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Tiller: Why won`t my tillers wheels or tines turn? A broken drive belt, bad transmission or problem with the clutch cable can prevent a tiller`s wheels and tines from turning. Check the drive belt and replace it if it`s worn or broken.
If the wheels on your tiller move but the tines don`t spin, you may need to replace tine shaft clevis pins or replace the transmission. The tiller`s transmission drives the wheels and the tine shaft, so you`ll likely need to replace the transmission when the wheels spin but the tine shaft doesn`t move.
If the rotary tiller still doesn`t start:

Check that the fuel tank isn`t empty: if necessary, add fuel. The fuel must be fresh, of good quality and clean: make sure that no dirt, water or incompatible fuel (such as petrol-oil mixture, if the engine is a 4-stroke) gets into the tank.

The term “3 Point” refers to the Three-Point Hitch on the back of the tractor used to attach a variety of implements which are powered by the HP output of the PTO. The power is transferred to the implement via a PTO shaft (power take-off shaft) that serves as a connector between the two machines.
Tiller: Why does my tiller turn the soil poorly? Worn or damaged tines, broken tine shaft clevis pins, a worn drive belt, a faulty transmission, a problem with the clutch cable, improper depth-stake setting or bad soil conditions can cause a tiller to do a poor job turning the soil.
After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.
One of the most common problems, especially because rototillers often sit unused for months, is stale fuel or a clogged carburetor. If you know you have fresh fuel, you can check for carburetor blockage by spraying a small amount of carb cleaner into the intake and attempting to start the engine.
Rear tine tillers are excellent machines for the kind of work that needs to be done when starting a large new garden plot: Breaking hard ground. Loosening hard or rocky soil. Digging large gardens or small farm plots.
For a tiller with a bladed wheel, push the tiller forward while it`s in the ground. This will rotate the blades and till the soil. For a tiller without the wheel, twist the tiller as you pull it straight out of the ground.
For most jobs, a tiller depth between four and six inches will prove ideal, as you won`t encounter tree roots or rocks which can damage your rototiller. Once you have prepared the correct settings, it`s time to till the area. If the soil is compact and hard, start tilling with the shallowest setting.
After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.
Counter Rotating Tines (CRT)

The CRT feature spins the tines in the opposite direction as the wheels while the wheels propel the machine forward despite the force of the tines. Counter rotating tines allow this type of tiller to dig deep and break through even the toughest soils.

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MDT Tiller starts and runs but tines won’t turn
ANSWER : -Won out drive or driven gears.

Good luck


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I purchased a Craftsman 205cc dual rear tine tiller (17″ width) in 2009. I used it very little to break ground for a small garden (32’x12′) after purchase then to till it a couple of times a year. This year I went to expand the garden. I got the ground broke up and when I was going over it a 3rd time to break of the sod I hit a large rock. I got the tines up off it as soon as I could, and continued tilling. I quickly noticed that the ground was not being tilled. I checked and saw that the tines were turning (by lifting up the rear as it was moving). As soon as the tines get on the ground and experience resistance, they quite working. I checked the belt and it was on the pulleys. I checked the belt tension and it seems fine (tight) when engaged. The shear pins were not broke. With the engine off, I put it into R tine till mode and tried to spin the tines when engaged. There was resistance at first then they started to spin freely. I still feels like a belt slipping. Does anyone have any ideas? I sure would appreciate some help.
ANSWER : It appears that the gear case on your model is not capable of being serviced. The cost is over 300 dollars. There is a shear pin or similar connection in the case where the shaft connects to the pulleys. It has broken off and the shaft has no torque now.

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My mantis tiller with a honda gx22 engine starts then shuts off after approx. 30 sec.
ANSWER : If your unit has a primer bulb, start your engine . When it starts to die push your primer, if the engine comes back to life you have a carb issue.

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I have a two cylinder Mantis tiller. It has locked up and the cord is locked. I am unable to pull the cord. Any suggestions? I was in the process of using the tiller when it felt as if it were running out of gas. It stopped on its own, and then it was locked up and I was unable to pull the cord.
ANSWER : Check the oil, if not full fill it, take the shroud off, should be for bolts, fit a socket on it with a breaker bar or ratchet and turn it a few times, then reassemble and start. Hope this helped Tim

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Tiller engine runs but the tines will not turn
ANSWER : You should look at gear box oil and see if there is metal in the oil.If there is you will need to check the gears for excess wear.Also make sure rpms are in the operating range.Let me know what you find.

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Tines continue to work with out touching safety or throttle. they engage as soon as I start the engine.
ANSWER : Remove H (high) L (low) plastic caps to allow you to further adjust the flow and you will be going. H (red) further out about 11 threads exposed and L (low) about 8 exposed; adjusting the low side will stop the tines, but remove tines before making any adjustments, thanks

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My Mantis Tiller won’t start and there is grinding type noise when I try and start it. I recently did some very lengthy trench digging over a period of about 2 months.
ANSWER : It sounds like the clutch springs may be overheated and the clutch shoes rub while you try to start it.If you loosten the screw that holds the engine to the gear box you can try to start it without the clutch and see if that is it.Good luck

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I have a horse tiller. How do you ck. the oil in the gear box. Whate wt. of gear oil do you use.
ANSWER : Hole in the top side casting … remove the plug. 90 or 110 weight gear oil available at yor auto parts store or other fine retailer who sells lubricants.

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