is a restriction in the spa air line, such as a broken check valve, or the blower is too powerful for the air line plumbing the blower can overheat and shut off.

Motors producing a loud grinding or screeching noise usually have bad bearings. Bearings go bad over time due to wear, tear, and water intrusion. A loud pump will eventually stop working completely, so order a replacement sooner rather than later to avoid down time.
A blower uses a fan to force air through tubing that runs through your spa and out through your spa jets. It essentially operates like a large hair dryer. Blowers can be connected to air jets which are often installed in the base of seating areas and provide air massage to soft tissue areas (like your backside!)
A furnace cycling on and off repeatedly can be caused by various reasons, from dirty filters and obstructions in ducts and registers to incorrect thermostat settings and faulty limit switches.
Common causes for fans not turning off when they should include faulty thermostats, bad wiring, and stuck relays. These problems are not easy DIY repairs and should be left to an HVAC professional.
Locate the reset button on the furnace and press it to reset the furnace. It is usually located inside the blower compartment on the side of the blower motor. Be cautious as the housing may be hot. If the button is popped up, press it down.
Often, noise from the blower motor is a result of insufficient lubrication. The hum may also result from dirt and debris getting inside the unit and causing damage. Noise from loose equipment is typically the result of age or poor maintenance. Belts, nuts and bolts can loosen over time.
Noise #4: Humming or buzzing

The most common electrical issues that cause a humming or buzzing sound include: A failing blower motor capacitor. An aging or unlubricated blower motor. A faulty transformer.

A hot tub will work perfectly well without a blower, but some people prefer the ambiance they create. Hot tub blowers are standard with many hot tub models, but if yours doesn`t have one and the control panel is blower compatible, it`s possible to add one after the fact.
Test your new spa blower by turning on your hot tub. Allow it to run for a few minutes in order to make sure everything is running smoothly.
In conclusion, the decision to add an air blower or venturi to your hot tub ultimately comes down to personal preference and the features (fixtures) of your hot tub. An air blower can provide a bubbly and relaxing massage experience, while a venturi can create a more intense and targeted massage.
When the fan runs intermittently, it could be one of two problems. First, the motor could be overheating, which causes it to cut out. Alternatively, a loose wire, connection, or a short in the motor windings could be the culprit. Any electrical-related problems should only be addressed by a professional.
Better Indoor Air Quality

Whenever the fan is on, air is going through the furnace filter. Leave it on continuously and you`re likely to see less dust around. It`s also important to have a good filter. The many types of HVAC filters can help reduce allergies, VOCs, as well as bacteria and viruses.

Inadequate air flow within the system. Buildup of dust, dirt, or debris. Electrical problems, including an excessive voltage supply. Motor insulation failing prematurely due to high temperatures.
Most blowers in the parts world are designed for light-duty residential applications and are intended to run a maximum of 15- to 20 minutes at a time. These will not last in a commercial environment with long running times or with heavy bather loads.
Running the heater without enough water in the hot tub, clogs, faulty circulation, and chemical deposits are the most common reasons. To fix the issue, it might be possible to have only the heating element replaced, depending on your heater type.

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Poulan gas blower 30 c back pack blower ran fine stoped will not start no spark
ANSWER : Check switch is bad if not coil bad if not getting spark

I recently tuned up my blower. It starts great but if I turn it off Nd try to restart it it floods and will not start until I let it sit for awhile.
ANSWER : If the engine is warm and you shut it down, leave the choke off, lower the revs and start it. (when the choke is wide open you are using the fresh air coming in to dry the spark plugs and prevent flooding). If the motor is already flooded use that procedure to dry the plugs, then go back to full choke until it tries to start and quits again, then use half choke and pull one more time… works all the time.

Poulan Pro snow thrower PR8P27ES Brand new and unable to pull recoil handle or turn over with electric start. is anyone aware of a safty mechenism.
ANSWER : No known safety- did you assemble anything? if not- return it. if you did asssemble anything- slowly go back thru in reverse and see if you have a bolt in wrong

Why does my blower floor out to kiwk
ANSWER : Adjust need and seat or make sure needld a seat or seated right soundes like not should be no need to adjust needel sounds like put in wrong flip it over metal side go on needle

Where is the coil on a pb255 hand blower – Echo 135 mph 390 CFM Gas Blower PB-250
ANSWER : Flollow the plug wire it will take you too the coil

Starts runs a couple of minutes then dies – Echo Gas Blower 135 MPH390 CFM Blower PB250
sounds like you have a bad Ignition Coil (Module). This is how they act
when they start going bad. When they get warm, they quit. Some will
last up to 20 minutes before they shut down. You can sometimes find a
used one pretty cheap at a small engine shop.Jim

I have a 22″ craftsman snow blower walk behind. i managed to pick up a piece of wood while snow blowing. it sheered two bolts which i replaced. there is still a clunking in every revolution that i can
ANSWER : Look at auger inside behind the pick up screw i bet it got bent from wood piece and is hitting side of housing

plus my son showed me a neet trick to use a timing light attached to plug wire and 12volt battery you turn the advance adj on light point light at suspected bearing or scuff point and you can see it plain as day (engine running of course ) use extreeme caution when doing this !!!!

ANSWER : I’m having the same problem. My suspicion is the carborator requires gas/air mixture adustments. This requires a special carb adjustment tool – called a Long Single D Tool. I will try to have my fixed very soon – 1 week…I’ll try to keep you posted.