My neighbors always let their tree grow so big and nearly to my gutters cut them down and put on their property. life on the gold coast, do i have the right to do that. kind regards jutta
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Any part of the tree that comes over to your side over the fence can be chopped by you from your side of the property. But I don’t think you can put cut branches on the neighbour’s property without their permission. Best thing is to have a nice conversation over a few beers and sort it out.

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You can trim branches or roots that cross into your property from a neighbour`s property or a public road. You can only trim up to the property boundary. If you do more than this, your neighbour could take you to court for damaging their property.
You have the right to cut back any branches, leaves, or roots that cross your property boundary line at your own cost. This is known as the `right of abatement`. If you rent your home, contact your property manager if you have an issue with a neighbour`s tree.
Hedges, trees, flowers. All these can be planted on property lines as long as an agreement is reached between the property owners about care, costs, and maintenance.
Your neighbour owns and is responsible for maintaining it, including any branches that hang over onto your property. If part of a tree trunk or part of any visible roots are growing across the property line, then it`s a boundary tree. Both you and your neighbour jointly own it and are responsible for maintaining it.
If excessive weeds or rubbish in a neighbour`s garden are causing problems on your property, it can amount to a nuisance which you can report to the Environmental Health Department of your local council who can pursue legal action.
Right to privacy

The good news is, you don`t necessarily have to put up with it – you do have a right to your privacy. If all else fails, your local authority should be able to help. The same goes for security cameras – they should only film within the confines of your garden or public space.

Overhanging branches

Property owners are responsible for branches that overhang a neighbour`s fence or roots that grow onto neighbouring property. If these cause damage or affect the neighbour`s enjoyment of their property, the neighbour can take the property owner to court.

So, if a tree sits on a property line, it`s considered common property and you are both owners. For this reason, you cannot legally plant a tree on the property line without permission from your neighbor. It`s best to plant trees 3 – 4 feet from all property lines to leave room for future growth.
Along with choosing a type of tree that is appropriate for growing next to a fence, you`ll also need to make sure your environment can support a tree. The soil next to your fence needs to be well-drained to avoid rot and root fungus, and the area should get plenty of sun so the tree can grow well.
You should plant privacy trees far enough apart so that they can reach maturity without any issues. Spacing mainly involves the trees` crown width. It is best to prevent crowding your trees` root systems. You can achieve this by measuring your trees` center 12 inches to 24 inches apart when planting.
In general, you can trim back overhanging branches to the property line. You must prune to arboriculture industry standards. You must not damage the tree, kill it, or make it hazardous. Hire an International Society of Arboriculture Certified arborist to ensure correct pruning of the tree.
Any encroaching roots or branches on solely owned trees cannot be trimmed without first asking the owner to do so. Without the permission of the owner to prune the tree, any applicant must apply to the court for an injunction, requesting the work to take place.
Your rights. Your rights when it comes to neighbours` gardens are governed by a number of laws. An unkempt or slightly overgrown garden isn`t enough to enable you to take action unless it`s contravening the law.
The use of recording equipment, such as CCTV or smart door bells, to capture video or sound recordings outside the user`s property boundary is not a breach of data protection law. People should try to point their CCTV cameras away from their neighbours` homes and gardens, shared spaces or public streets.
UK law recognises a right to privacy. The right to privacy is a right of any individual against intrusion, or invasion of his own personal life or affairs, as well as the life of their family.
If you are unsure who owns a boundary fence you can look at any copies of title deeds you have in your possession, or ask the Land Registry for Office Copies and a Title Plan. This plan will show the boundaries to your land as officially registered at the Land Registry.
You may need to make a `works to trees` application if they`re protected by a `tree preservation order` (TPO) or you live in a conservation area. Work can include trimming, topping, uprooting or lopping branches.
Trees hanging over the roof or too close to a structure might need to be removed – or at least regularly pruned. In general, large trees should be at least 20 feet away from a house or building.
Electric Utility Companies Trim and Remove Trees Near High Voltage Power Lines for Public Safety, Fire Prevention, and Electric Reliability. To prevent injury to people climbing or working in or around trees adjacent to power lines.
Legal height of hedges between properties or neighbours

A hedge is defined as a group of two or more trees so as to form a hedge, and rise to a height of at least 2.5 metres. The Tree Act applies to any privately owned land located in residential, village, township, industrial or business zones.

