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Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster

30-06 rifles of the semi-auto variety.

The Remington Model 742, also known as the Woodsmaster, is a semi-automatic rifle that was produced by Remington Arms from 1960 until 1980.
The model 750 is the latest in Remington`s evolution of the modern semiauto hunting rifle.
The Remington Model 700 is a series of bolt-action centerfire rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962.
The 30-06 is a cavernous case that can hold 68 gr of propellant, while the 30-30 has about 30% less case capacity at 45 gr. This means that the 30-06 will be able to fire heavier bullets at a higher muzzle velocity than the 30-30.
Remington 700 ADL 30-06 Centerfire Rifle | Academy.
Magazine & Reloading

This rifle holds 5 rounds with the action being loaded from the top.

30-06 Springfield cartridge (pronounced “thirty-aught-six” IPA: [ˈθɝɾi ɔt sɪks]), 7.62×63mm in metric notation, and called the . 30 Gov`t `06 by Winchester, was introduced to the United States Army in 1906 and later standardized; it remained in military use until the late 1970s. The “.
THE MODEL 700® A LEGEND FORGED IN STEEL. 60 YEARS OF UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE. It`s the number one bolt-action of all time, proudly made in the U.S.A. Since 1962, more Model 700s have been sold than any other bolt-action rifle before or since.
Eliphalet Remington II moved his barrel making operation from the forge site down to 200 acres alongside the new Erie Canal. This is the location of the present Remington factory in Ilion, New York.
The R700 (called the Remington 700 in the game files and the official strategy guide) is a bolt-action sniper rifle that appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
CNBC has been reporting since 2010 on allegations that Remington covered up a design defect in its popular Model 700 bolt-action rifle that is said to allow the gun to fire without the trigger being pulled.
30-06 produces more energy and velocity than the . 308 Win., and it`s also more commonly loaded with heavier, harder-hitting bullets. Midway USA, one of the nation`s largest ammunition dealers, offers 36 varieties of . 30-06 cartridges loaded with 180-grain bullets but only 16 options for .
30-06 is probably better and more versatile than it ever was. With a good 150-grain bullet it shoots flat enough for just about any deer hunting you can think of and is just fine for the largest whitetail and mule deer. With a 180-grain bullet it`s awesome for elk, black bear, and moose.
The 30-06 is certainly the more powerful cartridge than the . 30-30 and offers greater range and more efficiency. However, long-range hunting isn`t the same as long-range shooting.
Stocks. The BDL model is a highly glossed walnut wood stock with what is known as a Monte Carlo comb. The ADL model has a synthetic or sometimes laminate stock. The difference between these two as far as weight is concerned is marginal and is not a consideration.
How far can a 30-06 rifle shoot accurately? A 30-06 rifle can typically shoot accurately up to around 500 yards, although some experienced shooters may be able to extend this range.
The Barnes 30-06 SPRG 150gr TTSX is the best 30-06 ammo for accuracy because of the bullet launched from the case. The bullet is accurate for two reasons. The first is that it`s a boat tail bullet. Boat tail bullets are shaped in such a way that it increases the ballistic coefficient because it reduces drag.
30-06 moves 2,800 fps at the muzzle and hits with 1,901 ft. -lbs. of energy at 300 yards and 1,412 ft. -lbs.
The main difference between the 30 06 and the 7.62x54R is in their case design, as the 7.62x54R is a rimmed cartridge while the 30-06 is rimless. Furthermore, the 30-06 cartridge case is slightly longer than its Russian counterpart, meaning the 30-06 will have slightly higher case capacity and can fire heavier bullets.
No matter what happens tomorrow, next year or even a decade from now, the . 30-06 Springfield will be regarded as one of the best centerfire rifle cartridges of all time. Adopted by the U.S. military in 1906, it was originally loaded with a 150-grain bullet, with a muzzle velocity of 2700 fps.
The 308 Winchester has a shorter case length 2.015” while the 30-06 Springfield has a longer case length at 2.494”. The overall length of each cartridge is also quite different, 2.8” vs 3.34” for the 308 and Winchester 30-06 ammo respectively.
300 Winchester delivers about 30.5 foot-pounds of recoil. A same-weight . 30-06 dishes out roughly 22 foot-pounds.
The . 300 Win Mag has over 35% more case capacity than the 30-06, allowing for larger powder charges and higher velocity that lends itself to long-range shooting. As far as pressure, the . 300 Win Mag is capable of handling over 3,000 psi more pressure than the 30-06.

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Where can I get an owners manual for a troybilt bronco tiller? I think the tiller is 5/6 years old
ANSWER : You should ask the people you bought it from, but if you can’t find them you can look around on the ‘net to find other people with the same machine.

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I need an owners manual for a Craftsman EZ steer 9.0 28″ snow blower
ANSWER : Have you tryed as long as you have the model and serial number you should be able to find it.If not let me know

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Need a manual for a scott's model 21505x8a lawn mower
ANSWER : You should type that into google, with a space and then “.pdf” You should see some results you can click on to download the PDF owners manual

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Murray owners manual
ANSWER : You mean the spindle assy ???

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How do I get an owners manual for my snowblower Craftsman EZ steer 9.0 28″
ANSWER : Go to the Sears Parts Direct website and enter your model number where it says to. Here’s the link.

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I need a owners manual for a pressure wahser GCV 160 from honda
ANSWER : MiTM will have that. See Honda makes the motor but not the pressure washer. Honda does have manuals if you need one for that GCV160 motor.

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I need an owner’s manual for Mantis mini tiller
ANSWER : Try You should be able to find the manual for download or request one from Mantis.

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Need owner's manual for Mtd yard machine? – Mtd Troy-Bilt Bronco OHV Tiller
ANSWER : Try this link and enter your model number. hope this helps you out.

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