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Homelite blower engines use a ratio of 50 parts gasoline to 1 part two-cycle engine oil. Two-cycle engine oil is commonly sold in 2.6-ounce containers; add it to 1 gallon of gas to achieve the 50:1 ratio. Two-cycle engine oil for outboard motors is not compatible with Homelite blowers.
Why won`t my blower start? There are many different reasons why a leaf blower may fail to start, including stale fuel, engine flooding, dirty air filters, faulty spark plugs, defective batteries, blown fuses, and contact issues of the power switch.
What is the right gas-oil mix for leaf blower? The right gas to oil ratio will depend on your backpack leaf blower. Usually, a two-cycle engine uses a 50:1 or 40:1 2 stroke oil to gas ratio. But to know the exact measurements of the oil and gas you need to mix, it is best to go and check your owner`s manual.
You should look for a blower with 450-500 CFM and 150-190 MPH ratings.
The impeller looks like a fan, but it does more than circulate air inside your blower. Its blades also chop up leaves and other debris into small pieces. If you want to turn fallen leaves into mulch that you can spread over your soil for protection, a leaf blower is an excellent tool.

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I just need a manual for the Homelite Mighty Lite Gas Powered Blower Vac.
ANSWER : Do you have your model number?

You should be able to find your manual on this site:

The manuals are listed by their model number rather than their marketing name. Look for the serial number plate which should also have the model number.

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I have a Homelite 26cc Blower Model UT09521. How big is the gas tank on the blower?
ANSWER : Http://

The manual doesn’t show.

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How can I download an operator’s manual for an Echo power blower, Model PB-1000?
ANSWER : Http:// this web site, they have a lot of manuals to download. found a manual for an old craftsman leaf blower there. goodluck,packrat101

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My 2008 chevy trailblazer doesnt want to start when I fill up with gas
ANSWER : Check the vent.

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Where can I find a gas cap for the Homelite HB 100
ANSWER : You can get a Rotory one for a Lawn mower repair shop pretty cheap

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Homelite Leaf Blower won’t stay running
ANSWER : Hey .. Did you replace the inlet screen in the carb ?


Either the carburetor, block behind it, or the cylinder are loose. Common Homelite problem.

Let me know ….

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My vac wont start, there seems to be a problem with the choke not opening up properly, the spring seems to be broken?
ANSWER : You may have sucked some rubbish into the carb which is stopping the choke from opening properly, try taking the air filter off and having a look inside the carb to see if there is anything in there.

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What is the proper gas/oil mix ?
ANSWER : If you dont have your owners manual, than id try 40:1 mix. If it smokes alot than cut it back to 32:1

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