19″ Electric Lawnhog Mulching Mower with Rear Bag

Don’t know what color wires go to which terminals for ignition switch for black and decker mm600 electric lawn mower
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I am holding the switch part (INDAK 681064) with the black pushbutton switch to the right.The two wires on the top are Red then White. The two wires on the bottom are both black.

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Within the electric start system there is a small rechargeable battery. For electric start to work the battery must have charge. When the electric start button is pressed, or a key is turned, the battery drives a small electric motor to turn over and start the engine. Just like starting a car.
The starter system is an electrical circuit that is useful for starting or starting the vehicle engine. This system can convert electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy. Furthermore, this mechanical energy will be used to rotate the engine so that the vehicle engine can run.
The circuit breaker may have tripped.

Then check around the blade and clear any debris that may be blocking it. Reattach the spark plug boot and reinsert key. Wait 30 seconds so the breaker can self-reset, then try restarting.

If the engine will not crank, you likely have a problem with… Discharged / defective battery or faulty electrical connections. To address these issues, check the battery and charging system for problems. Faulty parts: potentially the safety interlocks, starter motor switch (open circuit) or solenoid.
A grass catcher is attached onto the back of a mower and is part of a collection system, it is used to collect grass clippings instead of leaving them laying on the lawn. Collection systems can be used on riding mowers and zero turns while grass bags are attached to the back of walk behind mowers.
The battery wire is a thick wire that connects the ignition switch to the positive terminal of the vehicle`s battery. This wire is usually red and provides a constant supply of power from the battery to the ignition switch.
Your ignition switch is typically located right behind the key cylinder (where you insert your key). This may be in the steering column or in the dash. You will need to remove any covers or dash panels to access the switch.
This lawn mower is equipped with a self-charging electric start system that charges the battery while the engine is running. If the electric starter does not start the engine, the battery may need to be recharged.
Stand behind the lawn mower. Use one hand to hold the engine stop lever in the operating position. Use the other hand to hold the recoil starter handle. Slowly pull the recoil starter handle until resistance is felt, then pull quickly to start the push mower engine.
The circuit breaker may have tripped.

Then check around the blade and clear any debris that may be blocking it. Reattach the spark plug boot and reinsert key. Wait 30 seconds so the breaker can self-reset, then try restarting.

Considering lawn mowers tend to sit for months during the wintertime, it`s normal to expect a lawn mower battery to last three or four years.

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Hey i just rewired my ignition switch because the connector from the wire harness to the key switch was melted i rewired everything the way it was before but now the switch doesnt make the starter spin it only clicks took the starter and tested it and it was fine i can touch the 2 bolts on the cylanoid with a screwdriver and it will turn the motor once or twice but the swtch doesnt make it do nuttin but click what could be wrong the fuse is good really need help
ANSWER : You were in the right area, it is a bad solenoid.

John deere 4010 wiring schematic,diesel engine 24volt starter 12 volt charging systems
need to rewire the starter ,voltage regulator,series/parralell switch
ANSWER : Call me, or email me there are so many options, I would like to know exactly what you need. Solutions are simple, I have worked on AC and DC vurrent all my life and even have some designs on youtube, and have taught seminars for Delco, Leece-Neville/Prestolite, and designs for A/P and Twin Roter. [email protected]

I have had an electrical problem with this mower since ive had it. I have just changed the solenoid and switch and have looked at the wiring and switches all day and still nothing im getting power to the switch and to the solenoid but nothing happens when you turn the key no clicking or nothing power is not transferring to starter side of solenoid I can jump it off with a wire from the ignition to starter or from crossing poles of solenoid I went and bought another solenoid and that is not it, model is a1991 18.5hp briggs with 42 inch deck do ineed to replace wiring harness or how can i check that
ANSWER : Soliniod should have two small terminals one should get power when turn key to start position the other runs through ground curcuit which runs through break and pto switch most tractors wont start with out break switch working properly i would start with that first the i would go to pto switch. hope this helps

Husqvarna LT2042 Working on a Husq.LT2042. won’t start. Replaced battery. Solenoid clicks, engages starter but won’t start. How do I know if starter and or solenoid needs replacing.
ANSWER : The soneloid switch sends power to starter . check power on red wire on starter when key on full .if no power must be soneloid switch problem even though it clicks

Need to replace 9n tractor starter when you turn ignition key the starter just keeps going around.
ANSWER : I suggest that you pull the starter and make sure the bendix unit isn’t stuck on the shaft which may be rusted or dirty and corroded first. If the starter spins then the starter itself is probably okay. Hope this helps you

I need a wiring schematics for 17.5 42
ANSWER : Hello,, To get parts or manual for your craftsmsn,sears,kenmore product,type in sears parts direct.com in yahoo or google search box and click,when screen comes up click sears parts direct in bold letters, when screen comes up enter the model number in box,click type of search you want,than click GO,your parts list or diagram will come up than find the part you want and order.hope this helps, ~~

How do I remove starter from 14 H.P. B&S vertical shaft engine?
ANSWER : Normally it hooks up to the engine at the top side where the flywheel is located..at the top you will find two small bolts..and at the bottom one or two wires..just disconnect the battery cables so no sparks or shorts when removing from the starter..then disconnect the starter wires set aside and then remove the two bolts..it should drop right out…note.. In some cases you may need to remove the engine shroud on the top to get at the bolts…not a hard job..if more the one wire…mark them or draw a diagram as where they were attached..good luck

I need the wiring diagram for the solenoid/1999 16hp hydronamic Simplicity
ANSWER : The two big terminals are one fom the battery and the other to the starter.
The two smaller ones one comes from the ignition switch and the other might just be a ground.
Test becareful is hook the battery and starter wires up; take a wire and stick one on the battery terminal and tap each of the smaller terminals; when you get a click that will and should fire the stater; make sure it is out of gear or it will start. remember that terminal and hook the ignition key to it. check the other smaller terminal is or isn’t a ground one.