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It Can Harm The Unit

A pressure washer requires water to cool and lubricate the pump, which is the part responsible for pushing water from the supply hose to the nozzle. Without water to cool and lubricate it, the pump will work harder than it should, causing it to wear down quickly.

Turn on the water. The pressure washer hose will fill with water, so it is important to purge the system of excess air before starting the unit. Simply squeeze the trigger on the gun and the air will release.
The easy start valve is a low pressure relief valve, which directs enough water into by-pass to reach a certain pressure. Redirecting water to by-pass in low pressure, produces less load on the pump and engine.

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Engine will not run but a few minutes at a time
ANSWER : Check your spark plugs, see if they are failing, if they are then your motor is getting to hot. meaning that you either have the fuel mixture set to high or the setting on the spark plugs are not correct causing you to burn hot.Please rate

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<!– from fixya rte –>Electrical diagram for Honda GX390 – Honda Gx390 Motor Inside Cover
ANSWER : Check out the manual here

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I need a owners manual for a pressure wahser GCV 160 from honda
ANSWER : MiTM will have that. See Honda makes the motor but not the pressure washer. Honda does have manuals if you need one for that GCV160 motor.

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Won’t start, new coil, weak spark,
ANSWER : If i remember correctly these have electronic ignition the module may need replacing but beforedoing any thing drastic try disconecting the oil alert wire that sometimes gives a bit of pain youdoit

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Engine 8 Hp: gx240 8 hp no spark…
ANSWER : I have one that did the same and found out it was the interanl coil…

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Motor will not start. Plug is igniting has spark. seems to be to much gas. [email protected]
ANSWER : Hello,

First thing to check would be your air filters make sure not blocked as this will act as the choke if blocked and will flood the engine,

If all is well remove plug and remove as much excess fuel as possible with compressed air etc, then reassemble and see if it will fire,(With full throttle and NO CHOKE) you may have to repeat this a couple of times…

Once you get the engine to fire it may geep running if the engine was just flooded otherwise if the engine floods again then you will most likely have a problem in your carby mabie a piece of rubbish under the needle valve holding it open causing the engine to flood and the carby will have to be cleaned and tank flushed

Good luck with it hope this helps!!!!

Kind regards

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11 hp honda motor on landa cold water pressure washer runs good except when trying to pressure wash the motor & pressure go up & down pulsating bbruummmmmbbbbrrruummmmbbbrruuummmmwhats the problem and how to fix it?

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How to reset the timing on a 6.5 HP honda – Honda GX200-RH2 22mm Shaft 2 to 1 Gear Reduction 6.5 HP Engine
ANSWER : Good question first you need to find top dead center.if you cant find any marking on cam shaft remove spark plug. place thumb over hole and gentle pull motor over first will be suction next you will feel compression agaist your thumb this will be the power stroke as you pull motor over note when you first feel this and when this stops .this will give you a ball park idea of TDC.align the ignition system to fire here

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