3100 PSI 2.8 GPM Gas Pressure Washer 020490

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This All Power gas pressure washer provides 3100 psi and 2.6 Gal. per minute.
Read this material before using this product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury. SAVE THIS MANUAL. Engine Oil Type SAE 10W-30 above 32° F 5W-30 at 32° F or below Capacity 0.5 Quart (0.5 Liter) Run Time @ 50% Load with full tank 3 hr.
E10 can be used in all current Husqvarna equipment, however, we recommend using at least 89-octane E10 gasoline, which is the mid-grade between regular and premium gasoline.
Heavy-duty tasks like stripping paint or removing graffiti require 2,800 psi or higher and a gpm of 3 to 4 (8,400+ ECUs). Commercial-grade pressure washers, intended for regular use and built and powered accordingly, start at 3,100 psi.
PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) refers to the amount of cleaning pressure the machine can produce. GPM (Gallons per Minute) is the amount of water that is coming from the machine.
Only Husqvarna HP or LS+ two stroke oil should be used in Husqvarna products.
The HP two stroke oil is a part synthetic oil with additives that gives a cleaner engine and less coating on the piston/cylinder walls, exhaust port and crankcase.
Husqvarna`s Full Synthetic 10W-30 4-Stroke engine oil is a premium oil blend designed for tough, commercial use.
But as a general guide, a fuel-to-oil ratio of 50:1 is recommended for Husqvarna products up to and including 75cc. That comes out to 2.5 fluid ounces of oil per 1 gallon of gas. In certain heavy-use applications, models above 75cc may be run on a mix of 33:1.
The correct mixing ratio for your Husqvarna is detailed in the warranty handbook. As a general guide, a fuel / oil ratio of 50:1 is recommended in Husqvarna products up to and including 75cc. In certain heavy use applications, models above 75cc may be run on a mix of 33:1.
When changing or adding oil, do not overfill the engine crankcase. Overfilling oil may cause smoking, hard starting, spark plug fouling, and oil saturation of the air filter. Do not run the pressure washer before connecting and turning on the water supply failing to do so will result in damage to the pump.
If you`re still wondering what the best combination is, we recommend starting with something in the 3000 – 3500 PSI/2.0 – 2.5 GPM range. These pressure washers are good for most homeowners, as they tend to work very efficiently and are still affordable.
3200 MAX PSI / 4.5 MAX GPM.

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Operator’s manual for husqvarna 3100 psi 2.8 gpm gas pressure washer 020490her
ANSWER : Http://www.husqvarna.com/us/support/

Where can I print owner’s manual for husqvarna 3100 2.8 gpm gas pressure washer
ANSWER : Probably from their website.

Cannot remove hose from water pump-Husqvarna model 020490 power washer
ANSWER : Use pliers an next time don’t gorilla it on there. The rubber gasket doesn’t need super strength to tighten it enough to do its job

Starter cord want pull on husqvarna model 020524 pressure washer, not even with pressure of water off
ANSWER : Hold the trigger down on the spray gun and then try, the pressure is built up in the pump – the pump can’t turn against the back pressure.

Where is the thermo relief at on a 2700 troy bilt presser washer at
ANSWER : If equipped on the bottom side of pump.

1750 psi Electric Pressure Washer: My pressure washer is losing pressure and is pulsa…
ANSWER : If the pressure washer is pulsating then that is a sign of check valve failure. You may be able to clean of replace the check valves. Replacing the head is the wrong way to go. This is completely unnecessary. If you can tell me the model number of your pressure washer then I can assist you better in pointing you in the right direction.

Pressure washer surges – Generac 2700 PSI 2.3 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Non CA
ANSWER : This could be your unloader valve taking in account the engine isn’t surging. Does the engine run smooth? Do you have at least 50 psi water pressure feeding the pump? Inlet screen clogged? ALL tips act same way or no change?

<!– from fixya rte –>How do I set the pressure? – Dewalt 3800 PSI Pressure Washer
ANSWER : There is an adjust screw on the pump.most pressure are set for the high setting from the factory