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If your lawnmower is leaking oil it could have a bad crankshaft oil seal. There is an oil seal on both ends of the crankshaft where it passes through the crankcase. The seal is pressed into the engine castings and forms a seal against the crankshaft. As the crankshaft rotates it will wear the seal.
If you notice a leak in the hydraulic system on your tractor during a safety inspection you should seal it immediately. The easiest permanent solution is to add BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak to the hydraulic fluid reservoir. BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is specially formulated to be used with any hydraulic fluid.
SOAP is often the best answer, especially for oil tanks, jam solid soap into the crack, best applied like you would grate cheese, push the soap across the crack forcing soap to block the gap and stop the leak.
There can be several reasons why your drain plug is leaking. Your plug may use a crush washer, a gasket or a combination of these two components to help seal it. If the washer is missing or deformed or if the gasket has dried out or torn, then these may be responsible for the leak.
Leaks can come from around the oil pan, valve covers, intake manifold, or a number of other components that rely on seals to hold the oil inside the engine. A leak could also be caused by a faulty part, or even an oil filter or oil pan plug that is not tightened properly.
The signs of a loose mower deck belt include the mower belt slipping, the belt coming off the pulleys, a stretched belt, excessive vibration of the deck belt, a high pitched noise, rapid signs of wear and tear, and a shiny and glazed belt, among others.
The carburetor oil leakage phenomenon, is caused by the destruction of the balance system.

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Pump oil leak where pump connects to engine
ANSWER : With that few hours, you need to return it as the seal shouldn’t leak. Probably was improper pump assembly, so you should take it back, because it will only get worse and fail. Hope this helps you, Rick

Ms 170 leaks bar chain oil out bottom, no oil on chain
ANSWER : Your clutch drum bearing has gone bad, letting the clutch drum to move around and cut into the oiler behind it, so now it just pumps the oil out that hole. You have to get that fixed to use the saw, otherwise you’re going to cause catastrophic damage to the saw very soon.

My chainsaw leaks oil out of a small hole or drain just below the base of the bar. is there anyway to way to stop this
ANSWER : Are you sure you aren’t talking about the chain oiler system? There is to be a small amount of oil to lubricate the bar and chain.

Poulan 14″ gas leaks bar oil all over, plenty on bar/chain, using thin synthetic oil.
ANSWER : Use actual bar oil sold for that purpose. It’s thicker and won’t run out like water. Synthetic oil is very thin does not have the proper density.

All bar oil leaks from the bottom in a stream while engine is running
ANSWER : Take bar and chain off and clean oiler its not ably to close so to speak

ANSWER : Look for leaks, make sure its clean motor and cooling fins, i would suggest to take it in to a shop, check you oil level too make sure your not dumpimg fuel into your crankcase. your breather valve my be bad to

Pouring out oil.
ANSWER : Where is it pouring out from? Might you be over filling the mower? Is your drain plug tight? the right thread? (meteric vs non-metric?) if the casting is cracked, you are done. The other items are probably correctable.

Bar oil leaks out when not in use – Husqvarna , No.455 Rancher, 20" Gas – Powered Chainsaw
ANSWER : There will always be an amount of bar oil leakage when the saw is not in use, this is due to leakage through the tank breather, and oil caught up in areas of the saw which drain when the saw is stood, if there is not enough saw dust to dry the oil up ( this can happen useing long bars, but only cutting small logs ), if the oil leakage is not excessive i would suggest this is normal. The oiling is a constent loss system, so is not sealed as well as a car sump for example.