Yard Man Select Series 42″ Gas-Powered Zero-Turn Riding…

One wheel points one way,the other another
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If this is a zero turn as pictured then there is nothing wrong with you wheels unless they are not moving at all. They will correct as they hit ground and spin freely on uneven ground when not in contact. If it is stuck in one position then you may have a bad bearing and need a new wheel post.

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Sharpening or replacing the mower blades is also the answer if grass tips look ragged or tattered instead of cleanly cut. Blade vibration also causes an uneven cut. To eliminate vibration, replace unbalanced blades and worn mandrels. Replace a worn blade belt because a worn belt won`t spin the blades correctly.
What If You Tilt Your Mower The Wrong Way? Don`t panic it`s not that big a deal. If you tilted your mower the wrong way, just tilt it onto its four wheels again and clean up any spilled gas. Oil and gas may have made their way to the air filter, and saturated it.
A strip of uncut grass left in the middle of mowing rows could signal that your lawnmower`s blades are unbalanced or that one or both of them was installed the wrong way. Lawnmower blades are beveled and specifically designed to attach in a certain fashion.
While there are several reasons this might happen, it is most commonly the result of an uneven deck or misaligned blades. Make sure the blades are facing the correct direction and are not warped. Check the mower spindle and repair it if necessary.
Run it at full throttle

A: Absolutely–and in fact, you should! You are correct in observing that your cut quality is better when your mower operates at full throttle. Lawn equipment (including lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and even trimmers and blowers) is designed to run at full throttle to give the best performance.

The drive wheels of a zero turn mower are controlled by two independent wheel motors. The ability for one wheel of the mower to turn forward while the other wheel moves in reverse is what allows the mower to turn in a zero-degree radius. Operators can make the wheels move in the same or different directions.
Mower deck gauge wheels should be properly adjusted to prevent scalping grass on uneven terrain. The bottom of the wheels should sit approximately 1/8-1/2 of an inch from the ground, depending on your cutting height.
For most effective results, a lawn mower deck should have a pitch of 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch between the height of the deck rear to the height of the deck front. Naturally, this makes the sweet spot about 1/4-inch of pitch, depending on the type of mower.
Lawn scalping could be caused by going on vacation and missing mowing days, a week of rain that makes mowing impossible while the grass shoots up quickly, or possibly just uneven spots in your lawn. Scalping is mowing the grass so low that you cut the blade off at the growing point or crown.
Simply take a few safety precautions (such as disconnecting the spark plug), turn the mower onto its side, and start working. Good luck turning a riding lawn mower onto its side, however. These heavy-duty machines weigh hundreds of pounds. You can seriously injure yourself or damage the mower if you do it incorrectly.
Turn the adjusting lock nut clockwise to raise the mower and counterclockwise to lower it. Measure from the blade to the ground again on both sides and adjust until the difference between the blade tip heights are within ⅛ -inch. Rotate the blades so that their direction is now front to back.
Here are some examples of why your lawn may be uneven:

Uneven thawing in spring. Heavy garden equipment. Repeated mowing in the same pattern. Pests, such as grubs and voles.

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Where is fuel filter on yardman lawn mower
ANSWER : They only have a screen inside the tank and don’t use a regular filter

How do you start a Yardman Beetle. We do not have operating manual and engine is not turning over.

<!– from fixya rte –>Where do i get a replacment bagger – Mtd Arnold Corp RearMounted Bagger for MTD and YardMan Riding Mowers For 20
ANSWER : G to Amazon.com on line mtd replacement bag for bagger

I want to change the spark plug in my 1988 yardman riding lawn mower but don’t know what size socket needed to remove it?
ANSWER : Most common size is 19mm

Yardman hydro — no drive
ANSWER : Check the belt tensioner

Need belt for a yardman model 1183a ac
ANSWER : Try sears parts online

Why does my 6.5 hp kohler lawn mower keep pulling oil into carb air filter
ANSWER : Its to stop the dust blocking the filter. The filter should be cleaned with petrol every 4 to 6 months to remove the dust & oil build up, cleaned in/with petrol and re-oiled. Its also good to clean the filter housing each time you clean the filter

Cut off when dropping blade
ANSWER : Check the safety switches for proper operation.