I need to see how the belt is put on, I need see how they go around the tension pulleys,
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You need to post more info on what we are working on. Like model number and the brand name of the tractor. But a rule of thumb when putting on the belts is to put the inside of belt (V) into the pulleys and the outside of belt (flat side) up against the tension idlers. When you get the V’s in the pulleys you just have to use trial and error to get it on the tension idlers (when you don’t have your manual). It shouldn’t be to hard to figure out. When you have it on properly the belt will be snug. Just make sure you do not have the PTO engaged.

Good luck and let me know if this helps.


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However, while all engines are interchangeable, it doesn`t follow that all mower decks are interchangeable. While mower engine manufacturers agree on standard engine mounting specs, no such agreement is in place for any other mower component.
Determine Mower Deck Size

For homeowners with one and a half to three acres to mow, a mower with a cutting deck between 42” to 48” is a good size. Over three acres, you`ll want something larger. Before buying a 72” mower for lawns greater than three acres, consider your terrain.

So, fitting any engine to a different deck is simple. While all engines are changeable, not all mower decks are. The easiest swap is to find a replacement mower deck that matches your old deck or to find a perfect used mower (with a deck of the same type) with a blown engine and change over your good motor.
Are John Deere Mower Decks Interchangeable? Simply put, yes. However, it`s important to check the dimensions and specifications of each mower deck to be sure it aligns with your current mower.
Most builders suggest that your deck should be no larger than 20 percent of the house`s* square footage. This is so that the deck does not overwhelm a home visually. This, of course, is up to you. If you feel you need a larger deck that takes up more of your yard space, feel free!
Riding mowers are best suited for yards measuring one acre or larger. A model with a 42-inch cutting deck is great for mowing up to two acres, so if you have more land than that, you`ll want to spring for a 46, 54, 60, or 72-inch cutting deck.
54” Zero Turn Mower

One of the most common mower sizes, you`ll find that 54” mowers come in all of the leading zero turn mower brands. In this lawn mower deck size, these are strong options for homeowners looking to upgrade their backyard mowing — or for landscapers adding another model to their fleet.

The fabricated mower deck is typically built from heavier plate steel and is a welded mower deck. The stamped mower deck is typically lighter and the mower deck shell is formed by large molds and presses.

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Mower belt diagram – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : You can get a belt diagram from

just follow the leads, and have your model number handy, you will need it.

you can also get this from

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Craftsman 42 inch belt diagram
ANSWER : Look on deck or under foot pedal there is usually a diagram in those places

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ROUTING OF BELT – Mtd Drive Belt 42"
ANSWER : Diagram is on the mowing deckBest regardsCk

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ANSWER : MTD says there are 2 different applications. I hope this one is yours, if not, by using it as a reference; maybe you will be able to do yours. Good luck.

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Need diagram of deck belt installation – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : May I get the make and model # to get you the right belt diagram

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Diagram to install mower deck belt – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : Need a diagram of how to replace the deck belt.

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I need a belt diagram to reinstall my belt. – Craftsman 21 Hp 42" Deck, Ys 4500 Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : You can search it online and print them for free at

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I need the belt diagram for a 42″ craftsman 20.5 hydro tractor
ANSWER : Do a model search on This is the website for Sears equipment. Just reminder you will need the model number from under the seat to help you find the right model.

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