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Most carburetors have a unique identification number that can be used to confirm its make, model, and specifications. The carburetor number is typically located on a metal tag attached to the carburetor. On most aftermarket carburetors, this ID is stamped or etched directly onto the carburetor body.
Use carburetor cleaner to remove deposits, clogs & debris

Luckily, you can take care of many of these problems quickly and easily; often without even removing the carburetor from the engine.

This method involves looking at the base of the spark plug insulator (white part of the plug) for a slight coloring on the insulator just above where the insulator comes through the steel case. If the mixture is too lean, it will leave no color, while a rich mixture will cause the fuel ring to become more prominent.
Consult your manual first to find the stock size. Also pay attention to the numbers on the side of your old jets, which you`ll be able to see in the steps to come. A larger jet number means a bigger hole and more fuel. A smaller jet number has smaller holes and should be used if your engine needs to run leaner.
Carburetor CFM = (plannned rpm x cubic inches) / 3,456

For clarity, your carb CFM should equal your planned rpm multiplied by your engine`s cubic-inch displacement, and then divided by 3,456.

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Motor runs but the tines want turn – Honda 25cc 4-cycle Mini Tiller
ANSWER : Either the clutch is gone or the transmission gear is stripped. These need to be properly greased annually so that this happens less. The transmission replacement can be done but the dealer will charge you about what you paid for it ($250) or if you know someone handy they can order the parts here: and rebuild it for you. It would cost about $85 for a full transmission rebuild.

Good luck.


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I have a honda FG-100 It has a new carb on it but the primer bulb will not prime. blows bubbles back in the take but wont **** gas.
ANSWER : Hi there, This happens all the time. The hoses leading to the primer bulb are on backwards.Switch them and you’ll be fineMike

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I have a honda fg-100 that the tillers do not rotate. I have taken the tran apart and all the geears look good. So i checked the clutch. I cant tell if the clutch is worn. How thick are the pads suposed to be. The spring holding the clutch p;lates apart seems very strong.
ANSWER : I had the same problem. The gears inside the tiller housing are seized. I had my brother take it apart and that’s what he saw. He cleaned it up really good (which un-seized the gears) then repacked it with some really good grease and slapped it back together. This thing is working like a charm. The repair shop said I’d be better off buying a new one for $300, yeah right..lmao!!

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Tiller tines will not turn. Engine runs fine…
ANSWER : Well hopefully it’s not the transmission, as sometimes these tend to go. Another common but cheaper repair are the two bearings where the tines connect to the unit.

MORE THAN LIKELY.. The bearing is located above the worm gear housing, the part connected to the tines beneath the guard. This removal can be somewhat frustrating but if you remove it and remove the engine flange you’ll be able to manually spin the drive shaft and see if it’s the worm gear housing/lower bearings or if it’s the more likely bearing on the clutch drum or the clutch itself.

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Just purchased a new FG 110 tiller it seems to run fine for a while then I have to release the throttle to keep it from stalling out. It has less then 20 minutes of use. I have installed the oil. It will start back up immediately but then dies again. What is problem? Or should I return it now.
ANSWER : It sounds like you may have a “lean” carburetor mixture setting on the high side or full throttle. This carburetor may have limiters or special screws that will make it difficult for you to adjust. You may try contacting a dealer to see if they could try adjusting it for you or just take the unit back.

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Where can I find parts for Honda mini-tiller FG100?


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The tines don’t want to turn motor runs great
ANSWER : You may have a clutch burned up. The transmission may need replacing. we had one in the shop earlier this year and the same thing happened to our customer. We tore it down and found some gears needed replacing but Honda does not sell the parts separately. You have to buy a new transmission. And they run about $300.00 USD. Check with your local dealer, see what they might be able to help.

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Honda mini tiller cuts off when start tilling. runs great when held above ground with no load. cut off seems to be associated with the movement and shacking when tilling ground.
ANSWER : Hi thermo259, sounds like the high speed adjustment is lean, find the high speed screw and turn it counter clockwise 1 half turn and see if that helps. Should cure it.

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