17″ 90Torque Rear Tine Tiller

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Hazard: The tiller`s transmission shift rod and clip can come into contact with the control cable during shifting and cause the tiller to unintentionally move forward or backward, posing a risk of bodily injury and/or laceration.
Manufacturer: Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products N.A. Inc., of Charlotte, N.C. Manufactured in United States.
Earthquake 33970 Victory Rear-Tine Tiller

If you`re looking for a tiller that can do it all, Earthquake`s 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller is our pick for the best tiller for power. Its versatile design is ideal for both breaking new ground and maintaining established gardens, yet it still manages to be easy to maneuver.

Product Summary. This Husqvarna Rear Tine Tiller is ideal for homeowners preparing large flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. Its 12in.
The Husqvarna Group (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhʉ̂ːsˌkvɑːɳa ˈɡruːp]) is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products including robotic lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, cultivators, and garden tractors.
NOT MADE IN CHINA | Husqvarna lawn mowers are manufactured in the United States at Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products N.A., Inc.
Chainsaw Husqvarna 543XP Firststart , Husqvarna Zenoah made in Japan.
Merry Tiller | Mackissic – Tillers Made in the USA.
The best power tillers are Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra, Kirloskar Mega T 15 Power tiller, Honda FJ 500.
A rear-tine, gas-powered rototiller can dig 8 to 10 inches deep. A cultivator will dig 4 to 5 inches deep.
Reverse tine tillers are recommended when working with hard, dry soil, as well as, larger plots of land, saving you both time and gas in the long run since you will only need to make one pass.
They are suitable for gardens that are even larger than 7,500 square feet. A rear tine tiller usually has a tilling width between 12 and 24 inches.
When Electrolux acquired Husqvarna in 1978, the outdoor product range comprised mainly chainsaws. In the 1980`s operations expanded strongly through acquisitions. In subsequent years, consistent organic growth gradually gave Husqvarna leading positions in the global market.
Husqvarna`s awd family of robotic mowers and walk-behind mowers offer you the capability to keep your lawn looking good in tough mowing conditions.

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What size and how many blades do I need for my husqvarna 21 hp riding mower with a 46 inch deck?
ANSWER : Well I guess laying down next to it and taking a look under the mower deck is beyond the question. One could ask about how many teeth the horse has or just look in its mouth. However, I am going to guess 3 blades as 2 blade units usually are 42″ cut maximum. Mine is 48″ and has 3 blades.

Correct motor oil for B &S 650 engine on Husqvarna self propelled lawn mower??
ANSWER : Use 10W-30 or for best performance, use synthetic 5W-30


What information can you tell me about a Husqvarna chainsaw model 61 with serial number 6136460. Does it indicate the year?
ANSWER : Most of the CDI modules have been superseded to part no# 544018401check with your local dealer to verify.

We have a husqvarna cth 170 and we cant seem to reverse it… have any ideas on how?
ANSWER : I have a Husqvarna YTH2348 that clicks when i try to start… I had the battery tested and changed the solenoid and still won’t start. How do I check the starter????

Problem with the Husqvarna Lawn Tractor 48″ Deck, 17 Hp, Model# Yth2348
ANSWER : Http://weborder.husqvarna.com/order_static/doc/usa/2009/I09000/I0902011.pdf

How do i tighting a belt on a husqvarna riding mower YTA19K42
ANSWER : Ask you grandson

Husqvarna 240 want start at all – Husqvarna Chain Saw 18" 450 Model 966955438
ANSWER : Sounds like the ignition module or spark plug. The ignition module is what controls the spark plug that gives your saw the firing capabilities. Before you purchase one of those, replace the spark plug and see if that works. The 240 is a newer husqvarna; so I am skeptical to say it is the ignition module. However, any new product can have a bad part on it. Your saw may have gotten flooded and won’t start. Make sure your gas mixture is 50/50 gas to mixing oil. Always use fresh gas. If you make up gas and don’t use a whole gallon at a time, put some fuel stabilizer in the mixture; so it will still be fresh the next time you use it.