ston groove that will free up the ring? Thanx Tom B

I removed the exhaust muffler to inspect the piston ring per a previous answer.
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Sea Foam.

I’ve known many that have had success using that, but it all depends on how badly it is stuck.

For minor sticking and to give it enough compression to start and run you can drop 3 to 5 drops of sea foam directly into intake (remove air filter cover and filter first).

For major- Take spark plug out and pour some on top of piston, let sit for a few hours, may need to add a little more periodically this can break up carbon build up.

One more thing to consider is the need to check exhaust port (or spark arrestor) on muffler to make sure it is not clogged with carbon build up.


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This problem almost entirely prevents the rings from sealing adequately against the cylinder walls and often causes low compression, loss of engine power, excessive oil use, exhaust smoke, and blow-by. In the past, the only way to free up stuck piston rings was to overhaul the engine.
Basically anything that is a light weight high detergent oil will work. The already mentioned Marvel and ATF are just that but a small amount of diesel also works well. Here`s how I personally do it; Pour enough selected oil down spark plug holes until your`re confident that the entire piston is covered.
To remove a ring that`s stuck, try using ice and raising your hand above your head. You could also use a lubricant to make the ring easier to slip off. Sliding a string under the ring, wrapping bottom end around your finger, and unraveling it from the top down can also help you slowly pull off the ring.
A stuck ring can simply be the result of wearing a ring that`s too small. It can also be caused from arthritis of joints, which can happen as your body changes over the years. This can cause the joints and/or tissue to swell, which prevents you from removing your ring.
To perform the soak remove the spark plugs, add to the COLD combustion chambers enough B-12 CHEMTOOL to cover the entire piston crown, and put the spark plug back in a couple threads in order to prevent evaporation of the solvents. Regarding duration, we recommend soaking the pistons for at least 1-2 hours apiece.
A lot of oil-burning takes place because an engine`s piston rings are worn out, and thicker oil won`t fix that. Using thicker oil is also a particularly bad solution for modern cars.
This can be caused by leaks in the air intake system, abrasives in the engine oil, or poor cleanliness during assembly. It`s important to have your piston rings operating correctly for the overall health of your diesel engine.
U can definitely reuse pistons that are mechanically sound, but rings are wear items and should be replaced.
More often than not, you will need to hone your cylinder when replacing the piston rings. That is because honing creates small crosshatches in the surface of the cylinder, to allow the wall of the component to retain oil and provide lubrication for the piston ring.
Take an old toothbrush and give the outside a scrub while it`s still wet and it should clean up almost like a new motor. Hope this helps. A mixture of 50% auto trans oil and acetone is an excellent penetrant. The best penetrating oil documented 50/50 ATF/acetone.
During engine operation, pistons can break as a result of a forced fracture or can suffer a fatigue fracture. A forced fracture (Fig. 1) is always caused by a foreign body that collides with the piston while the engine is running. These foreign bodies could be parts of the connecting rod, crankshaft or valves, etc.
U can definitely reuse pistons that are mechanically sound, but rings are wear items and should be replaced.

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How do i adjust the carburetor high and low mix on a weedeaterblower fb25..
ANSWER : Initial start adjustment is 1 full turn out on both low and high side.

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I have a Poulan gas blower that will not start. It is getting fuel, I have replaced the plug and coil. It looks like it has a weak spark, but does spark. Will not even fire with starting fluid.
ANSWER : Compression is zero, huh? Well the only thing that could cause that is the piston ring is stuck so that the right pressure never builds in the cylinder. These Poulan blowers are fairly easy to take apart, the hardest part is getting the plastic frame back together…lol! Keep me posted on your progress, parts are easy to get for these blowers. My suggestion to you is order a new piston ring and a gasket kit. Once you take it apart you will have to replace the gaskets and seals.

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Poulan gas blower 30 c back pack blower ran fine stoped will not start no spark
ANSWER : Check switch is bad if not coil bad if not getting spark

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Motor quit runing and now it has no compraison
ANSWER : The piston rings are gone
prob you put too much oil in it????

im afraid its a gonner unless you rebore it and change the piston and rings set
prob the top and bottom bearings

its for the bin
however i would donate it to any local service shop and its organs can live on

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How do you know whether to use 50:1 or 40:1 gas/oil ratio mix in a 2 cycle engine ?
ANSWER : Should be written in the manual and on the lid if not i always run 40 to 1 better safe than sorry to much oil ratio can foul a plug running to light on oil can blow the motor

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Why does my blower floor out to kiwk
ANSWER : Adjust need and seat or make sure needld a seat or seated right soundes like not should be no need to adjust needel sounds like put in wrong flip it over metal side go on needle

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Where is the coil on a pb255 hand blower – Echo 135 mph 390 CFM Gas Blower PB-250
ANSWER : Flollow the plug wire it will take you too the coil

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How do I adjust the air intake screw on my poulan?
ANSWER : Sould like the choke is getting stuck or head gasket is gone

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