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What usually happens with irons is that the thermal fuse blows. Before going to those lengths, do a systematic continuity test all the way along, starting with the cord and the temp control switch. Getting to the thermal fuse/s entails a complete strip down of the iron as the fuses are located on the element plate and are in fibre glass sleeving held down bu a screw and a clamp. (Some irons only have one – more expensive makes have two). check the fuse/s for continuity and replace them if they are open circuit. They are not expensive and are available at most appliance spares places. Check the heat rating on the fuse, there are different temperature fuses.

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Fuse may be blown

CAUSE: One of the most common reasons for iron press not working could be a blown fuse. In some cases when the fuse of the iron press burns or blows, then it may stop working altogether. This is why it is important to resolve the issue fast.

Check the power cable and make sure that it`s not damaged. A frayed cord is an electrical hazard. If your iron`s cord is frayed, stop using the appliance immediately and contact an authorised service agent. Make sure the temperature adjustment knob is set above the MIN position.
Check if the connection to the household power is loose or not properly plugged in. Check the power cord for visible signs of damage. The failure could be caused by over current in your mains power. Unplug the other appliances and switch on the iron or steamer again.
Yes, when the iron gets too hot the thermal fuse will blow to protect the heating element.
A good set of golf irons can last anywhere between 8 and 12 years, or 300 rounds of golf.
there is a fuse in the steam iron press, get it replaced by service centre.
PROBLEM: One of the most common troubles with dry irons is iron not heating enough. The possible causes for this could be wrong thermostat setting, problem with electric connections, problem with the power switch etc.
Possible reasons to go wrong with an Electric Iron

Mostly, the faults can be seen in faulty cords, damaged handles, as well deposits of minerals in the valve.

To solve this, lift your stand steamer`s head to straighten the hose vertically, and hold your steamer in an upright position: This will allow any condensation and steam to flow again. After this, your stand steamer should produce steam again.
My iron is not heating up.

3 possible causes: There is no power in the mains socket: check that the plug is properly connected, or try to plug the iron into a different socket. Temperature control set too low: set the temperature control to a higher temperature.

There are generally two potential causes of iron-related fires. One is overheating, which can be caused by a problem in different parts, and the other is a shorted cord causing an electrical fire. Irons contain thermostats to regulate and control temperature.

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Pump works for about 20 seconds then stops for 40 seconds then starts again.
ANSWER : This sounds as if motor is overheating and the thermal switch is stopping it (why it restarts by itself) if a pump is overheating then a few reasons need be looked at , is pump encountering higher viscosity’s than designed for and is having trouble moving liquid fast enough , is distance pump has to lift liquid over what it’s designed to do most of these pumps use liquid it’s moving to provide cooling to pump , is liquid it’s moving warm/Hot allready if so use different type of pump (non submerged) and last but not least is pump worn out and is failing moving parts wearing together make heat !!! ?

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How do you remove the ignition coil? I can remove the bolt quite easily, but how do you remove the post which secures the other end of the coil?
ANSWER : Would of been very helpful if you would of mentioned the engine you are working on… model/serial numbers would of been even better !!!

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Motor stops, washer was working , full level in oil and good oil. Don’t starts again, apparently barred engine, does not “turn” around.
ANSWER : Whats it like if you remove the pump and gearbox if driven by a gearbox?

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Lawn edger stops working after 2 uses
ANSWER : Did you check your breaker box? Mine sometimes blows the house fuse if I hit a big rock or something. I’ve never had any problems with internal fuses and I’ve owned mine for 3 or 4 years. Also, you may have to check the armature (the part that spins inside.) I had the same problem with my dremel tool. It’s all magnetic and if the electrical current gets disrupted, the armature won’t spin.

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Kill switch will not stop motor – Husqvarna 350 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw 52CC Fully Assembled Brand New 18"
ANSWER : Check and make sure the wires are plugged into switch.If that don,t work it has a bad switch.

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Starts and stops starts and stops blowing snow, is the belt lose or waren or streched ? model 3650 6.5
ANSWER : Take the black cover off of the side (left) and look at the belt. It is probably worn out.

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I have a grundfos pump for my bore. It stopped working a few of months ago and we pulled it up, gave the propella (?) a spin. Tested it and it was working. Lowered it into the ground and it worked fine until yesterday. It has been maybe 3 weeks since I had turned it on and it is not working. So I have pulled it out again. Before I get a new one I would like to know whether they cn be fixed. The pump man I had out this morning said no, get rid of it!
ANSWER : I’m not fimular with this pump but if you can spin the impeller (propellers are on airoplanes) and the motor will start and run it could be a start capicator. This stores elect. and gives the motor a bump in power to start.This will usually be found in or around the wireing box on the motor and should cost about 20.00- 30.00 dollers. You will need to find a service manuel for your pump and the motor that drives it. Good Luck with it, sorry that’s all the help I have on that one..

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I need a new engine for my lawn mower (MTD)
The model “no” is 124802,,
type =0610-01
code =94062259
Where can I buy one from ? ,,I live WA PERTH
ANSWER : Call 1-800-873-6722 and give them the model and type number. I can tell you, this is going to be a lot more expensive than just buying a new mower.

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