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There is a vacuum diaphragm inside the saw that draws the bar oil out of the resevouir and onto the bar, if there is any leak at all in that vacuum system, it will not draw any oil to the bar. Also, the oil outlet at the bar may be plugged with saw dust, check that first.

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Oiling garden tools is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps prevent rust from forming on the metal parts of the tools. Rust can cause damage to the tool and reduce its effectiveness. Secondly, oiling can help keep the tool sharp, which is important for making clean cuts on plants.
Using a clean rag, apply lubricating oil to both the wooden handle and the metal blade. Rub the oil into the surface then wipe off any excess. The oil will help prevent rust and condition the wood to keep it from absorbing water and prevent cracking.
With the nut tightened, check the tool; if it cuts cleanly, it doesn`t need sharpening. If it still cuts poorly, look down each blade to make sure it`s not bent. If a blade is slightly bent, loosen the pivot nut and separate the blades.
Should I Oil Garden Shears? It`s a good idea to lubricate your garden shears so that they never get stuck or difficult to use. It prevents rust on the metal and also prevents wood from cracking. You can use linseed oil, tung oil, or cooking oil.
Cleaning alone is not enough for the long life of garden tools, it`s important you lubricate them to keep them safe from environmental factors that cause their wear and tear and corrosion. The best product to lubricate garden tools is WD-40® Multi-Use-Product.
Soak in a water and vinegar solution, scrub with steel wool to remove grime and rust, then soak in a bleach and water solution to sanitize. Wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth, leave to air dry for at least 30 minutes, then treat with plant-based oils. Reassemble the garden tools, and they are ready for storage.
Clean Garden Tools

Coating your garden tools with a thin layer of olive oil will help stave off rust and make dirt slide off of them more easily. You can also use olive oil to condition the wooden handles to keep them from cracking and splitting.

Gardeners have been using linseed oil for many, many years to protect their tools from the elements and at Garden Tool Co., we oil every tool that does not have a finish on it already, before it ships.

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What kind of oil in the oil tank and how much for the remington electric pole saw ?
ANSWER : Bar & chain oil is the best. You can use regular or synthetic. Some say you can use atf (auto transmission fluid) or sae30 oil. I use bar & chain oil.

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What type of oil do I use for pole saw? – Remington Polesaw Wizard
ANSWER : Use bar and chain oil (bar oil is SAE 30 with an addative to make stick to the bar and chain) available at home centers and hardwares. Excerpt from a Remington OM follows:
1. Remove oil cap.
2. Fill oil tank with SAE #30 motor oil.
Note: For temperatures below 30°F, use SAE #10 oil.
For temperatures above 75°F, use SAE #40 oil.
3. Replace oil cap at once. Tighten oil cap firmly for good seal. This will avoid oil seepage from tank.
4. Wipe off excess oil.
Note: It is normal for oil to seep when saw is not in use. Empty oil tank after each use to prevent seepage.”

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ANSWER : Bar oil–home centers, Walmart, saw dealers.

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What type of oil do I use?
ANSWER : Just a plain non detergent S.A.E. 30 should be fine. Or you could buy bar oil for chainsaws.

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Lost my manual what type of oil and what capacity
ANSWER : Any chain saw oil from your stockist…saw oil is saw oil.remington made many saws.

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What type of oil do I use for a Remington Electric Pole Saw?
ANSWER : While Bar Chain oil will probably work, the owners manual (sitting in front of me) on page 9 says to “use SAE #30 motor oil”. This is the owners manual for Models: M12510US, M15012US, M15014US, M15014AS, M30016US, M30016AS, M30016AW, M35016UW, M35016AW. Remington Electric Chain Saw

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Oil leaks out of the remington electric pole saw. The saw is stored/seated upright and I can’t see the problem
ANSWER : Remove the bar and chain, then clean the entire area. Look for leakage at either the small port where the bar fits, or from the motor case itself. Make sure the oil tank vent is open so that pressure doesn’t build up from heat. If the leakage is from the case, then look for a crack in the oil tank, or a defective oil line from the tank to the oil pump. Clean the drive end of the bar oil-channels that go out from the large holes to the chain groove on each side. Clean the entire chain groove. It also may be easier to just dump the oil out of the tank after each use if the chain seems to oiling properly. Hope this helps!

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Is 10-30w car oil ??? Okay to use as the Oil on the Chainsaw Bar of a Remington Pole Saw Model 106890-02?
ANSWER : Car engine oil has not got a non fling addative so will just spray off the end of the bar and not lubricate the chain where it does most of its cutting, on the underside of the bar.

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