Water Master Solids Handling Pump – 5000 Gph

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Check to see if there is water in the pump. If there is no water in the pump, it may have lost its prime. You may have lost prime because the well has run dry, check valve has gone bad, foot valve has gone bad, or you have a leak in the suction pipe. If there is water in the pump, the internal jet may be plugged.
If your well pump runs but doesn`t pump water, there could be air in the pump house (especially if you have a submersible pump), a clogged water filter, faulty valves, a damaged pump, a leak in your piping or a broken water line.
Not enough water is running through the pump system

Your check valve may have failed, or it`s been installed incorrectly. If neither of those are the cause, your pump may simply be air bound. Or, it might be bound by something that`s been caught in the impeller. A sight inspection can give you the answer.

No water in the pressure tank. If no water is coming from your faucets, your tank is likely empty. Low water pressure could indicate a failing well pump, a stuck check valve, or a water pressure tank leak. All these potential issues will need to be investigated further by a professional plumber.
If you notice that your coolant level is dropping quickly or that there is coolant leaking from your vehicle, it could be a sign that the water pump is failing. When the water pump fails, it can cause coolant to leak into the oil, which can lead to engine problems.
The motor powers impellers, which in turn drive the water upward. Turning on the pressure switch causes impellers to spin, thereby sucking water into the pump. The water gets pushed through the body of the pump, then into a storage tank on the ground`s surface.
A jet pump may lose its prime for the following reasons: Possible leaks in suction piping, foot valve, or air volume control connections. Water may be drawing down below foot valve, causing pump to take excessive air. If deep well installation, regulating valve may be set for insufficient pressure to operate the jet.
If your water pump has stopped pumping out water entirely while making this buzzing sound, there`s no cause for panic. The humming sound means the pump is working but there`s no water to move, so your pump is running dry. If your pump has lost prime, or is running dry, this is due to a loss of water.

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I have a 1/2 horse wayne shallow well pump. At times the water in the house slows to a trickel. This will happen for about 40-120 seconds then the pump seems to kick on and the pressure is restored. I have replaced the high low switch and the problem persists. Please let me know any thoughts on the problem. Thank You
ANSWER : Check air in your water tank should be less than you’re cut in pressure..

Sump pump hums and then kicks breaker. Will not pump. I cleaned everything, still have problem
ANSWER : Pump motor is jammed causing overload and resulting breaker trip. Try to turn the pump shaft by hand, it should be very easy to turn. If there’s any resistance check for blockage.

I have a Utilitech brand one-horse motor convertible jet pump. The pump is running, and I’m down 43 feet to the bottom of my well. From the top to the water level is 32 feet, and I have 11 feet of water. When it’s not pumping, it sits at 20 PSI When it’s pumping water, it sits at 11 PSI. But then just pumps for appr. 10 minutes, and then shuts off. I can wait awhile & pick the pipe up and down, and it starts pumping again. Then I shut the faucet off and it goes back up to 20 PSI. Then I turn it on & drops down to 11 PSI. I do not lose my prime, and I have no leaks. This is a brand new pump. \r\n I had a 1/2 horsepower pump for several years, and just replaced it with this one horsepower pump, and I can’t get it to work right. When it’s pumping water, it pumps at 11 PSI. I have my foot valve at 4 1/2 feet from the bottom.

We have a Flotec 3/4 HP submersible pump, it was already here when we moved in, we have lived here for 3 yrs, so we dont know how old it is. After living here for 2 yrs, it started to get very noisy, like a groaning noise. We replaced it w/ a l/2 HP Wayne(our mistake) We got water in the basement b/c the wayne pump quit running. We put the Flotec back on. Trying to find a replacement, but stores are all out. Question is, do you think we can rely on the Flotec that is making the strange noises? Thanks, Chris
ANSWER : Take strainer off to see if fravel stucj. if not, motor bearing may be shot. I would replace. I like wayne.

Leakin water pump
ANSWER : The water pump on a car has a bearing that blocks a hole when working. When the pump goes, it pulls the bearing from the hole and leaks. This is very common, and it was made this way for pin-pointing the issue. The water pump should be replaced.

I have a 1 hp in ground Flotec pool pump. It is not pumping the proper flo. It makes noise when it starts but then clears up. The motor sounds good. How do I get a manual on the parts for the pump itself. Frank Dedman

Pump was clogged it was taken apart to be cleaned and the oil spilled out. what type of oil is used in a 1/4 hp sump pump
ANSWER : 10 wt. non-detergent/non-foaming oil.


Just installed,having problems after priming,i can’ t enough water coming up.is there adustments on pump that i need to know?
ANSWER : There are no adjustments for pump. Amount of water it will pump is set by pump design. The way I read your posting is the pump picks up prime but not enough delivery. Check your connections (pipes) make sure your not sucking air on any of them. check for obstructions in discharge. Are you sure the water source will handle a pump this size? Its possible also the foot valve is stuck.