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There was two ignition coils used on the MS250C series. Which do you have?
MS 250 C-B, MS 250 C-B Z, MS 250 C-BE, MS 250 C-BE Z ?

Also these parts are only available through Stihl dealers.

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If you notice that your car is misfiring or stalling, it could be an indicator of a bad ignition coil. Other symptoms include rough idle, misfire during acceleration, and hard start. This part may stop working correctly if a vehicle has bad spark plugs or plug wires, or if there is an overload with the voltage.
While coils can be repaired, refurbished and replaced, this must be compared to the cost of providing a new unit.
Coils fail for a variety of reasons including heat, vibration, or issues on the secondary side of the ignition system. Coils are commonly found bolted to the cylinder head, either on top or inside of a cylinder specific well.
What kills ignition coils is location; being mounted in one of the hottest, most vibration prone and dirtiest parts of the engine. Modern ignition coils are typically located between two camshafts on the valve cover and exposed to dirt and oil.
Ignition coil C is coil number 3 ā€” located on engine cylinder #3. Note: A generic DTC indicates the same issue for any vehicle that utilizes an OBD-II system, but specific repair steps may depend on the make and model of the vehicle.
How Long Do Ignition Coils Last? Ignition coils generally last 80,000 to 100,000 miles. However, as with most vehicle components, certain conditions like the ones below may cause them to fail sooner.
Blue Streak – What`s Inside An Ignition Coil.

Less expensive ignition coils use resins that are less resistant to vibration, heat and endless heat cycles under the hood. Taking a risk on a cheap ignition coil from an unknown source can put an engine at risk.

A malfunctioning ignition coil will cause your vehicle to misfire when you accelerate. In extreme cases, a misfire could cause your vehicle to shut down while you are driving. The misfire is a result of one of the cylinders fires incorrectly or not at all.
A dirty carburetor, bad gasoline and low-quality two-stroke oil that creates deposits all contribute to chainsaw starting problems.
For part of your car repair and maintenance, you can use WD-40 to remove carbon residue, and keep moisture away from spark plugs and spark plug wires. ā€œWDā€ stands for Water Displacement. So if your spark plugs are wet or you need to drive moisture away from ignition distributors, WD-40 can help!
The ignition coil on car is supposed to last around 100,000 miles or more. You will have reduced gas mileage when coil begins to go bad and becomes less able to transfer power. Your car requires more fuel to run, this means you will spend more money on gas than normal.
How Long Do Ignition Coils Last? Ignition coils generally last 80,000 to 100,000 miles. However, as with most vehicle components, certain conditions like the ones below may cause them to fail sooner.
It`s important to remember that many times when a coil fails, it becomes weak. It still produces spark, and may still run the vehicle fine at times, but often under load, or acceleration, it can produce a misfire. Other times, the coil completely fails and stops working altogether.

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Need to replace gasline as the original failed on a sthyl 250 chainsaw
ANSWER : Try fin it here->link.

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I have Remington REM55PV heater. It starts just fine but when I take finger off ignition button, heater won’t stay running.

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My chainsaw has no spark, I have checked the spark plug and it works on another unit, i guess it may be the ignition, ho0wever as it is a small coil I have no way of checking. can the coil be simply tested, otherwise can one be purcahsed.
ANSWER : Yes the coil can be tested. you would need to know the proper specs but with a multimeter you should be able to get a resistance value from your plug wire to ground. With my experience 10000 – 30000 ohms should allow it to run. If this is no help one common thing is your kill switch. A wire should run from the coil to the switch, if this wire is shorted to ground it will not run.

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Test ignition coil honda gx25
ANSWER : Okay. You have eliminated the plug. Now disconnect the coil kill wire and try for spark again. Also check grounding between the coil laminates and the cylinder with you ohm meter should read zero.

If grounding okay and with the kill wire disconnected you still get no sparks then replace the coil pack as it probably a failed internal trigger which can not tested for.

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I am in the need of the attachmnent for the

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Directions for the installation of the bar & chain
ANSWER : Husqvarna Genuine Parts – Reliable Spare Parts for Homeowners

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Need repair parts list – Craftsman 125 Lb. Broadcast Spreader

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Was told to replace carburator and gas tank on ryobi string trimmer, which no doubt
it needs. where can U buy these?
ANSWER : Well if anyone is going to have that parts then its gonna be Ryobi the best solution I have to this is to contact them directly and even order the parts from their website

The above link is to the ryobi outdoor parts replacement store.

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