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A fuse will blow if: a positive wire is being grounded to the frame or two much current is being passed thru it.

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If these basic troubleshooting steps don`t help you get the riding mower started, then one of these more complicated failures could be preventing the engine from starting: Blown fuse. Bad ignition switch. Failed safety interlock switch.
In most cases, an amplifier will blow fuses due to internal damage caused by the way it was installed. Many times, an amplifier won`t show signs of improper installation until it`s too late, and blowing fuses indicates that damage has been done.
Starting relay position

The fuse box (also called the power box), the instrument panel under the fuse panel, or the right fender are all possible locations. In most cars, it will be under the hood, in a large box with a black lid. This is where car fuses and relays are installed. It is also called a fuse box.

The fuse used on most of our riding mowers is a 20 ampere, 12 volt, automotive-type, two-prong, flat-blade fuse ( known as. SAE ATC® style).
Improper modification is one of the most commonly seen problems. The most common of these is tapping more than one conductor from a single connection point.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.

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My Toro LX425 keeps on blowing 20 amp fuses when I am mowing the yard. Why is it doing that?
ANSWER : A fuse will blow if: a positive wire is being grounded to the frame or two much current is being passed thru it.

Husqvana keeps blowing fuse & when i disconnect a wire from the fuel managment system it doesnt blow
ANSWER : Look at the solenoid on the carb the wire starts to break and short out on the solenoid housing

Cub Cadet zero turn:Engine starts and runs about 5 seconds before blowing 20 amp fuse.
ANSWER : You may have a faulty voltage regualtor that is blowing fuse. Have you tried a fuse that is 5 more amps?

Key start Toro Recycle blows fuse when the key is turned.
ANSWER : Bad wire shorting to ground. Repair.

I have a cub cadet mower 2166, It wont start it keeps blowing the red wire fuse, I thought it was the battery so I bought a new one and cleaned the cables and ground wires, and I didnt see any loose or broken wires. as soon as you turn the key on it blows fuses please help
There is a wire shorted to ground (metal) somewhere…check all the wiring for a bare spot somewhere… this is causing the short…repalce the wire and you will be good…
finding the bad spot is the hard part…


My toro keeps blowing fuses when i turn the key i have a toro 14-38hxl wheel horse rider
ANSWER : Its either getting to many amps which will blow fusesyou might have a short (positive wire touching metal)fuses are not right ie: 10 amp when should 15amptrace the leads from the key switch (turn it on) to your coil check that they are goodthe coil might be faultyhope this helps

My zero turn burns pto switch’s repeatedly without blowing
fuses. Can you please help!
ANSWER : Go to a smaller fuse, but it sounds like the PTO is shorted somewhere:

Why does the fuse to the PTO system keep blowing?
ANSWER : Because there is a short between the fuse and the electric clutch or a dead short within the electro-magnetic clutch.