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All directions (left, right) are as if you are holding the chainsaw at the handle, facing tip.There are two lines going into the tank. Top line has the fuel sock on it. This line goes to the right side of the carb.Left side of carb goes to the bottom (long tip) tip of the primer bubble. Top side of the primer bubble (short tip) goes to other line that returns to the tank.The primer button sucks fuel through the carb (in the sock, up the line, into the right side of the carb, out the left side of the carb). You can check it’s function by depressing it and placing your finger over a tip. Whichever tip holds vacuum is the one that should connect to the left side of the carb. Both lines in the tank should go to the bottom of the tank.

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Clean the spark plug. Check that the electrode gap is 0.020 inch (0.5 mm). The bar should be turned daily for more even wear.
A typical fuel system

A single fuel pipe runs from the tank, under the floor of the car to a mechanical pump on the engine. The pump delivers fuel to the carburettor. Whenever you check fuel pipes, disconnect the battery to prevent stray sparks igniting petrol or petrol vapour.

The (clear) fuel intake line runs from the top of the carburetor (straight nipple) and goes to the short post on the back of the primer bulb. The return line (blue) comes from the long post on the back of the primer bulb and goes into the bottom of the fuel tank.
The primary thing that sets gas fittings apart from other types of fittings is their thread. They are reverse threaded so that gas cannot accidentally be connected to air, water, or vent lines.
Most vehicles have rubber fuel hoses connecting the fuel pipes on the chassis to the fuel pump or carburetor on the engine. Rubber hoses are flexible and can be cut to length as required, but they have a tendency to perish over time and can rub through if not properly secured.
Fuel Pumps & Lines

Located in the fuel tank, your fuel pump moves gas from the gasoline tank to the engine. The pump creates the pressure needed to move gas from the fuel lines to the engine. While your car is running, the fuel pump is in constant motion moving fuel until your vehicle starts to run low on gas.

Importance of the Spark Plug Gap

The gap is the distance between the center and side electrodes, set so arcing occurs at the proper voltage that ignites the fuel and generates the combustion that makes the engine run.

Many of today`s chainsaws will come with felling marks. Similar to the sight on a gun, these lines will help the operator align the cut with the direction the tree will be felled.

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Need to locate chain & bar oiler adjustment screw for mac 3200 chain saw
ANSWER : Look to the lower left side of the bar (as you hold the saw normally)–there should be a screw head in the engine case there. Check the adjustment by holding the bar tip at speed near a piece of cardboard for a couple of moments–it should throw off a thin line of oil. Hope this helps!

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Want to purchase bolt to adjust the chain on my
mac 3200 Chainsaw
ANSWER : You local Mower Shop should be able to help you, he can order one for you

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I need to know which oil type goes into the oil chamber for the chain on a mac 3200 gas chainsaw, not the mixture…thanks
ANSWER : There really is no exact type of oil that goes into the chain and bar oiler. Each manufacturer usually makes their own, but any chain and bar oil will work. It is a thicker type of oil unlike a motor oil. Just ensure that the bottle says “bar and chain” oil

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Gas tank leak – Husqvarna , No.455 Rancher, 20" Gas – Powered Chainsaw
ANSWER : From weher? between cap?

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Gas line routing – Poulan Wild Thing 2375 18" Gas Chain Saw 2.5 Cuin
ANSWER : Try going to a local hardware store and ask them about gas routing for chainsaws. If that doesnt work then I suggest to send the chainsaw back and have them replace it.

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I need a diagram of how to route the throttle line on my Poulan 225 Pro chainsaw. Where can I get one?

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Do I need gas and oil mix – Poulan Super 250a Chainsaw Plate
ANSWER : I think Poulan uses a 40:1 ratio to one gallon of gas, however I have always used 50:1 the same as my sthl saws with no issue. I would rather have more oil mix that to little.

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I need to replace to fuel lines on a Craftman 32cc trimmer. The old ones cracked apart. 2 of the lines look like 1/8″ OD one line looks like 3/32″ OD. Larger line looks like it hooks to filter, Smaller line to a fitting in the gas tank. I am assuming the smaller line ges to the primer inlet. My question is the lines penetrate the bottom of the gas tank. How do they seal. How do I install the filter and the fitting. I am assuming to thread the new lines in from the bottom of the tank and pull through the gas cap hole. Then I attach filter or fitting and pull back through. So do I pull the line so as to create a seal from the swell caused by the fitting/filter?
ANSWER : Depending on the brand of line you use, Tygon line is self sealing but seems to shrink faster then factory supplied because of the ethanol in the gas. The stone gas filter is designed to fall to the lowest part of the tank, not stop the line from falling out.

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