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You have my condolences.
Your saw is here, which one?
Chainsaws 32cc-35cc-38cc Anti-Vibe
I chose “22-600035-18” as an example , it follows (more detailed print – may not be your saw):

On this block of saws the oil pump is under the flywheel and there are many hoses. Please use the IPL to identify and locate oiler parts. I hope you find a burst hose. There are oil pump repair kits listed. Unless the pump has an obvious crack or hole I would not attempt to change it until I had exhausted all other possibilities.

This works for older MCs but MTD (this one) saws often deviate from the explanation. It will give you a little guidance if you try to locate a different IPL.

The IPL (exploded parts list) for your saw is the only detail for the oil system is sketchy at best. Oiler components and part numbers are listed but may be on different illustrations. They are also beneficial with disassembly/reassembly:
McCulloch IPLs (all)

I know it is not plugged but this may also be helpful.
Oil System Plugged:

Remove the clutch cover, bar, and chain, clean the bar groove, any holes and passages on the rear of the bar (both sides, consider rotating the bar), if equipped with a sprocket nose ensure it rotates easily at least one complete revolution. Clean the saw oiler hole and channel. Insert a blunted, hooked piece of wire through the oil filler hole and pull the hose in the oil tank out. Pay attention to the screen or filter on the free end (clean or replace, difficult to determine serviceability). Start the saw and see if it oils when revved up (oozes down side of saw). If yes reassemble your saw. If no, continue with 2.
Work your way through the linkage (use IPL to identify components and locations) cleaning and replacing any defective parts as you go. Carefully check the hoses for cracks especially at bends and connections. If equipped with an oil pump it is usually behind the clutch (clutch is a left handed thread). Please make extensive notes & some digital pictures will help during reassembly.
If it does not oil on completion of 1 it is most likely a bad oiler or worm gear (see IPL).

These are very difficult to work on, most saw shops will not attempt a repair. I hope the chainsaw Gods smile on your undertaking. Good Luck. If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa HTH

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What causes a chainsaw to leak oil? As the oil is pumped from the tank through to the guide bar, air begins to replace the space where the oil was previously stored. If there isn`t proper ventilation of the oil tank, a vacuum can occur and reduce the flow of oil to the guide bar.
In all but very exceptional cases there is nothing wrong with the chainsaw and what appears to be an oil leak is simply oil that has sprayed from the chain as it rotates at high speed, draining from the saw body and guide bar.
White smoke indicates that there is condensed water heating inside the chainsaw. Blue smoke indicates that the engine might be flooded.
Timing change themselves cannot cause an oil leak but the timing chain cover can cause an oil leak. In order to replace the timing cover gasket, you will have to remove the serpentine belt and anything that has belt driven.
Symptoms include: over reving, overheating, stalling on acceleration, failure to idle, and worst of all, an engine seizure if the problem is neglected. When an air leak occurs, it often puzzles users and even some saw shop technicians because the symptoms of an air leak are varied.
Generally speaking, the chain should be a little loose on the chain saw guide bar, but not loose enough that the drive links come out of the bar nose. The bar links should feel like they are raising up, but not actually come out of the guide bar.
Naturally, the chain of your chainsaw will need to be oiled well to function perfectly. To make sure that it functions well, grab some WD-40 Multi-Use-Product. WD-40 works great for both – rust prevention and lubrication.
Many people wonder if a flooded chainsaw will fix itself? The answer is yes, but not always. By letting the chainsaw sit for about 20 minutes it will allow some of the fuel inside the engine to evaporate.
Oil can come out of the exhaust of your lawn mower when it is tilted to the extreme, especially when the crankcase is overfilled with oil. A clogged air-filter can cause the oil to spill out of the exhaust vent, so simply replace it if this is the case.

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Automatic oiler has never worked well even when saw was new, chain never gets enough oil. Should I use a lighter grade oil, or what else should I check?
ANSWER : Take the bar off the saw and check that the hole that the oil comes out hasn’t become blocked with saw dust. It sometimes happens also that when you are filling the saw with oil, shavings and saw dust can get into the tank and this can block the pipes connecting the tank to the hole that the oil comes out. Although it isn’t really recommended, I have used waste engine oil regularly for oiling the saw. This works ok as long as there aren’t any lumps in it.

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My chainsaw leaks oil out of a small hole or drain just below the base of the bar. is there anyway to way to stop this
ANSWER : Are you sure you aren’t talking about the chain oiler system? There is to be a small amount of oil to lubricate the bar and chain.

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I am having a problem with the oiler,getting oil to the bar&chain.
ANSWER : Pump is probably gunked up! pour a dab of oil on it between cuts if you really have a task you need to finish up! then crack the case to the saw open and take a looksee

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What is the proper oil gas mix? – McCulloch 16 Inch Gas Chain Saw MCC1635AK
ANSWER : 40:1 is the correct fuel to oil ratio. Be sure to premix in it’s own can and agitate just before adding to saw. Hope this helps!

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Bar oil leak – McCulloch 16 Inch Gas Chain Saw MCC1635AK
ANSWER : There is a rubber seal on each side of the pump but i have found that the screws that hold the pump to the housing become loose behind the clutch

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Mb 3200 gas leaf blower will start when choke
ANSWER : The carburetor could need rebuilding or you have some bad gas. I would mix up some 2 cycle oil and fresh gas from the station. I would try the new fuel mixture first.Good Day.

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Dont know what type off oil to put in the bar and chain tank on the chainsaw
ANSWER : Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly

All Bar oils are SAE 30W non-detergent oil. Go down to the local auto parts supply and buy the cheapest SAE 30W you can find…. SAE 30W is SAE 30W regardless of what brand is on it and for bar oil it is not an issue.

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

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I can;t get any oil to feed on the bar of my McCulloch MCC4516FK chainsaw
ANSWER : No gasket you need a little bigger gas line to seel the hole.

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