Trees should be planted at least a distance of 1/2 of their mature canopy width from a home. For example, if a tree`s canopy at maturity is 40 feet wide, it should be planted at least 20 feet from your home.
Build a box to either exclude or enclose the tree on the property line. Discuss this possibility with your neighbor if you wish to accept responsibility for the tree and the new fence bump out will encroach on your neighbor`s property. Run the fence along the property line but allow the trees to interrupt the fence.
In the UK, the norm is that fencing in your back garden should be a maximum height of 2 metres (about 6.5 feet) and the front garden of your property should be 1 metre (3.2 feet).
Roots begin to die, starting the tree on a long slow decline and, eventually, death. Building a raised bed around trees puts them in stress, which depletes their reserves for defensive measures against insect infestations and disease pathogens.

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I have a poulan 42cc pp4218avx chainnsaw manufactured by electrolux . i bought new at lows or home depot at least 2 yrs ago. i cut an apricot tree, an ash tree and a pine tree, 3 in total down. . The oiler stopped oiling and the shearpin on flywheel sheared . also the clutch busted ( 3/8) plus the washer in 3 places busted. nothing i did cutting the trees down was of abnormal. shouldn’t i get more than 3 trees cut out of one chainsaw?\r\nis there a recall for bad part being used in this product?? would appreciate an answer. tom shafer , carlisle. pa.

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How do you use roundup to kill a tree stump? – Roundup "" Weed & Grass Killer
ANSWER : Hello, I am a grower and licensed pesticides applicator (40 yrs exp).
Roundup lost the trade mark years ago,”glyphosphate” which is now marketed (cheaper) under many other names,
Will kill a live tree if sprayed on the leaves! Also will damage young trees if you just get over spray on the trunk while spraying weeds.
Also, kills grass as well as broadleaved plants.
To kill a tree you would need to spray the leaves, then wait at least a month before cutting the tree down. I have successfully killed a few stumps by spraying the live suckers.
Be especially careful of spray drift as the finer the droplets are the more effective the chemical is. Read the label!

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LIne will not hold
ANSWER : This is not a threading problem.
don’t hit anything that is harder than the line you are using, like tree trunk, cement curb,etc…. the trim line is thin, if you want to, you can change the line to a thicker one. that should last little longer.
also, you can take out the line sizer (cutter) from the trimmer cover.

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Why can I pull out brown fronds by my hands on my sago palm’s trunk?
ANSWER : Usually once every year or two, Sago Palms bottom frond will die off in order to produce new ones that shoot out the top. Once they die you can pull them out with your hand because the fibers that attach them are also dead.

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After cutting down a tree, my chain stopped or became jammed and now the chain is loosely hanging. How do I adjust the chain to get it back to working order?
ANSWER : This Remington OM is quite good, If not your saw the procedure is similar.

If it will not rotate freely there may be burrs on the drive links, this will help.

If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa and Good Luck. HTH

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<!– from fixya rte –>How do I prune a peach tree – Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik Tree Pruner 92406935
ANSWER : You first will the proper pruning tools and when you have this then just start pruning, GOOD LUCK it will take patience, just completed the job myself.

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When i try to do a horizontal cut my saw seems to bite in for a start, but then just runs free in the tree not taking a bite or drawing the saw in, this has also happened with 45% cuts, is this my own doing? have i obtained a bad habbit im not noticing! i have tried to tilt the angle to see if its my position thats causing it not to bite into the wood, but this doesnt seem to solve the problem. the bar is about 2 years old and seems to be even, as does my chain, i even tried a new chain but no change. i would be gratefull for any feed back.
ANSWER : Sawing with a chainsaw is mostly 2 part, a sharp chain and good technique.If your bar is straight, your chain is razor sharp and the oil reservoir full then it boils down to technique. You cannot run a chainsaw through horizontally on a big tree, what will happen is half the time the tree’s weight will begin to collapse upon the bar and pinch it in the tree and you will not be able to saw any further.You will notice that when felling a tree the vertical cuts are always problem free because gravity pulls the off-cut away from the saw. With horizontal cuts fire your blade in at an angle, and in cut in the direction the tree (or whatever) is likly to fall. As you cut rock your blade to help it bite into the wood and resist jamming. If your chain jams do not keep on the gas for you will burn out the clutch.For an awkard cut instead of feeding it right through cut towards the middle to create a notch, then cut from the other side, the weight of the tree will fall on the cut portion leaving your blade free to slice through.Just think logically and make sure that the blade can feed through without getting pinched, this is well represented if you get a log and support both sides then cut vertically in the centre; it will get pinched imeediatly. Now cut from the underside and it will fly right through.This is difficult to describe but plan your cuts and test it out.Cheers,Kevin

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What can cause no new growth on my 2 year old potted ******* and the leaves though looking healthy are falling. ?HELP??
ANSWER : It may need more room for its roots / a bigger pot with fresh potting soil for additional nutrients.

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